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The Casual Gamer

An infrequent blog about the trials and tribulations of running a casual raiding guild in WoW. And anything else that I feel the need to talk about to random strangers on the internet.

Author: thrakin

j00 b my friendz?

Posted by thrakin Sunday May 17 2009 at 8:07PM
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So. casual raiding.


There have been a few blogs or forums posts on the problems us casual raiders face. Low guild populations, low attendance, high turnovers. And my next topic has been discussed quite abit, too, the topic of guild alliances.

Now, I do my homework when it comes to who I play with. I tend to by pretty picky. I don't like leet peeps. I don't like braggards. I sure as hell don't like asshats. So when people want to ally with my guild, I don't exactly jump up and salute.

My fiance, however...

She asked if I would mine allying with another guild, and no, I don't mind. I really don't. Depending. Sometimes. So she took the reins, and off she went. Now we're allied with two other guilds.

In all fairness, I met on vent with the leaders of one of the guilds, and they seemed to be pretty cool cats (did I just date myself?). They just wanted to see end game content, and not have to deal with raiding being a second job.

The other guild, however, I did not meet with. My fiance told me they were just like the first guild, so I didn't worry too much.

Then our first 25 man Naxx run with the new guys. Argh.

Now, maybe it's me. I know I'm a control freak. I've been leading raids since I hit 70. Granted, not all of them, I have done a few where I was not the raid leader. But I was the main tank in most of those. So I tend to want to make sure people are positioned where I want them, when I want them, killing what I mark.

So here goes our first alliance run.

Are 5 raid leaders too many for Naxx? Are you sure?

Talk about chaos.

And don't even get my started talking about attempting Ulduar with guild number 3. (Dude, why are you trying to melee those giants? You know you have a catapult, right?) No, we did not get Flame Leviathan.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't HAVE to be the raid leader. Hell, I prefer NOT being the RL. When I'm not tanking. Or healing.

So we'll be sitting down with the leaders of these three guilds again very soon. I know it's too early to say whether or not this is a failure, but it sure didn't tickle my innards the first run.

I also know this is not the worst nightmare that an alliance has ever caused. ANyone else wanna share one?

I haz a blog!

Posted by thrakin Monday May 11 2009 at 4:50PM
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Well, wadda ya know. I officially joined the blogging community today.

As I join this very exclusive club with a very small member base, I do hereby pledge to do my best to be entertaining, witty and insightful.

I swear upon my gaming keyboard to use spellcheck and to not blaspheme against the almighty Gods of Gaming.

I shall honor Wintereenmas and keep it holy.

But above all, I shall not flame, and shall respect my bretheren and sisteren.

Now that that's out of the way, who the hell am I?

Well, my name is Thrakin. Obviously that's not my real name, and I don't feel I know you well enough for that kind of commitment. We're having fun, aren't we? Why must our relationship change so soon?

But I digress.

I run a "Casual Raiding" guild on the Scarlet Crusade server of World of Warcraft called Ashen Twilight. I have been playing an MMO of one type or another since 2002, and have been in WoW for about 3 years or so now.

Ashen Twilight is actually a form of the first guild I ever joined. I was playing Star Wars Galaxies pre-CU on the Naritus server, and joined a guild called <The Imperial Guard>. Great group of guys, and I made some pretty good friends there. unfortunately, the now infamous NGE happened, and we all moved on. 

We first moved the entire guild to WoW, and called ourselves <TIG>. Most of the guild really did not like WoW, though, and to be honest, after all the detail and open-worldliness of SWG, I was one of them.

Vanguard, though, offered promise, so most of us joined beta testing there, and we all moved over to that game, including a new RL friend I had made, Lotus, my soon-to-be Significant Other, heretoforwith referred to as my ball and chain, or my SO, whichever strikes my fancy.

As good of a game as Vanguard could have been, the bugs were just too much for me, so Lotus and I went back to WoW. Most of our other guys came for a little while, but were lured away by Tabula Rasa, and then Age of Conan. I tried Conan, but couldn't get into it, although I had no interest in TR at all.

When <TIG> moved to TR, they changed their name to Ashen Twilight to fit better with the new lore. We were still <TIG> on WoW, but most of the old guys were gone, so Lotus and I switched servers, and to the Scarlet Crusade we went!

We bounced around in a guild or two, but decided we would much rather have a little control over who we played with, so we left and started <Ashen Twilight> On November 11, 2007, and have been trucking along ever since!

Well, that's a little about me, and enough of a first blog, so this is me, this is my new blog, let's see where it takes us!