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Lineage 2: How does this game even exist...

Posted by t0nyd Sunday December 4 2011 at 1:07AM
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 A friend of mine recommended Lineage 2 as a PvP mmo option. Obviously I am bored to death of the current so called PvP mmo's out there. I decide to install l2 and give it a go. Thankfully I had little to no expectations because if I did, I would have been disappointed.

[Soul Shots]

In an age where a majority of mmo's are steering clear of consumable based ranged attacks, L2 has consumable based melee, ranged, and magic attacks. What an odd concept. When I imagine the tedium of using a consumable on every single melee attack, fun doesnt come to mind. This is probably the worst concept that I have ever come acrossed in an mmo, especially of the item shop kind. All this concept is, is a money sink. If everyone must use a consumable on every attack to be optimal in combat, this mechanic has no impact on the game due to everyone everywhere always using it, thus making it a rather pointless mechanic.

[Leveling and Class Variation]

I have always hated the concept of minor classes lead to bigger and better classes. Lineage 2 epitomizes the failures of this concept.  Anyone that enjoys making multiple characters will be displeased with the fact that if you want to create multiple casters, you will have to level from 1-20 the exact same way with the exact same abilities, doing the exact same quests, in the exact same newbie area. Once you have accomplished the level 1 to 20 newbie experience there is simply no reason to ever do it again other than you are forced to if you decide to create a new character.

Thankyfully the level 1-20 experience can go pretty fast if you rush it, and you will. Now you are out of the training zone and off to more of the same? As I hit 30 I wonder, still more of the same? Of course its the same kind of boring quests or grind as you have done for the first 30 levels. So where is this PvP my friend was talking about.


The only PvP that I have seen has been when a random stranger attacked me so I decided to fight back. I died due to not using soul shots of my appropriate level because I simply refuse to use a consumable on every attack and to be honest it is the only way to make the game challenging at all is to not use soul shots. As I respawn I find that no npc will talk to me and thats when I notice that my name is purple. I ask around and I am quickly informed that I am an asshole PKer and that I must farm mobs to remove bad karma and to top it off, I do not get exp for those kills. This blows me away. I get ganked and defend myself and now I must suffer a penalty. With the frustration of this and the fact that this guy also whacked my pet, which is causing me to be constantly spammed by a "your pet doesnt have suffiencient hitpoints to do that" message at such a rate that it is near impossibly to communicate with anyone, this concludes my voyage into what I was told was " A PvP game"... writes:
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