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Rusty Hearts Dev Blog

Rusty Hearts is a multiplayer online game with fast-paced and highly-stylized brawling combat combined with a solo or team-based dungeon exploration experience. Keep up with the latest ramblings from Rusty Hearts' insiders on the MMORPG Dev Blog

Author: thesuMM

Rusty Hearts: Reborn Expansion is Now Available!

Posted by thesuMM Thursday July 26 2012 at 5:45PM
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Rusty Hearts: Reborn is finally here! Reborn is going to bring a wave of new content to Rusty Hearts with new dungeons, weapons, focuses, and more. Be the first download the expansion and master all the new features of the update. See a full list of what you can expect below.



Quickly navigate the revamped character select screen and easily pick the hero you want to play as. The new character manager makes viewing characters and avatars efficient and fun. View unique animations and native backdrops for each hero and get in the game faster than ever. 

Flex those Demon Hands Tude!

tude with demon hands in rusty hearts: reborn image



Start your avatar’s off with a brand new experience exclusively for Meilin, Roselle, Leila and Edgar! Team up with friends and battle monstrous Lizards, sadistic fairies, and fearless vegetation in the new lush forest lands. 

Roselle enjoying nature outside of the cabin

Rusty Hearts: Reborn Village hubworld with roselle image


Engage and thrash new enemies in four new dungeons in the deceptively whimsical forest-lands, including two dungeons in both the South and East forest. 

new reborn apple monster forest enemy image


Challenge yourself to complete dozens of new quests for both new and existing characters given from a variety of allies.


Start new and choose a weapon mastery with an all new third weapon focus for each character. Level a new character up to 20 and choose a new focus to perfect including, Twin Swords (Frantz), Glaive (Angela), Demon Hands (Tude) and Weapon Bag (Natasha).


rusty hearts: reborn new weapon focus image



Track all previous and newly acquired skills with the robust in-game skill tree. Build your characters abilities through easy to navigate skill branches and empower your character like never before!


See all skill prerequisites and future skills

Rusty Hearts: Reborn skill tree manager image


Find the exact enemy, boss, weapon, gear, ingredient, etc… with the brand new Dungeon Book. Don’t be perplexed about where hard to find items are located. The Dungeon Book helps you find exactly what you’re looking for fast and efficient. Stop wasting time and effort guessing where items are and pull up your dungeon book to focus your wrath.


Find what you want faster and easier than ever!

Rusty Hearts: Reborn dungeon book image


Join thousands of other players in one of the fastest Hack and slash action brawlers. Level up gear and weapons to raid dungeons using epic combos and skills to defeat creeps in the hyper stylized anime world of Bramunez. Play Rusty Hearts today!

Leila Vergerius- The First Free Rusty Hearts Avatar

Posted by thesuMM Monday May 7 2012 at 3:07PM
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A few weeks ago the Rusty Hearts team had a meeting about new characters, premium avatars to be specific. We thoroughly discussed the possibility of making one of our most popular cash shop items a completely free item that everyone would have the joy of playing as.


Leila is quick and deadly


The character in question was Leila Vergerius, the sister to our most popular character, Roselle Vergerius. The young gal is a spitting image of her older sis with epic sword and axe wielding abilities. Players that have played as Frantz or Roselle will find using Leila is easy and massive amounts of fun. While she utilizes similar skills, her speedy leaps and dashing abilities make her a character to check out.

For the first time we’re allowing players to get a significant reward for using our Facebook Connect system. Simply connect a Facebook account with Perfect World/Rusty Hearts and you will be eligible to receive this great Rusty Hearts addition. Make sure to choose Leila as the reward while selecting your character name and server in the drop downs.



We hope you guys will give her a spin and see what free has to offer. Thousands of players have already taken advantage of the newly free avatar and you should too! Make sure to head to our Facebook Connect page to pick her up, if you don’t have Rusty Hearts installed head to our site to try it today!

MMORPG Booster Pack Giveaway

Posted by thesuMM Thursday April 26 2012 at 5:15PM
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 Summee Farooqi
 Rusty Hearts Community Manager


Whether you're new to Rusty Hearts or a seasoned veteran, you'll love our latest giveaway. Please claim your booster kit exclusively through MMORPG today! Rusty Hearts and MMORPG have teamed up to give out 1000 kits to anyone that hits the Booster Kit Giveaway


Start off your Rusty Hearts experience right and load up on free goods!




Rusty Hearts Dev Blog

Posted by thesuMM Wednesday April 25 2012 at 8:45PM
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 Summee Farooqi
 Rusty Hearts Community Manager




Welcome to the Rusty Hearts Dev Blog! I’m Summee Farooqi, better known as Summ, and I’m the Rusty Hearts Community Manager as well as internetting extraordinaire. MMORPG has been kind enough to let us give you guys an inside peak at all things Rusty Hearts. Starting now you’ll be able to get your fix of content previews, event updates and giveaways right here on MMORPG.

Rusty Hearts launched September 2011 and has been on a tear since its release. We’ve seen an incredible amount of players come in, make new friends, party up and party on. It’s fantastic to see how the community has developed and how players are taking advantage of the immense amount of new content available. What’s more, we don’t have any plans to stop. We plan on furiously dishing out new content and events making the MMORPG Dev blog the place you’ll want to check up on to get the latest deets’.

To get this kick off the release of the blog I’d like to show you what it’s like to work on Rusty Hearts and how committed we are on giving you guys the best experience possible.  I thought you guys might like to see an inside look at a typical Perfect World Employee work day and what goes on day to day working on this title.

We recently moved to a fantastic new office in Redwood Shores near Redwood City California. Our new office has been perfect for housing our production, marketing, community, video, quality assurance and customer support teams.  Typically, our day usually starts with passing our lobby of fully featured semi-transparent game characters. Usually this is only seen by invited guests and/or employees, but remember, we’re giving you a sneak peak!
Perfect World lobby with semi-transparent character glass


After marveling at the epic characters for a few second we usually make our way to the coffee machine and then desks to start work. As the Rusty Hearts community manager my day usually starts with checking our community boards. Almost everyone in the company is involved with forums in one way or another, many just lurk, but we always keep an eye on what the community is talking about.

After checking the boards for roughly an hour and getting a massive dose of caffeine I’m usually ready to tackle other projects. We try to get blogs out on a daily basis to keep users abreast of current events, sales, giveaways and more. MMORPGs, particularly Rusty Hearts, are ripe with great game experiences, but having active communication with players is important. Whether I’m writing about maintenance or a huge update, it’s vital to get this information to players quickly with as much detail as possible.


Perfect World's community and video teams


Everyday game teams meet with other departments to discuss what’s going on with their respective games to determine where to direct our focus and efforts. Between marketing, customer support, technical support and production there’s always something that needs to be worked on. We have a pretty tight team that works extremely well together to make sure Rusty Hearts is running smoothly. 


My workstation (Rusty Hearts CM central!)


When our teams get some time we usually pop in for a lunch time LAN game with our community, video and marketing teams vying for supremacy. Typically community dominates, because well, we’re amazing!

We end the day with a push to get projects complete before heading out. In most cases this means finishing blogs, preparing for maintenance, testing content updates or other important tasks that need to be addressed. Working at a game company can be stressful and somewhat overwhelming, but it’s one of the most exciting jobs you can have. Working with people that love games and want to provide a great experience is rewarding and keeps things fresh.


The Rusty Hearts team is excited to provide content directly for MMORPG users and we hope to get info updated here as frequently as possible. We’ll be posting our epic weekend events, giveaways and important news here in addition to our Dev updates.

Stay tuned because we have a lot more to come!