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Why I am going to GW2 and believe you should as well

It talks about my past MMORPG and beta testing expereince and why the up coming Guild Wars 2 is the game to play

Author: Krosslite

Guild Wars 2: My rebutal to the Devil's Advocate article

Posted by Krosslite Thursday August 30 2012 at 2:31AM
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The first part of my response is directed at the hype for the game. Personally I have to say; yes I have been hyped about this game since I took part in the second BWE. Have I stated that it is the savior of the MMO industry?


In fact in my review for the game on this website. I clearly start they did not raise the bar but shifted in a new direction. I do like this game for many reasons. From a marketing point of view though I would say they did an excellent job of making the game appealng to multiple playing styles. This in itself will make sure they have a good population in the game to maintain it.

As for the buy to play model with a cash shop. I must also state that the cash shop is not a buy to win setup like in many of todays games that have cash shops in them. I personally have already made purchases myself. Some extra slots in the bank mainly due to the fact that I am admitedly an Alt whore. So I require more room in my bank since it is an account wide bank, and I have several of them doing crafting. So at times I need a place to store the result of of what they have made. The point of this is to play the market. When it is short on items I have made I can sell them for more. I must also state I am not well off financially.

As it is I have been playing in MMOs for a very long time. I have played several subscripstion games. My metality on the cash shop is. I have been paying fifteen dollars a month for these. I can spare fifteen to twenty dollars a month for items from a cash shop if they satisfy my wants in the game. From what I have seen it will and so I personally will be spending about this much a month most likely.

As it is ArenaNet has already proven the b2p method works due to the sucsess of Guild Wars. Even though I personally didn't like it. GW2 has more to offer more people and so by pure increase due to it appeal to more people will allow it to thrive.

Now as for Azuriel, which I did make a couple of comments to on his posting. His article was full of misinformation and needed to be called out on it. So I feel there was no need for you to come to his defense since he did not know what he was talking about. Lets go in the order he posted:

1) Dynamic Events. First and foremost it must be stated that when he posted this article.

    a) no one had gotten to Orr except those that had been under a NDA. No one in any of the open beta BWEs; that I am aware of got there or were even able too.

 so this leads into:

   b) ANet has clearly stated that the DEs ARE the end game of the PvE part of the game. As well as the 5 man dungeons. (As for the dungeons please read this post which was listed in the comments on Azuriel's article).

  c) ANet also stated that in Orr the DE system was extremely complex to the point of being a web of events since they could interact and make different ends. This complexity will make it a challenge that several will gladly take on and do them more then once.

2) WvWvW - He clearly states in his article that his impression of this part of the game was "PvWall."  There are several small forts that can be taken by small groups. Not just causing havoc in the rear lines of the enemy, but they can capture towers, which there are several.

As for #3 .... please refer to #1 of this post since as I stated the DEs ARE the endgame. The mere fact that he made it another point showed his lack of research of the game for his article. I have personally seen someone in their 30s come to the beginner area so they could do the DEs, which IS how they were designed to be played.

Guild Wars 2 -- The first weekend

Posted by Krosslite Tuesday August 28 2012 at 12:10AM
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So the first weekend of Guild Wars 2 comes to an end for me as I perpare to return to work. I have to say it has been one of the smoothest launches of a game I have personally encountered.

The game started three hours early, and so I proceeded to make my eight toons. One for each profession. This took me about an hour since I took my time getting each one to look the way I wanted them too look. One reason it took this long was due to my planning ahead and having all my personal story questions already planned out and written down. It was really all the cosmetics that took the most time. As is typical there are other characters that look similiar to my characters, but you can tell the difference if you actually take the time to look.

At about 12:15 am PST the game crashed. If you have been in as many launches as I have been you come to expect this several times in the first week. It was down for several hours, so I took advantage of the situation to take a nap. When I woke the game was on again and so I proceed to play the game as I like for once. Being that I did not have a time limit thrown upon me as there was in the BWEs.

