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WOW--my love

Want to be a game of the King?I'm a player for WOW,when off the work,i would like play wow to spend my spare time,it's the only way to This is my only way of venting, everyone need a good site to supply gold, is the only choose !

Author: sunpop

World Of Warcraft Gold-The Game World

Posted by sunpop Saturday March 14 2009 at 3:59PM
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On tournament realms, you can roam free on the original continents of Azeroth and Kalimdor. However, instance portals leading to dungeons and Battlegrounds are deactivated, as is the Dark Portal - thus, Outland is not accessible on tournament realms. There are also no computer-controlled enemies anywhere in the world.World Of Warcraft Gold

Besides the occasional change of scenery, the only reason you'd wish to travel outside your starting area may be to engage in some duels with your fellow players. The dueling action you may encounter near the familiar "hotspots" of the world can serve as a fun diversion between matches. Beyond duels, however, there is no specific "world PvP" as the tournament realms are dedicated to running the Arena Tournament.

No Lich King for China?

Posted by sunpop Friday March 13 2009 at 4:40AM
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Chinese WoW official website, still The Burning Crusade

According to multiple sources, it seems The9, official publisher of World of Warcraft in China, has not been given the ok to release WoW's latest expansion "Wrath of the Lich King". Even with multiple changes including the removal of the well known Death Knight, the governing body which was in charge of assessing WLK still rejected the newest proposal. This latest denial was possibly due to additional content which was not removed, as quoted here,


"The applications were rejected due to content that didn't meet requirements, including a city raid and skeleton characters;"

Rumors detailing problems between The9 and Blizzard regarding contractual issues and a possible meeting between The9's President Chen Xiaowei and top executives at Electronic Arts to discuss Warhammer now seem to have greater validity; as with this latest delay and the supposed removal of a link which connected WoW's simplified Chinese website with the North American one it seems as there may indeed be a fracture in these two companies relations.

If The9 continues to bring forth proposals on Blizzards behalf, it will be interesting to see what other things Blizzard must delete from the official version to get approval, and how much of their IP they are willing to butcher to comply.

What do you think is acceptable for a company to do when appeasing the government of a country in which they desire to do business?

World of Warcraft-Ulduar testing schedule for March 11th-15th

Posted by sunpop Wednesday March 11 2009 at 10:55PM
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We dropped the ball a little bit by failing to post about this week's Ulduar testing schedule yesterday when Daelo posted it to the official forums, World of Warcraft gold,but that's alright. We didn't miss much. Last night was just more Hodir testing. The rest of the week should prove more interesting, because they're re-testing a couple of bosses that were pretty widely considered much too easy, like Ignis the Furnace Master, which I hear received a little extra testing last night for some reason. Again, both the US and EU realms are getting their own testing schedule.

North American realms:

Wednesday, 3/11 (today), 4 PM PDT: Mimiron
Thursday, 3/12, 4 PM PDT: Ignis the Furnace Master
Friday, 3/13, 4 PM PDT: XT-002 Deconstructor
Saturday, 3/14, 4PM PDT: Kologarn
Sunday, 3/15, 11 AM PDT: Flame Leviathan
European realms:

Wednesday, 3/11, 19:00 CET: Auriaya
Thursday, 3/12, 19:00 CET: Mimiron
Friday, 3/13, 19:00 CET: Thorim
Saturday, 3/14, 19:00 CET: General Vezax
Sunday, 3/15, 19:00 CET: Flame Leviathan
I don't believe we've seen anything about Auriaya yet, so that's what I'm looking forward to the most. We haven't seen much of Mimiron either, but we already know he's just another mechagnome. Gotta say, not a fan of the mechagnomes.

World Of Warcraft Gold-Power Word: Barrier may not be coming

Posted by sunpop Tuesday March 10 2009 at 10:58PM
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May prefer Shadow as the Priest's primary spec, but the Discipline tree has also made a special little place for itself in my heart. When need a change of pace, playing Discipline is really enjoyable. Probably pay attention to changes to the Discipline tree almost as close as the Shadow tree for that reason. When they announced a new spell coming for the spec, Power Word: Barrier, I geeked out over it just as much as Matticus, our resident Discipline Fanatic.

Unfortunately, World Of Warcraft Gold Power Word: Barrier has yet to make an appearance on the PTR, and it turns out that we may not see it at all. It's still a possibility, but that's the extent of it. I can sort of see why they would hold off on it, or even change their mind about it. Discipline has gone through a lot of changes in patch 3.1, most of it a really big numbers game. Discipline is a great tree, and while most players might not 'get' the damage mitigation/prevention thing, it's a really powerful mechanic and probably one they need to be careful with.

