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Heroes of Three Kingdoms Developer Blog

Based on one of the greatest battles in history, Heroes of Three Kingdoms lets players experience the chaos first hand and even rewrite history at pivotal battles in historical instance such as at Red Cliff.

Author: therealjayve

Improving your HOTK Controls

Posted by therealjayve Wednesday July 28 2010 at 12:46PM
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Before setting off on your journey, you must first understand the basics of movement, combat, and quests. Using the W, S, A, and D keys, move your character forward, backward, left, and right, respectively.  You may also adjust the camera by holding down the left mouse button, or turn your character with the right mouse button.

If you wish to modify the key bindings, you may do so within the Preferences interface of the game Menu. 

From here you may adjust options to customize the game interface to your liking—see below for popular settings. The following option allows you to toggle relative user interface scale when changing resolutions.

Enabling the following options will…

  • Cause your character to face towards your target automatically when right-clicking on a target to enter combat. 
  • Automatically move your character within range of your target when right-clicking to engage in combat. 
  • Enable equipment tooltip comparisons.
To remap key functions, simply click next to a category and press the desired key.
Rampant throughout the area surrounding the Jieyi Shrine in Hebei, Wanhou Monkeys will serve as your first experience in combat.  Approach one of the beasts, and position the mouse cursor over it.
Left-click on the target to display their portrait in the upper-left corner of the screen—this interface contains information regarding their Health and Lv.
Right-click on the target to enter combat mode—causing your character to automatically move within range of the target, and attack with the equipped weapon.
Upon defeating enemies, you will be awarded with a small amount of EXP.  A gauge displayed along the bottom portion of the screen indicates how much EXP you have gained.
Once you have accumulated enough EXP, you can increase your Lv.—gaining access to new skills, weapons, armor, etc.
After having defeated an enemy, a container will appear on the ground where they fell.
To examine their remains, position your mouse cursor over the container, and right-click to open it.  Many useful items can be acquired from defeating various creatures throughout the land.
You will encounter many people throughout your travels that are in need of assistance—these tasks come in the form of quests.  An NPC that has a quest to offer has a distinct green scroll floating above them.
Though there are many different types of quests are available, all quests reward the player with EXP, and potentially items, currency, and reputation upon completion.
Shinami writes:

You mean "There are many quests, all which fall into one of four to five categories, rewritten in 1000s of ways and delivered to the player as a wall of text" but yeah, they never get old! ^_^


Wed Jul 28 2010 2:22PM Report
Blazinglynx writes:

Ive spent some time in the beta and anyone who defends this games needs their head examined. The grind is ridiculous and theres no attempts (I feel) to disguise it as every quest is 'Kill x number of y' or 'collect x number of y from z'. Granted I haven't gotten past the first area, but the one thing I hate about these types of f2p mmos is there are nothing much to grab you or diffrentiate the game from it's competition in the early game so I feel like theres not much incentive to continue forward.  That's not even mentioning that the game feels cheap with numerous spelling mistakes and poor tutorials, it's no wonder the devs have to explain in their blog for newbie mmo players how to play the game. You know what I just realised it's still installed on my PC, I'm gonna go and fix that.

Wed Jul 28 2010 5:39PM Report
Killua0615 writes:

for me the game is just the next game that attempts to copy world of warcraft, using the Perfect World engine, for me this game is the same failure as Perfect World, Jade Dynasty.. and if there are other games sharing that engine.. its not the engine, its just that the game has nothing different to offer, the only F2P game i approve is Talisman Online - one of the only games that people still play after all those years i like it, its a bit grindy, but its fine for me

Wed Jul 28 2010 7:08PM Report
Vyeth writes:

Whats funny is how many people bash this game but praise Forsaken World as if its going to be something "new"...

Wed Jul 28 2010 7:23PM Report
ZoeMcCloskey writes:

To be fair Forsaken World will have a new engine and may in fact turn out to be something new.  I am not by any means guaranteeing that or saying I think that will be the case, hehe.  But going to try Forsaken World with an open mind when it is out.

Thu Jul 29 2010 12:32AM Report
Orrionka writes:


Good Lord.

Another big-boobed, anime , Kung Fu fighting piece of crap.

These Asian mmo’s seem to be shoveled to western audience’s faster and faster theses days.

Thu Jul 29 2010 6:32AM Report writes:
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