Later that night I was escorting a shaman to save some baby snow leapards Since I was about level 4 at the time I fit in well with the quest. There were about twenty players in the dynamic event as we made our way into the mine. I was shocked when suddenly beside me someone turned into a  humaniod snow leapard. It wasn't the fact that someone could do that. It was the fact that the game wasn't even twenty-four hours old and someone has rushed so far ahead they gained the ability to do so. I just shoke my head and went on with the event.

As of the time I am typing this I have six toons at level 10. That was due to the fact that I gave myself a three day weekend. I usually don't progress so fast by my standards, but I was truly enjoying the game. As well as the personal storylines.

Even though I know I didn't have too, I have several of my toons each learning one crafting skill. I know I could do it all on one, but I just don't like doing it that way. As it is I was very pleased with the fact that I could pool my inventory and money into the bank since it is an acoount wide bank. This was the first time I really had gotten into the bank since I found no need to save money or items during the BWEs.

My only real disapointment all weekend was the fact that the trading post for players to sell items is not working even as of me typing this (7:30pm PST). This is my main way of getting the funds I need to get my manual that is required at level 11. Which is the main reason I have so many at level 10. I could pool the money through the bank and then proceed forward, but I really want to do it through the TP. 

Other issues that I heard about but did not encounter personally were:

1) an additional server shutdown for the EU servers.

2) Guild issues, like unable to invite people.

3) WvWvW score keeping issues as well as a few servers not able to get into WvWvW at some period during the weekend.

I have to say even with these issues on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give ArenaNet an 8.5.

They have done a great job and trying to address the issues that are taking place eventhough not all have been addressed as of yet. During a couple of DEs I encountered lag. The rest of the time the game has been working beautifully. ANet is living up to everythng they said they would do. Since nothing can be perfect this is the closest I have EVER encountered in the MMO market at the launch of a game.

Guild Wars 2 -- Professions Workshop needs you!!

Posted by Krosslite Wednesday August 22 2012 at 7:36PM
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The Workshop needs your knowledge.

 How you play a character.

What weapons you use. How they work.

How you use your skills in PvE as well as PvP.

Which porfession kills which other profession better then an other one. How do you counter these attacks.

Add your knowledge to the database by participating in this community run project.

meetings will be on RaidCall

In the Kajidic guild channel ID 169680


Guild Wars 2: Late to the party - WvWvW advice for those just now deciding to play GW2

Posted by Krosslite Thursday August 16 2012 at 6:09AM
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            So here we are less then two week from the launch of Guild Wars 2, and there are folks that are just coming to the realization that they wish to play this game. Be they individuals or entire guilds, or even part of guilds, that like to play multiple MMOs. They come to the table and say where is my desert, having missed the entire meal.

            What do I mean by this? The meal is all the community, and ArenaNet's information that has been filling the internet for five years now. They don't understand fully, how strongly, the community behind this game supports it. They do this via blogs like mine. Fansite that offer a TON of information from how to color your armor to WvWvW programs like this map for example. As well as hundreds of videos on Youtube.

            They act like it is just another MMO not realizing that Guild Wars 2 is setup differently in many way. One example I have of this is an old guild of mine. They showed no interest in leaving any of the three MMOs they were playing; way back when the second BWE took place (June 8, 2012). I was in that event and went cold turkey from the game I was playing at that time. I informed them of this, and they said, "Okay, have fun." Just last week they decide they want to go to GW2. Few of them have been in any BWEs or even have the game. Some aren't even going to get the game the day it launches. But still they are coming. I have talked to them and tried to explain how the WvWvW works. A couple of them have listened, but the rest are just taking it like any other MMO they have played in.

            You have to understand one thing. I do not plan on doing PvP of any type myself. My last PvP experience that gave me any enjoyment was MechWarrior 4. Since then I have tried it a couple of time, but it just wasn't to my taste. From what I have read and heard through friends and family. I have come to realize the importance of having an alliance formed to participate in the WvW. This part of the game, I feel, needs a lot of strategy and support from several groups in multiple time zones. Without this the server (your team) will not fair well. So they will not see the bonuses that the entire server can get very often.

