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Why I am going to GW2 and believe you should as well

It talks about my past MMORPG and beta testing expereince and why the up coming Guild Wars 2 is the game to play

Author: Krosslite

The Asura Experiment (Guild Wars 2: Dynamic events)

Posted by Krosslite Monday July 23 2012 at 5:52AM
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            Well the last BWE has ended with a tribute to "The Hunger Game." It was different. A Fantasy game beta ending with a sci-fi event. Now we begin the countdown to launch day, but that is not what this article is about.
            This article is about the dynamic event system. With some tidbits about my encounters with a few of the low level dynamic events I encountered in the last few days.
            As is my practice I did a sampling of all five races. My Asura elementalist only made it to level 10, this was due to my youngest son sitting beside me begging me to play the game with him. When he slept I explored the Asura in the way I wished. I found that within the starting zone of these little eggheads were many building, which were actually labs for different sub groups or "Krewes" as they are called. In nearly every lab I witnessed or participated in dynamic events. Everyone I encounter had different parts and so if you run off once one battle completes you may have missed the next part of the DE system for this particular lab you had been in. This is also true from other starting area for the other races. A little example is where some Grawl try to steal some Drake eggs. Once complete I notice most of the time everyone ran off. But a short time later two Narn run near the area. You talk to one of these and it starts another event. Once he finishes for a while the Grawl near this area of the event are peaceful.
            Dynamic events are the replacement for the quest system that is present in the run of the mill MMO. They are called "dynamic" due to the fact that the outcomes will cause a different dynamic event to take place be it positive or negative for the area the event takes place in.  These events can work in a series, and the series will become longer the higher level the area.
            Soon into the game, as you level, they will be starting to be called "Meta events." In these meta events most likely due to positive outcomes to a group of dynamic events in the same area they will lead to some very big battles with bosses and groups of enemy NPCs.
            These dynamic events can go from establishing a fort or outpost further into an area filled with the baddies to picking fruit from an orchard.  As more people show up the game sees this and increases the difficulty of the event from more mobs showing up to fight to the need for more fruit to pick.
            The rewards will vary to how much you contribute to the event. You will receive a gold, silver or bronze metal as well as experience points, karma points and currency each reward group giving lower reward based on your participation. Failing an event also gives you a reward but a diminished amount for obvious reasons.
            The first long DE I personally encountered in the Asura area was in the lake at the Jeztar Falls waypoint. It is really not long in how the dynamic event system works. I personally only counted three separate events within the chain. At the bottom of the lake is the "Aquannian Research Group." Scattered about the floor of the lake are little column like devices called "Poison Amplifiers." These amplifiers are being worked on by members of the Inquest. These are the bad guy Asura. To finish this first event you must turn off all the amplifiers. Once this is done it will trigger the next event where the building at the bottom of the lake gains power and three Power Beacons appear from the building causing not only more Inquest to show up and attack, but any creatures left in the water will become aggressive as will. Once all the beacons are destroyed a final boss for this short chain appears. A nice little shark. Wait my bad. I mean a big mean shark. An "Enraged Shark," to be totally accurate. Once he is defeated the chain repeats. Even though I personally was no longer able to interact with the Poison Amplifiers myself, others could. This made it where I did this DE event chain at least seven times.
            On a side note. If you swim under the falls there is a cave. Within this cave is a very mean boss that places a force shield about himself time to time and has some pets come to help him. From what I could tell he was not part of a DE chain.
            Also as you progress higher. Some areas develop a storyline that you follow along. Each step of the DE a different chapter of the story. I believe I did encounter this between Artergon Woods and Hexane Regrade. It was entitled "Power Overwhelming" and showed in the area most of us are use to calling the quest tracker.  
            Here along the road are several towers that must be enabled. They run down this road from Hexane to Muridan Uplands. Every once in a while a mini-boss pops along this road and needs to be addressed.  Once all these are active at Transfer Hub Kechong a Technician named Datt comes out worried about too much power going though the system and you talk to him. This triggers the main boss event and you run off to face it. For myself I triggered the event, but by the time I got to the boss others had killed him. Oh well there is always another day to get it. Since I was only level 10 and most the stuff here was level 12 or 13. Well you do the math why I didn't get to the boss.
            At the higher levels when you will be going through a meta-event you will discover that you have several outcomes and some that overlap each other and as a result will cause another outcome to take place. That is their intention and thus keep you thinking and trying to evolve the meta event to a conclusion. Notice I did not say "It's" conclusion. Since there will be multiple endings to these meta-events webs.

            As it is playing the Asura and listening to their intellectual arrogance was at times fun to listen to.  I  also played a Sylvari Ranger and was very fascinated by not only their story but the world the staff at ArenaNet as made for both these races as well as the others. August 25 (I already pre-purchased) will not get here soon enough. Aug. 27 for pre-orders and Aug. 28 if you wait for the official launch.