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Teleri has graced many games. From the depths of the noisy tubes of the internet to the quiet single player caves and catacombs, Teleri has conquered all. My avatar, Teleri, makes sure to tell you about how it went.

Author: teleri_moses

Games in Anticipation

Posted by teleri_moses Friday September 25 2009 at 5:14PM
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Here's a list of just a few of the games I highly anticipate to see turn up, and how they turn out.


  • Star Trek Online - Rumored Release March 2010.  Just this past year, I've become acquainted with the Star Trek universe.  I'm in love with it!

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic - Unknown release. Highly anticipated.  Bioware.  This may rescue the deserving ex-fans of the old, destroyed SWG.  Star Wars has always been a favorite of mine.

  • Dragon Age Origins -  Single player Bioware? I haven't been this excited since the first and second Baldur's Gate.

  • Starcraft 2 - Finally! Blizzard is out to revive their greatest (imo) game franchise.

  • Final Fantasy XIV - I've been out of the FF loop ever since the X2 debacle.  How'd we get to 14?


Are there any games here you don't anticipate?  Any games I forgot to mention, that you anticipate?  I'll be working my hardest to get into beta testing for these games, and by the time open rolls around you can bet I'll be posting impressions.


I should be telling you about DDO...

Posted by teleri_moses Monday September 21 2009 at 10:57AM
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...but the DDO servers are all down.  This seems to happen mildly often, twice in the last week.  Anybody who has seen me on Xfire should know that Atlantica is my top played game.  I predict this will change, as I just recently discovered DDO, and am currently falling in love with those damn patching servers. 


So what do I do when servers go down? I usually load up Atlantica Online

Here's the thing about AO, I'm playing the game at this very second, right now, as I type these words.  It's that simple.  My character knows what it needs to do, because I know it'll spend X minutes auto-moving to point B, while my party only has 15 auto-battles left while I write a post for 15 minutes and use the toilet. 

Seriously, the game is easy as pie.  You can run this thing in windowed mode, and advance the ranks without reading a word or even really trying more than 10%.  When in the mood to delve into having immersed fun in the game, try PvPing a friend, or a stranger in the league.  Try taking an active interest in what you could craft to make the most money, or set a goal to by a fantastic mount.  This report on the game is not meant to be entirely negative, and I couldn't go without mentioning the amazing community system of benefits for taking part in such things as: donating to a guild, sending an item or cash to a noob, etc.  The game rewards good community members, and so there are PLENTY.  While the entire game might not quite be up to polish for a truly competetive market, it does provide a few good tips for adapting to implement in future games.


This might sound like a harsh criticism, but remember, this game is Korean.  These guys have laws about how much time you can spend at a computer.  And with perfectly good reason, because some have reportedly died playing Starcraft from Korea's competetive Asian server.  They thrive on the auto-run, auto-battle, free background game.  Why is it so high on my X-Fire?  Because I leave it on and I WIN.

What have I been playing?

Posted by teleri_moses Sunday September 20 2009 at 3:33PM
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To turn my addiction from the free Korean turn/mercenary based MMO Atlantica, I transfered my video game bloodlust to another free to play of the American persuasion.  Yes, I'm talking about Turbine/Atari's Dungeons and Dragons Online.  Without going too much in depth over the pending lawsuit from Turbine against Atari I will say that the game has recently become free, that Turbine isn't happy about it, and that I definitely am.  While taking breaks to do boring things like (work) or check in and see how much more I have left to learn about Atlantica's inner workings (which I will get around to posting about soon), my time has been spent in the world of  DDO.  For now, I recommend checking it out.  Soon, I'll review in more detail my thoughts.