            Still I keep hearing, "but there won't be anyone on the US servers when we are on." Well due to how they have the server populations set for this game I really don't see that as being true. Maybe not full capacity but certainly not dead either. I try and explain to them that it is true that members of their alliance in other time zones may not be on. But the objectives within the WvW area will still be needing to be protected or even taken.

            Will this discourage some people that come in late like this? Maybe.

            They may be running around in WvWvW like chickens with their heads cut off. Always coming to the battle just as it finishes, and wondering why. All I can hope is that some of them read this and seriously look into making plans to get into an alliance. And this is coming from a PvE player.

GW2Guilds - fansite with a list of Guild and alliances for all servers

WvWvW over view video

Guild Wars 2 - as time goes by

Posted by Krosslite Monday August 13 2012 at 6:54PM
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            I sit here looking at the count down clock on my 2nd screen, and I wonder why am I doing this? I have never done this before for a game. Why this time?

            I think back to my other experiences as I waited for an MMO to launch. I remember when I was doing beta for World of Warcraft. I enjoyed playing the Tauren in beta and it was one of the first times I actually enjoyed being a Ranger over a Warrior. At that time it was something different to a degree to what I had done before. That being EverQuest and MechWarrior.

            Since then I have been in more betas then I can count and tried out many games. All of them reminded me of EQ and WoW and so never really thrilled me. I got to the point where I was just following my guild around as they jumped from one MMO to another. All seeking to find something new and exciting, but usually fell short.

            Now we have Guild Wars 2. A game that actually caused me to go cold turkey form the MMO I had actually felt comfort in. I had been playing it for nearly three years, including my time in beta for that game. It was Star Trek Online for those wondering. It didn't meet the expectations of a lot of folks, but being a Star Trek fan it suited me just fine. It actually grew into a very nice game, after it had time for people to be hired on to expand the content in it.

            Having time to expand content is one thing that has been killing a lot of MMOs. Mainly due to people not understanding how MMOs are meant to be played. A lot of people think a MMO is like games for console games. So they expect there to be something to do once you get to the end. This is not how MMOs were envisioned to  be played.

            MMOs are about the journey. They are about the lands you find yourselves in. They are about the people, places, and villainy that you must face and interact with. I have written this more then once. Why? Because it is the truth. These games were designed for the player to take their time, but a good amount of them are use to playing console games. They have been conditioned to do things quickly and be able to defeat the great adversary at the end. This is not how an MMO is meant to be played.

            Guild Wars 2 is the first game that actually encourages you to enjoy the journey. Still I hear people saying they are going to make level eighty in three days. I just shake my head when I hear this. I know you can have your level decreased to the area you are in. In fact it is encouraged to do so, but why rush? Why not just enjoy the content? That is what you are really suppose to do in an MMO.

            Just slow down. Take your time. Enjoy the view. Enjoy the story. Have fun, you may just realize that there is more to a game then to rush to see what is at the end. You know what you have to look forward to at the end of the journey of life? Dying. Now is that something you really want to rush to? I know this is a drastic comparison, but it carries my point I am trying to make.

Guild Wars 2: Must see community made videos

Posted by Krosslite Wednesday August 8 2012 at 3:56PM
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            In my last article I commented about how active the community is even though the game hasn't been released yet. As mentioned then, one reason has been ArenaNet themselves. One of the ways they have done this is by not binding those that have played the game to a non-disclosure agreement. In fact they strongly encourage the community to record videos as well as write things about the game.

            In this article I have gone through the internet and some of those sights I listed in my last article and found a few of what I feel to be the best videos about the game. Well the best at least to me.

The first one I am posting here is a video about vistas. The person that made this spent a lot of time in the last BWE just gathering these images and my hat is off to them. <---- link maybe turned off

The next one is a persons personal review of the game and why they recommend it.

This one is an interview with a console player who played the game and gave his opinion of the game.

