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Pangea literally means "entire Earth" in Ancient Greek. In my blog I do everything from guides to random tangents and see how it comes out.

Author: theJPK

MMORPG's in 10, 100, 1000 Years

Posted by theJPK Sunday January 11 2009 at 11:50PM
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Have you ever thought, "I wonder what MMORPG's will be like 100 years from now?" Here is my speculation.


The MMORPG industry is a realitivly new industry and it is moving just as fast as the technology that gives it ground to walk on. With the rate technology is improving, 10 years from now MMORPG's will be a lot different then what we see today.

Self Developing Civilizations

In 10 years we could see Self Developing Civilizations, in other words a town that bussles and builds w/o the help of programmers. In other words you could discover an NPC camp and when you return a week later it would be a small village, a month and it would be a town, a few years and it would be a faction capital. This would be done by programming algrithems that make the NPC's develop the town in a random sequence. You would see entire factions rise and fall right before your eyes.


The maps for MMORPG's just keep getting bigger and bigger it isn't hard to imagine that realistic travel times will be present in games to come. Maybe not the size of the entire world but within 10 years it may be realistic to have every player on one or two servers in some games. This innovation would be due to the increasing storage size and computer rendered maps. Although maps for most MMORPGs are done manually, as computer rendered maps become better computers may be able to generate maps just as professionally done as us with a simple click.

Player Factions

It is already happening in a few games like EVE, a player could go off to a plot of land with a guild and build a camp with nearby lumber. Continously building on it he/she could hire npc merchants or crafters or even gatherers to help build it up. Maybe even mercenaries or militia to help defend your town from enemy NPC or Player factions.


Ethereal Technologies has developed a new graphics display technology that will allow a 3D visual to be observed real time without using 3D glasses. You would be unbelivablly immersed in the completely real looking enviroment.


If technology will innovate so much in just 10 years, what about 100 years? Just think of the possiblities.

Character Customization

In 100 years your computer could take an imprint of your DNA and redesign you as your avatar. You could have yourself to every little detail embedded into the game. All of your traits and characteristic would be put in the game. Of course most of us play MMO's to get out of the real world.

Completly Sandboxed

Within 5-15 years it is planned that NASA will brind the first humans to Mars with the intention to colonize it. By around 2100 they belive they can terraform it or make it suitable for humans inhabit without oxygen masks.

Mars will most likely look like this based on its current hills and terrain. Now by then you could be playing an MMO where players could colonize the universe too. Not only would the possibility of realistic travel time on one planet but we may be traveling throughout the galaxy. The average computers RAM will be measured in maybe  tens of thousands of TB or terra bits.

Throw Away Your Keyboards!

A technology is in development that allows disabled people to type using their thoughts. Although right now it is expensive and unrealistic for all consumers it may replace keyboards by 2020-2030. At first it would probably be like a headset that senses changes in brainwaves but by 2109 it will most likley be perfected. Your computer could pick up brainwaves automatically and translate it into movement and maybe even speech. Thats right, it is physically possible for your computer to read your mind in 100 years.


An MMO in 100 years would be almost indisguishable from the real world environment. Holographic display is already in development and you will be able to fully interact with your environment. Pick up a berry from the ground or throw a chair across the room. Virtual reality will allow you to actually feel like your in the game.


Probably the pinnacle of gaming technology will happen in the 31st century. Everything may be every bit as real as you and me.

Artificial Inteligence

Think of Cortana from Halo, imagine if every NPC in game could think freely like her? The difference between PvE and PvP would almost be indistinguishable. Forget reading dialogue, have a conversation with these npc's that has nothing to do with the lore. They would interact with the environment like you and me.


Think of Star Trek and theHolodeck, imagine being in an MMORPG with all 5 sense. Maybe your wouldn't feel the strain of running around the world and taking an arrow to the chest for obvious purposes but it would all be real. Your sword would feel like steel, your environment would smell ambient, your would hear a local bard playing the games soundtrack. And you may be able to get there just by closing your eyes if cybernetics have an internet connection. Another reason to sleep in.

All in all if the human race is still around in 3009 then being in a coma would be a pretty sweet gig. But then we may get to one morality obstical. If someone can create the perfect virtual life that is every bit as real as actually living then would it doom us all? Would we all choose the perfect fake life over the normal day to day hassle? In my opinion, just like today it would be a middle ground.


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