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League of Legend, may new MMORPG

Ehem, after Dota, this thing seems gooood

Author: thanhhoa

League of Legend, first lesson

Posted by thanhhoa Thursday March 13 2014 at 5:37AM
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League of Legends (LOL) speaks highly of teammates and strategies . Each match is the first game as many players participating the game. Then only you can prevent your opponent wins (This means no lost) . At the beginning of the game, you have to face the enemy, fighting 1 or 2 tournaments. Party mistakes and that will lose the match. You can see the international match, when victory came after 15 minutes into the game. All good players are playing not to lose , play careful and not expose their weaknesses .

See what HotshotGG does , a famous gamer , in season 1 to take his level pass 2300 with Nidalee . What this gamer did? He just played passive , waiting for an opportunity to attack that took advantage and boom. Not to reveal weaknesses and capture opportunities, weaknesses of the enemy then hit them. Can you try to win over the opponent while not exposing weaknesses. If this continues then you have to play reckless remorse, careful not to expose your weak points .

You may not have seen the importance of playing not to lose , but the higher level, the stronger the opponent, the more you need to play more carefully . It also means that the enemy creates fewer mistakes so more difficult for you to take advantage of the weaker points .

When you kill the Hero 2 times , you are adding 273 gold ( 672 gold total ) . As for the what? Hmm , the lower will be your Assist + 192 gold and 330 gold jungler ( a total of 522 gold ) . So the difference between gold dropped to 150 400 gold .

If you say that your experience getting much higher than the opponent . You wrong again . When you die enemy jungler will have the opportunity to farm on the road and get more experience your jungler . You die so your opponent ** l higher than the enemy = > enemy will catch up more easily because of the way before you .

Through this example , we see that death is very harmful and cause more impact to the game . So how to help mentally prepared to die less?

(These mistakes are extremely common in poor players)

Then you will follow the following precautions in order to " play not to lose "

1 : DO NOT underestimate the enemy .

Why ? So when the enemy is killed because you will see your opponent is at risk , play more carefully , less than you think to loopholes . Always considered to be one mystery opponent , careful and intelligent play will help you win . ( because if you play careful also not afraid to gank ) .

2 : Always choose lower survival than the opponent .

If you have low blood then prepare . Be careful lest it loses . Lower my blood , I was even caught the attention of the enemy .

3 : Buy the eyes to help you take advantage of opportunities .

For example, you have to plug the eye and see jungler is on the other side of the map , you would be more comfortable , more active play and not afraid to gank ( unless your opponent TF or TP ) . Always remember : Buy eye , rescue ( or grab the enemy network )

4 : ALWAYS thinking the enemy is a smart person . ( You thought to myself why I should do that right? )

For example :

You are able to win , your opponent being bullied. Then suddenly rushed to beat your opponent knowing that you 're the dominant . So if you would have thought that the enemy foolish , dare yourself , then you may have to pay dearly . Why ?

Because the enemy jungler is hiding somewhere , your opponents know that you are so dominant opponent will lose more blood = > you will chase your opponent and will be ambushed.

Conclusion: So, if you see an opponent playing in style, or change something that you do not know why, then retreated, watch out, always thinking that the enemy knows something you do not.

We will see each other next post

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