The next two I show here are how to upgrade your defenses within WvWvW:

part one:

part two:

This last one I offer is about how to make combos:

Remember these are all community made, and are only a fraction of videos that are out there. Check out the hard work of Aerowyn to see what I mean.

Guild Wars 2: A game strong with community

Posted by Krosslite Tuesday August 7 2012 at 11:30AM
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            As we all know Guild Wars 2 is not out yet, but is due in a couple of weeks. One thing that has drawn me to this game is that there is already in place a large community. A community that is very active in many ways. Not only in fansites and guilds, but from ArenaNet as well.

            ANet in the way they designed the game, has greatly influenced how the community at large is responding. The very fact that you share in the experiences and the rewards, has removed a lot of the animosity that is so prevalent in all other MMOs.

            Guilds are already strong and growing, and due to WvW many are formed into or seeking to form alliances. Some alliance are made of large groups; while others are purposely looking to get into smaller groups. Some are looking to get into a military like structure; while others are just seeking to work together in WvW. Still others just wish to be active only in structured PvP. Then there are those that only wish to peruse PvE or RP. The main key here is that they are already active and vibrant.

            Now I have been in other releases of game. In several I have been in guilds who planned ahead of time to go into to a game. With GW2 the scale at which I am hearing how many guilds are so active in gathering their members is more then I have experienced in the past.

            Fansites are popping up all over the world. Many offering stories, various offering guides. Some are spreading the info they find. Others have set themselves up to support WvW. Some are setting up tournaments for structured PvP.

            There is even a Profession Workshop that is designed to gather info for all the professions and present then in a way to help the community by the community.

            I have been down this road before as I said, but this time I am really surprised at how it is so excited and active. Since the individual conflicts like for example kill stealing has been removed from the game. It has made a community that is actually happy to share the game with others.

Here are several I know of from all over the world:

Guild Wars 2: Why is WoW launching an expansion a month after GW2 goes live?

Posted by Krosslite Saturday August 4 2012 at 1:47PM
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            The debate has been roaring ever since Aguustino Fontevecchia released his article "World Of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and Vivendi: Activision's Achilles' Heel" for Forbes. Why the debate? Because the public is fickle. They quickly and easily forget what happened in the past. Or due to the fact that they are maybe new buyers to the market they have not learned this yet. That is true in the MMO gaming industry as well.

            I have been in many betas as well as releases of MMOs where I have seen how those that play these games act within them. The trend in most games I have been in is that you buy the game. You are offered one free month to play the game and then you will start to pay a monthly fee.

            Now since most of the MMO industry has come into existence after the console games became a nearly normal accoutrement within the average household. We all know games designed for these devises are made to be played in about a month on average. So we have these folks I have come to affectionately call "Console Players." So they hear about these great games out there like WoW, GW2, EQ, City of Heroes, DAoC, STO, FF XI and so on. These console players hear you can play the game for free for the first month. In the back of there minds, they think to themselves "That's more then enough time to beat the game, why pay a monthly fee." This statement is the problem.

            MMOs are an offshoot of MUDs. These were text games that were designed to be played over a long period of time. They were part of the original computer games that came into existence in the mid 1980s. MMOs or virtual worlds as they are also known; were designed form the outset to be played over months if not years. Not days as console games are made to be played in. The problem is that MMOs started to become big business when a majority of the console players were becoming a part of the marketplace as consumers. They are also well versed in the use of the internet, but they were not well versed in how an MMO was designed to be played. This upset them and some due to their knowledge of the internet. They become more vocal then those that were use to how MUDs and MMOs were meant to be played. These people became an extremely vocal minority.

            As usual; those with the loudest and most irritating voice gets heard. While those that are the mainstay and the bread and butter for MMOs gets ignored, but continue to support the MMOs they like. Thus making the game makers a ton of cash. So the game makers do their best to silence the vocal minority, but they don't catch on that this minority expects to beat a game in a month because that is what they are use to doing. Because of playing console games.

