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Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Planetside 2 is a Hackers Paradise.

Posted by Teala Wednesday February 20 2013 at 7:06PM
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As I mentioned in my last blog regarding Planetside 2 I jumped into the game full force.   I was hoping the game would be similar to PS1 in how the game was played - as it turns out, PS2 shares one of the faults that drove me away from PS1 - cheaters.   So in a sense PS2 does have more in common with PS1 and that is the game is easily hacked.  

You would think that SOE would have learned from the previous version of the game that players will not stick around if cheaters are allowed to run rampant.   In PS2 they do run rampant.   Even if the hacker is banned, it turns out they can easily work around the ban, whether it is IP and or hardware related ban.   Why?  Because PS2 is free to play.   No need to register a credit card or use your real name at all when creating an account.  

That means Planetside 2 is a hackers paradise and it  is.  

SOE did fix the /report player and made it easier to report the players you come across that are blatantly hacking, the problem is that there are no in-game admins, and the ticket you file may take days before it is answered.  In the mean time the hacker you reported is in game griefing entire factions.   With a game like Planetside 2 where capturing and holding territory is one of the games key elements, this becomes almost impossible when a hacker can camp a spawn room of a base and kill player after player as they spawn denying the faction he is griefing the ability to defend a base.   Yes, this does happen and it happens quite often.

You would think that SOE would develop a method to catch these players using speed cheats, wall cheats, aim-bots, teleport cheats, ESP cheats - but I guess this is beyond them.   So this is a warning to people considering playing Planetside 2.   The game is rife with cheaters.   Not a game session goes by that you will not encounter a cheater.  Some are very sneaky in the way they use them and are not easily spotted.   Others just outright cheat and can be spotted almost immediately.  

So with this in mind, if you do decide to play this game inhabited by cheaters, be prepared to have to deal with them because Planetside 2 is a hackers paradise.