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Penny Arcade's latest shill for WoW.

Posted by todeswulf Wednesday February 6 2008 at 12:27AM
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I sometimes wonder if Gabe and Tycho over at Penny Arcade actually believe that gamers buy into the whole “we are neutral and aren’t really critics Bullshit?”
 I’m referring to this comic and this blog respectively. While I am no giant fan of DDO, I do believe Kate Piaz (who has done a very good job steering a game that was on life support) should bitch slap Tycho the next time she see him for referring to her not by name but by the 1840’s moniker “The Woman” (Kate… Tycho….her name is Kate, she even tells you what her name is at the beginning of the video you half-assed looked at, already knew who she was and still decided to snub her that way…prick.)  
But actually that is an aside from the real issue I have with this comic/blog or “Clog.”
Tycho then goes into this rant that even if the DDO was awesome it could still not beat the Apex of Killing 10 Yetis in World Of Warcraft. He then basically tells us that neither Warhammer Online, nor Age of Conan really can possibly be better than the “rescinded, and reasserted “ bliss that is WoW (Yeah I wanted to puke too) he sums up this ignorant sycophancy by telling us how he spent several hours grinding Mobs that refused to yield the loot he was after….because after all not giving us what we need to finish a quest is why Nine Million Chinese gold farmers, and several thousand North American Trailer Park dwellers play World Of Warcraft.
Since despite his sometime unbearable ego I still think Tycho is an okay guy, and in that spirit I’ve decided to end his confusion on whether Warhammer will be a better game or not.
Tycho, dude…..Warhammer is in fact better than World Of Warcarft.
There I said it and I’m not taking it back. I now am going to tell you why it’s better without breaking the NDA, because unlike you I don’t spew shit just to hear the sound of my own voice.
·       It’s better first and foremost because it is the original that Warcraft pillaged and raped the hell out of .
·       It’s better because it doesn’t look like Walt Disney dropped several hits of microdot, and decided to make a MMO.
·       It’s better because you are actually dropped into the Warhammer fantasy universe, and you engage in that universe as opposed to being dropped into the middle of a brightly colored acquisition simulator.
·       It’s better because you do not look like an Assfuck waiting for a place to happen when you put on Armor,  (Something you no doubt like) but most of all Tycho…you fucking shill it’s better because you don’t have to spend hours killing Yetis for their skins.
But…. These reason mean nothing to you do they?  Because at the end of the day I’m trying to get through to a guy that gets paid ( A great deal of money) to do artwork for WoW Strategy guides, and Collectable Card Games…. In the end he is just serving his master…. in a neutral, non- critical way of course.