            As a result they release games with PvP because this is what the console players demand, but it is not quite ready when the game is released due to finical limitations placed upon them by those funding them the seed money. So they release the game expecting to get an influx of cash from the release to bring in more bodies to get what people call the "endgame" out in the game. The problem with this is that it will take at least six months to get the endgame out and released in the game. So the vocal minority scream and complain in general chat within the game that there is no endgame. Being console gamers and expecting to beat the game in thirty days they don't realize that the MMOs were meant to be played over a longer period of  time as mentioned earlier. So the bitter cycle repeats itself.

            Now we have ArenaNet. Within the staff at Anet are those that are MMO enthusiast and players. They have been around since they were called MUDs. They have worked for companies that have made other MMOs and most likely tried to get their point across about the silent majority. Since it was those that were really supporting the MMOs that were and are out there, and they were not being listened too. So Anet is made and then released Guild Wars, which in a way answered some of these issues the silent majority was encountering, but it wasn't  quite enough. So they decide to make the game that is due to release on Aug. 25th. Within this game they have solved the problem that was being caused by the vocal minority while at the same time keeping the silent majority interested.

            How can I be so sure of this? Because I am one of the silent majority. I have heard time and again the vocal minority that always ruined my gaming experience after a week of game play till the free month was up and most of them went away to go buy a console game to play so they could beat it. Since they could never beat  the MMO due to no endgame.

            Now we have a game with the endgame built in from the start. Designed to satisfy the numerous  tastes of not only the console player but the hardcore MMO players. Now we see since it has no monthly fees and so no need to quit once the month is over or start to pay to play. That with a well designed game with endgame built into it will cause those that are console players to learn something new.

            Will they learn that a game can take longer then a month to play? That a game can take more then a year to play. That a game will have other things to offer. Other then wanting them to get the most powerful gear so they can be the big kid on the block for a few days. Till a new set of armor or weapon comes along to make them the losers.

            Will they join in those that have been MMO players for decades? That play a game for the content, not the toys. For the social interaction, not that they can spout out they are the biggest child in the game. Will they learn to enjoy a game due to what is in it throughout the journey; not just the endgame?

            Is the console gamer mentality the reason why WoW is launching its expansion thirty days after GW2 goes live? Yes.

            Will GW2 hurt WoW?  I think so.

            Will it kill WoW? I don't think so.

            Will it destroy the thirty day cycle trend? Maybe. I would hope so myself. Since I feel it is long over due.

Guild Wars 2: To Server or not to Server? That is the question.

Posted by Krosslite Thursday August 2 2012 at 3:47AM
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            The one thing that stuck out the most in my mind at the end of BWE #3 was servers. In BWE #2 they had a lot of servers and a lot of the people playing the game liked this. Not too many people running around in the PvE area made it feel relaxing to go around doing things.

            In the last BWE they reduced the servers. Their reasons they made public were to paraphrase: we have the technology so we will use it in BWE #2, but my bad we did it too well. So the down size in BWE #3. To me; a person who stayed in the PvE areas during the last beta weekend was at times, something I did not like. There were times, especially in the Asura and Sylvari areas that I found myself dumped over into an overflow server. Then time to time I would get a message stating that I could now go to REAL server. Some times this message happened at a really inappropriate time. i.e. in the middle of a fight.

            Now having been in many betas. I do understand the mentality I feel they really had. Being: we really need to stress out the servers and see how they hold up. Totally logical and wise. But now we are coming down to the last weeks until the game goes live.

            Having heard from guildmates that there was a lot of lag issues in the WvW. Also they felt to a degree there were too many people running around in the PvP areas. I feel that there is a need for more servers then the amount that was available in the last BWE.

            In the second there were forty eight servers for both the US and EU. In the last weekend event there were eighteen for the US and twenty-four for the EU. Now I am not saying go back to 48/48. I just feel there should be more servers then were in the last BWE.
            Could one reason for the stress test later today be they are looking into to server loads once again? I can only speculate.