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Keep PvP and PvE MMOs seperate?

Posted by talismen351 Sunday August 2 2009 at 3:02PM
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I was just reading a post on the forums that said problem becoming with current MMOs is the need to balance PvP and PvE in MMOs.

So why bother? Why is it we need to see balance in our MMO characters? Seems to me, that a 400 pound warrior should be able to kick the crap out of a 150 pound mage. Sure the mage might get off a spell or two, but once that massive warrior gets on top of him, would be more like Brock Lesner attacking the bagboy at the grocery.

People always want more realizm to their MMOs, shouldn't no character/class balance be part of that realizm? Personally I think perhaps MMO devs should start looking at seperating the PvP/PvE gaming.

A PvE game should be made for the PvE crowd. No balance between classes. Warriors stronger than mages physically, mages stronger than warriors mentally. But both needing the other to survive, or at least increase their chances of getting futher into the game. Rather than devs wasting time to balance the classes, accept that some will be more powerfull in some situations, and others not. The devs instead could concentrate on adding content, story, fixing bugs.

A PvP game could spend the time balancing the classes for PvP. They then could build the world and combat around the PvP aspect.

It seems all too often in recent releases is that a game is made for PvP or PvE. One or the other is considered and afterthought and tossed into the game later. Then there is all kinds of PvP or PvE issues that ruin the game for many.

Personally I am glad to see games such as Darkfall, Mortal Online come along. And I hope they do well. Perhaps seeing the Devs on these games concentrate on the PvP crowd. I know we have many PvE MMOs, but they are all made in an attempt to satisfy both the PvP/PvE crowd.

I think the two genres should be seperated. Perhaps once this is done, we will see some truely amazing PvP or PvE MMORPGs.


Posted by talismen351 Sunday January 25 2009 at 8:58PM
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I have been an avid MMOer since '98. Pretty much have played every major MMO title that has come out. Some I enjoyed...others not so much. Ultima Online was by far my favorite. I have been popping in there every now and again to see how things are. N lately found it...well not the same game I once loved.

Normally over the past ten plus years of gaming, I have always had a sub to one game or another. Ya know start a new one n cancell the old. Now for the first time...I cancelled my UO account (yet again) and have not nor do I intend to subscribe to any of the current MMO list. Even looking towards the next year in releases...I doubt I will be subscribing to any of the MMO list.

Hopefully the future will bring out something that grabs my attention n is able to hold me for a few years, rather than a few months. UO kept me goin for 6 years straight, n SWG held me for about a year or so. Most others, only a few months.

Not saying that the current crop of MMOs are bad...but they just all feel the same. All about leveling, getting that uber gear. And many are suffering from large worlds n low population scattered about.

So now I find myself looking forward to single player RPGs. Playing 'The Witcher', 'Mount & Blade', 'NWN 2', 'GTA4', and other such titles. Hopefully 2010 will be a year I can look forward to again with MMOs. But the kick in the pants AoC did, I am pretty much staying away from MMO releases, n anything that does catch my fancy will wait till a few months into the game.

But for now...wonder what I can do with that whopping $15.00/month I will be saving...