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The current state of MMORPG's...

Posted by t0nyd Wednesday November 28 2007 at 11:53PM
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 As I search for an mmorpg that appeals to me, im dumb founded by the lack of anything thats enjoyable for more than a couple hours. I guess to begin, i should explain my likes and dislikes. I think I will start with dislikes...

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors (WoW)

              If I wanted to play rock, paper, scissors Id play rock, paper, scissors. Why would I want to play a graphical representation of the game. I would prefer a game that is much more thought out than "this is supposed to beat that" "this will almost always beat that unless this's cooldowns are all up than its slightly possible that that will beat this". Heh.

  • Intelligent Design

             For me the best part of an mmorpg comes from character design. I want to create a character that looks unique and performs to my desires. I want plenty of options to differentiate my character from the next. I want each skill/talent/whatever point to have a purpose. I want to see 10 warriors in the same room with differing skill/talent/whatever point builds. Obviously, if something isnt useful, players wont use it. Why create something with the intentions of it being less powerful than the things around it.

  • Tactical Decision Skills

              I know plenty of people do not want mmorpgs = fps. Yes, fps is all about twitch factor and hand eye coordination. There has to be some pleasant middle ground. Intelligent use of skills + better twitch skills should always overcome. The question is should intelligent use of skills + weak twitch skills >= poor use of skills + excellent twitch skills.

  • Equipment

              WoW kills me on this topic. Should equipment be greater than level. Should over half your hit points come from your items? Should a majority of your offensive potential come from your gear? I think not. The biggest difference between 2 max level characters should not be gear. If we are both max level and i have 10k hps and you have 5k hps something is awfully wrong with the game. I do believe gear should matter. Just not as absurdly as it does with a lot of the current mmorgs.

Just random thoughts as I surf through the endless wave of mmo's...



Kenny3000 writes:

wow im really dissapointed...not because of your post but because i have to agree. i too think wow is rediculious when i come to equipment. i beleave if equipment is this immportant it should be alot easer to aquire atleast! also this is why im still waiting for a mmorts a real good one there have been some retarded freeware ones or ripoffs but no real one.this unlike mmos thies days would require more than just not having a life or ridiculous ammounts of currency it will require real stratagy.  

Thu Nov 29 2007 8:04AM Report
Seveth writes:

Play Dark Age of Camelot.


If you are tride and true in your implications here, then the only disappointment you might encounter would arise from the lack of server population nowadays, and that you didn't subscribe earlier.


The classic servers are still well-maintained, though, so grouping and guilding shouldn't present a huge problem if you're adament about getting in.

Thu Nov 29 2007 8:24AM Report
Isoman writes:

The frustration of not finding anything worth playing in the MMO genre comes from the complete lack of guts and vision, on the part of developers, to come up with something new. Or at least combining the best of what's out there into one game.

I don't understand why MMOs are sticking with a level based system, other than the fact they all are copying the most successful MMO at the moment (WoW).  Perhaps the reason is, to my knowledge, Star Wars Galaxies was the only MMO to try the skill based system, and in light of that game's now infamous past, no one wants to go near any of that game's ideas.

The pay to play MMO should be sandbox oriented, giving players as much freedom of movement and choices as possible.


Thu Nov 29 2007 10:30AM Report
randomizer writes:

Eve Online is the best right now, but I would like something new. WOW was ok for a month or 2 and daoc just got to  frustrating to play after 2 years.

Thu Nov 29 2007 12:16PM Report
tempast writes:

you should try final fantasy xi.  the only thing about it that is against your 'list' is the fact that there isnt much character customization.

Thu Nov 29 2007 12:21PM Report
norvak writes:

Gear is how WoW keeps its player base.  Its the old "carrot on a stick".

I agree, Eve is imo the best system.  I just wish there was more customizing the looks of the ships.  I wish you had  the ability to piece together a ship based on different parts.  Basically build your own ship.

Thu Nov 29 2007 12:40PM Report
mikevrk writes: lol you should really start playing Guild Wars :) or Tabula Rasa :) Fri Nov 30 2007 3:49AM Report
Cozur writes:

All those things on that list is in DAOC.  The only thing they shouldn't do is stealthers because they rune the game by messing up 8v8 fights. 

Fri Nov 30 2007 10:04AM Report
Cozur writes:

woops wrong post lol

Fri Nov 30 2007 10:05AM Report
vajuras writes:

In FPS Stealth Classes work way better because if you suspect someone is creepin' close to you- just start shooting.

In MMORPG, you can be fighting a guy and they just disappear/vanish. If you lack an Area of Effect they're gone. Next, you always need a certain Class type to counter them

Stealth should really take skill to play like we saw in Tenchu and Splinter Cell series whereas I have to evade detection. It shouldnt be the simple, easymode Classes we see now (this is coming from someone that plays Stealth types)

Fri Nov 30 2007 3:50PM Report writes:
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