The combat effect of too much absorption is important to consider of course, but, I can see how it would even have a psychological effect on players. If a Discipline Priest's absorption became too powerful and it seemed like nobody was really taking damage, wouldn't things seem really, really easy? Even if the Discipline Priest was working their tails off? Malygos's Vortex is certainly not dangerous anymore once the raid has enough HP to live through it, but what if a Priest just popped Power Word: Barrier during it? You wouldn't take any damage at all.

There's something to be said about the psychological side of raiding, and I think that plays a role here. If someone sees they didn't take any damage, they're going to think things are too easy. If they're taking massive amounts of damage and someone is healing them through it, they'll be impressed. That was a lot of damage, and that Healer was on top of things! The Discipline Priest could do the same thing via absorption, but people wouldn't be as impressed. Their health bar wouldn't be bouncing wildly, they just wouldn't be getting hurt at all.

We see the spell in patch 3.1. It would be nice to have an answer to the Holy Priest's Circle of Healing, but that in itself is a whole new can of worms. If we have Circle of Absorption, does that have a negative impact of Circle of Healing? We'll see how this all plays out eventually.

World Of Warcraft Gold-Character and Team Creation

Posted by sunpop Tuesday March 10 2009 at 2:51AM
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The currency you need to pay for training (and respecs) and purchase items is freely obtainable from an NPC. New characters are loaded with gold immediately upon entering the world. With money being no object, the characters you created for the tournament are free to carry as much gear as they can hold, and you can respec and re-itemize as often as you wish.

Characters have access to full sets of Arena armor and weapons, as well as items normally purchased with Honor, such as the PvP trinkets. In addition, a selection of raid epics with the same approximate power level as the Arena gear will be available.

Once you create and outfit your new gladiator, it's time to join or create a new 3v3 Arena team. As on the live realms, the 3v3 teams can have up to six players total on their roster. Each of the tournament characters you play (up to three) can be on separate teams.

"Girlfriend" of Warcraft A New Explanation

Posted by sunpop Monday March 9 2009 at 12:02AM
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World Of Warcraft Gold: Play on World Of Warcraft Gold,like to find a girlfriend,if love her,would missing everyday!
A copy of (the underground city):Like to go shopping with girlfriend,Time-consuming and laborious.
Guild:Your relationship with the Society,like with your girlfriend.
Enchantment:Power the enchantment,just as a gift to the ex-girlfriend,A lot of tickets have become Ukraine, the result is that taste is not good!
Mining:For the accumulation of wealth at the outside,in order to give their own money into a sweat.
Forging:forging of the reserve are just as save money to marry!After a successful find actually paid such a price,just for a title.Gaoler the body for big account:like waiting for the girlfriend Make-up, can only be time-consuming.
Battlefield:Like to go shopping with girlfriend,in fact 10mins could be done,but have to spend 2hours:P
Raid:To make a appointment with girlfriend,be late one or two times is no problem,but for many times,girlfriend will be shaken to your views,if AFK,you will be delete the account.
Drug:Know your working the whole day,would also like to happen relations,only to eat drug.
kilo G horse:Game of the mounts, the reality of the means of transport,there is a fast time will always save you, but also save your life,Just like real people as well buy a good car condition is not the issue.
60 level NAXX?Just as the process of chasing his girlfriend,You have to prepare a lot of funds available for spending.
G Mission:Where it is difficult to be at the Guild,you can to do at G Mission As long as has tickets on the omnipotent,Unable to meet your girlfriend, to find a college female students is assistance,This is the society!
DKP?The eyes of your girlfriend at the status of the assessed value of you.
Popularity:Parent eyes of your girlfriend at the status of you.
Task:Helping your girlfriend forces you to do things, usually do housework,Send things, run errands and so on,if do well there will be some small reward, will be out to do a bad reputation.
Hero Mode:At the same time you try to contact like 10 girlfriends, and each other so that they do not know each other's existence.
Delay:Girlfriend to your a confession, the kind of don't understand your mind's blank expression.
stealer:Damn the third party!!!


