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Why I am going to GW2 and believe you should as well

It talks about my past MMORPG and beta testing expereince and why the up coming Guild Wars 2 is the game to play

Author: Krosslite

Guild Wars 2 -- The first weekend

Posted by Krosslite Tuesday August 28 2012 at 12:10AM
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So the first weekend of Guild Wars 2 comes to an end for me as I perpare to return to work. I have to say it has been one of the smoothest launches of a game I have personally encountered.

The game started three hours early, and so I proceeded to make my eight toons. One for each profession. This took me about an hour since I took my time getting each one to look the way I wanted them too look. One reason it took this long was due to my planning ahead and having all my personal story questions already planned out and written down. It was really all the cosmetics that took the most time. As is typical there are other characters that look similiar to my characters, but you can tell the difference if you actually take the time to look.

At about 12:15 am PST the game crashed. If you have been in as many launches as I have been you come to expect this several times in the first week. It was down for several hours, so I took advantage of the situation to take a nap. When I woke the game was on again and so I proceed to play the game as I like for once. Being that I did not have a time limit thrown upon me as there was in the BWEs.

Later that night I was escorting a shaman to save some baby snow leapards Since I was about level 4 at the time I fit in well with the quest. There were about twenty players in the dynamic event as we made our way into the mine. I was shocked when suddenly beside me someone turned into a  humaniod snow leapard. It wasn't the fact that someone could do that. It was the fact that the game wasn't even twenty-four hours old and someone has rushed so far ahead they gained the ability to do so. I just shoke my head and went on with the event.

As of the time I am typing this I have six toons at level 10. That was due to the fact that I gave myself a three day weekend. I usually don't progress so fast by my standards, but I was truly enjoying the game. As well as the personal storylines.

Even though I know I didn't have too, I have several of my toons each learning one crafting skill. I know I could do it all on one, but I just don't like doing it that way. As it is I was very pleased with the fact that I could pool my inventory and money into the bank since it is an acoount wide bank. This was the first time I really had gotten into the bank since I found no need to save money or items during the BWEs.

My only real disapointment all weekend was the fact that the trading post for players to sell items is not working even as of me typing this (7:30pm PST). This is my main way of getting the funds I need to get my manual that is required at level 11. Which is the main reason I have so many at level 10. I could pool the money through the bank and then proceed forward, but I really want to do it through the TP. 

Other issues that I heard about but did not encounter personally were:

1) an additional server shutdown for the EU servers.

2) Guild issues, like unable to invite people.

3) WvWvW score keeping issues as well as a few servers not able to get into WvWvW at some period during the weekend.

I have to say even with these issues on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give ArenaNet an 8.5.

They have done a great job and trying to address the issues that are taking place eventhough not all have been addressed as of yet. During a couple of DEs I encountered lag. The rest of the time the game has been working beautifully. ANet is living up to everythng they said they would do. Since nothing can be perfect this is the closest I have EVER encountered in the MMO market at the launch of a game.