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Why I am going to GW2 and believe you should as well

It talks about my past MMORPG and beta testing expereince and why the up coming Guild Wars 2 is the game to play

Author: Krosslite

Guild Wars 2: My rebutal to the Devil's Advocate article

Posted by Krosslite Thursday August 30 2012 at 3:31AM
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The first part of my response is directed at the hype for the game. Personally I have to say; yes I have been hyped about this game since I took part in the second BWE. Have I stated that it is the savior of the MMO industry?


In fact in my review for the game on this website. I clearly start they did not raise the bar but shifted in a new direction. I do like this game for many reasons. From a marketing point of view though I would say they did an excellent job of making the game appealng to multiple playing styles. This in itself will make sure they have a good population in the game to maintain it.

As for the buy to play model with a cash shop. I must also state that the cash shop is not a buy to win setup like in many of todays games that have cash shops in them. I personally have already made purchases myself. Some extra slots in the bank mainly due to the fact that I am admitedly an Alt whore. So I require more room in my bank since it is an account wide bank, and I have several of them doing crafting. So at times I need a place to store the result of of what they have made. The point of this is to play the market. When it is short on items I have made I can sell them for more. I must also state I am not well off financially.

As it is I have been playing in MMOs for a very long time. I have played several subscripstion games. My metality on the cash shop is. I have been paying fifteen dollars a month for these. I can spare fifteen to twenty dollars a month for items from a cash shop if they satisfy my wants in the game. From what I have seen it will and so I personally will be spending about this much a month most likely.

As it is ArenaNet has already proven the b2p method works due to the sucsess of Guild Wars. Even though I personally didn't like it. GW2 has more to offer more people and so by pure increase due to it appeal to more people will allow it to thrive.

Now as for Azuriel, which I did make a couple of comments to on his posting. His article was full of misinformation and needed to be called out on it. So I feel there was no need for you to come to his defense since he did not know what he was talking about. Lets go in the order he posted:

1) Dynamic Events. First and foremost it must be stated that when he posted this article.

    a) no one had gotten to Orr except those that had been under a NDA. No one in any of the open beta BWEs; that I am aware of got there or were even able too.

 so this leads into:

   b) ANet has clearly stated that the DEs ARE the end game of the PvE part of the game. As well as the 5 man dungeons. (As for the dungeons please read this post which was listed in the comments on Azuriel's article).

  c) ANet also stated that in Orr the DE system was extremely complex to the point of being a web of events since they could interact and make different ends. This complexity will make it a challenge that several will gladly take on and do them more then once.

2) WvWvW - He clearly states in his article that his impression of this part of the game was "PvWall."  There are several small forts that can be taken by small groups. Not just causing havoc in the rear lines of the enemy, but they can capture towers, which there are several.

As for #3 .... please refer to #1 of this post since as I stated the DEs ARE the endgame. The mere fact that he made it another point showed his lack of research of the game for his article. I have personally seen someone in their 30s come to the beginner area so they could do the DEs, which IS how they were designed to be played. writes:
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