[International] Blizzard designers interviewed

Posted by sunpop Friday March 6 2009 at 10:21AM
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The New York Times interviewed designer Tigole on Blizzard and asked a
number of high-end copy of the questions! The most important
information about interview is:
Jeff Kaplan, the chief designer,Blizzard Entertainment's "World of
Warcraft," "World of Warcraft" has more than 5.5 million players
worldwide,Jeff Kaplan put players as gods, "boss" or scapegoats, and so
on....."World of Warcraft "is the production the impact of by the
early" EQ ", "EQ" brings a new MMORPG is also brought up the idea of a
group of professional gamers,Jeff said that they only wanted to "World
of Warcraft" to do better, but also simple and easy to use.
Jeff said that the Games is not so easy for imagine,Although the game
has opposing camp,But outside the U.S. via the Internet Game
communicate with each other,Stand the perspective of publishers,When a
character to 60,He needs to face more challenges and stronger against
the enemy,Rare they want more booty spoils of war or when they must
team up,Sometimes may be need 10-20,More epic mission,For example, go
behave atrociously bwl,Chennai method to get rid of their boss Lee,40
people have required coordination with operations team.
At World of Warcraft, from a rise to 59 too simple,Can usually
solo,when on level60 ,has led to a lot of players no sense of team,Or
more of the team did not have time to study consciousness,Players
complained about the general way to obtain and professional team
players as RAID incentives,For example, Black Dragon Claw, Micha mind
headdress punishment and so on.
Q:Why not the general audience than those advanced players more
incentive Raid does?
A:It's impossble, This is a philosophical question,We are only for the
players to create a model,They will be difficult,In other words for
things they want to pay the price,If the proceeds equal rewards,Will be
reduced as much sense of accomplishment.
Q:How long required to kill most top boss in Aq ?
A:I guess in 1,2 months, may be on today!

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King ,Home made tier8 preview

Posted by sunpop Thursday March 5 2009 at 9:18AM
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With the "World of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King," the latest revision 3.1.0 "aoduya" the introduction of website  Warcraft recently launched a new T8 suite wearing a demo video of the career.

At present, certain packages are dropped from a copy of aoduya, some packages will be able to exchange the use of the emblem.











"World of Warcraft" theme restaurants Sustain losses in business turnover

Posted by sunpop Wednesday March 4 2009 at 9:05AM
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A "World of Warcraft" online games for the subject restaurant opened six months, gamers have become word of mouth of the meeting place. "I most enjoy here COSPLAY (role playing), the virtual world only at Dishes true here." Yesterday afternoon, one from Hunan gamers are attracted to "Restaurant of Warcraft" and virtual world meet with friends.

Restaurant Indoor Environment

In order to let players have familiarity, restaurants from the start gate into the one arranged in the world of Games like darkness of the hall is also slightly in order to allow players to be here "feeling." Vegetables on the menu are marked with the Games the "gold" settlement, rather than the RMB. Guestbook restaurant wall, filled with the players of the "flu after eating" real name is not inscribed, but the game and the names of occupations.


World of Warcraft has become a diversified online games

Posted by sunpop Tuesday March 3 2009 at 8:36AM
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At "World of Warcraft" is not the time of birth, most Chinese online
games players have been shrouded in the shadow of kimchi. Can be
introduced Blizzard "World of Warcraft" after "powerlevel" "pure PK" is
no longer a topic of eternal players; a copy because this is really the
core of the Games.

However, after two years, Blizzard information films - "The
Burning Crusade," told us that "World of Warcraft" is not only endless
mission and a copy of. Arena has become a game of another scene,
Blizzard designed for the arena alone equipment, making all occupations
were loaded into two (PK loaded and installed a copy). This is brand
new from the data-chip talent and equipment in the property can be

As the saying goes, people in groups. Competitive category and
MMORPG have always been two different kinds of games, however, they can
melt snow for one. In addition to the benefits of doing so to attract
more users, but also enhance the product's own competitiveness in the

August 2007, Blizz World of Warcraft officially announced the
second expansion pack, and its named "Wrath of Lich King", the original
level has increased 70 to 80. For 80 of the order of magnitude, in the
field of online games already entered a "kimchi" This threshold.
Although, by all players and the industry as people are against the cap
60 of Warcraft is defined as kimchi argue such a topic in a long time,
but now it seems "kimchi" This element has also become one of the
Warcraft game a branch of Blizzard fans They are not recognized.

This,powerlevel, athletic, PK, a copy of mission, today's most
popular elements of online games all gather at "World of Warcraft" It's
a game. WoW will no longer be simply a copy of the game, or even very
sure that subsection are diversified online games.

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