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The Chronicles of Spellborn Developer Blog

In The Chronicles of Spellborn players enter an impressive online game world containing scenic landscapes, majestic cities and the remnants of a shattered world.

Author: tcos

Contributor: TheHistorian

Q & A and Audio from the Webinar 5/6

Posted by TheHistorian Friday May 8 2009 at 1:18PM
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We had Sven Ehrentraut, a Spellborn designer who worked on the Combat Systems along with El Drijver (Lead Designer Spellborn Int. Ltd.), David Perry (CCO Acclaim), Howard Marks (CEO Acclaim), Aaron Rose (Director of Marketing), David Jun (Director of Games) and myself. We talked about the upcoming Patch, with the new Arena system and answered player questions.

You can listen to it on my site, subscribe to my podcast, or download directly.

Audience Question:
Q: Patch 1.0.4 comes when?[Glenn Hill]
A: It's live in europe now, I'm not sure when Acclaim rolls out.
Hist: We got the files today. We will be testing them and will be announcing a patch date soon.

Audience Question:
Q: Is there anything in the works to keep players from abusing the environment to kill NPCs? (other than GM and Player policing)[Joseph Milne]
A: Some behaviour of the Mobs wasn't working as intended. This has been improved in 1.0.4, we'll gather feedback to see how it turns out now.

Audience Question:
Q: What happened to the tavern minigames and will they be added sometime in the future?[Joseph Pegg]
A: I have to check why these were turned off

Audience Question:
Q: When is the nerf to revenge coming? All I see in the patch notes about it is stopping revenge from hurting yourself...basically giving it even less risk.[Darren Flood]
A: we have an update on this that would work globally on all sorts of dots and similar effects. We test this at the moment and when it all looks as good as it does at the moment, we'll rolling this out with the hotfix

Audience Question:
Q: Is the Rune Mage's burn effect harming teammates an intended effect? If so, why is this? [Mike Bitton]
A: yes, there are two effects: Burn can set a melee attacker on fire, and works as a drawback. The attacker himself receives Flame, which cannot set others on fire

Audience Question:
Q: dont have question this coming patch wondering if they will be giving us more custamizing for interface mainly for text color and resize the chat windows[william kappe]
A: Eventually, but this won't arrive soon

Audience Question:
Q: YOU GUYS RULE[Nathan Van Dyne]
A: thanks

Audience Question:
Q: Will Their Be Equipment later on that Would give players more of a reason to change their Armor? I am Currently level 20 and still useing my level 1 armor cause I made it That Good Looking from Starting Creation =)[Adrian Wrzodak]
A: yeah, we have pieces that look alot better than the starter gear. But if you like the way your character looks, we won't force you to farm for something else.

Audience Question:
Q: Its most 46+ mobs they are buggy dmg sometimes perma healing , or like the posion dot mega[Joshua Smith]
A: We know issues from a couple of mobs, please report these issues or mail historian at, so we can fix it.

As DP mentioned at the end of the talk.. If there are certain subjects that you want us to cover in the webinars, please email me with them or comment on this post. I already have a few requests for the Lore writer to return for a second Webinar.