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Why I am going to GW2 and believe you should as well

It talks about my past MMORPG and beta testing expereince and why the up coming Guild Wars 2 is the game to play

Author: Krosslite

Guild Wars 2 dungeons for the uninformed

Posted by Krosslite Sunday July 8 2012 at 12:42PM
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First off I have to say there are several places you can find the info I am going to provide at several places on the internet since ArenaNet has gone out of their way to let everyone be fully informed about this game. This is just a short synopsis to get you thinking, if you didn't know this already.
1) Dungeons are optional so you are not forced to do them and still get all the fun you need to from the game.
2) There will be eight (8) dungeons at release of the game.
3) They will first appear starting at level 30 and continue every 10 levels till the level cap of 80.
4) There are 2 modes.
            a) is the story mode which is part of your characters personal storyline which include cut scenes. Once this is completed you then unlock the next mode.
            b) which is the explorable mode. You still can get some cut scenes here but not as many and take place after the story mode storyline. During this mode the group will be asked questions that determine the dynamic events that will take place and possibly the path taken in the dungeon since there are five paths that can be taken in each dungeon.
5) rewards given are tokens which are taken to certain vendors in Lion's Arch where they can be exchanged for items you wish to have. (NOTE: these items do not give the person better stats then can be done during regular game play, but provide an aesthetic for your character's appearence)
6) To ArenaNet the term "dungeons" to them is a "misnomer, since not all of them are underground." as quoted from the Guild Wars 2 article: Into the Dungeons.
Further quoting this article:
"Dungeons are optional, but are a lot of fun for players who seek a challenge. They don't interrupt your personal storyline, but can enhance that storyline."
Simply ArenaNet wants you to have fun.


Kothoses writes:

There is a lot of emphasis being placed on the total equality of gear which has me wondering.


Will this game fall into the "path of least resistance" play styles that most other MMOS have or will their effort lead to renaissance for MMO's where emphasis is placed once again on the content not the reward.

The answer is not for Anet to give us, but for players them selves... and that is what worries me and excites me the most about this game.


If it works, it will prove there is more to MMO gaming than just raid or die, if it fails, it will push developers even further into the raid or die treadmill and instance PVP treadmill mentality.


We shall see.. we shall see.

Sun Jul 08 2012 3:00PM Report writes:
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