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Author: sunnyna

FFXI : How to Get the Item

Posted by sunnyna Thursday March 12 2009 at 11:16PM
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Final Fantasy is a very interesting game. Players Covered the globe and they interact with other players and joining the same forces who have originally played FFXI on an XBox or PS2.


Final Fantasy XI is one of the most group oriented of all MMORPGs. Usually three parties of 6 people each can take down some of the most difficult foes within the Final Fantasy XI world. Usually thousands of players are playing FFXI online at one time. Those who are playing as an individual need not necessarily be a part of a team, however. Any one player can become a hero while completing quests and missions solo.


Each FFXI online player can reach high places when attempting to conquer each new level. The current highest level cap of FFXI online is 75. In addition, level limits are placed at 50, 55, 60, 65, and 70. These level limits are referred to as Genkai 1,2,3,4, and 5.FFXI online has become one of the most exciting and most popular of all the MMORPGs on the market. The third expansion of Final Fantasy XI has just been released. That third expansion is called Treasures of Aht Urghan, which was released on April 18, 2006. Three new jobs are made available in the FFXI game, and these three new jobs are called Blue Mage, Corsair, and Puppetmaster.

How to get FFXI item

Usually Final Fantasy XI players can use Crystals that are obtained by fighting off Beastmen. These help turn specific combinations of certain items into new items. It's like magic.


If you want to create yourself a powerful and useful new FFXI item, you can take different recipes that will help you create not only medicines and antidotes but new types of armors. For example, you can take items produced by the Alchemy to make various medicines. These medicines can be used to keep you well during game play. There are quite a few other FFXI items that you would use during game play. Some of these items are created by crafting while others are earned through by completing FFXI quests.

No matter what class you are in the Final Fantasy game play, or no matter where you come from there are elements that you will find that will help you further along. Also you can to find instructions about how to a FFXI item or even a group of items in order to enhance your game play and to help you power level. If you need information about when to use each item, and for which jobs and characters they would be best used with, come to us, we will help you.

Gil is the type of currency that is used in the playing of FFXI role playing games. We have a list of over 30 servers that will help you obtain the amount of cheap FFXI gil that you want. If you are ready to play like you have never played before and you want to experience more challenging levels of Final Fantasy XI at a quicker rate then let us help you obtain some Final Fantasy gil. You can purchase FFXI gil for your gaming needs here at IGXE. You will be glad that you coming for all your gaming needs.


Final Fantasy XI gil: Egg Fight Contest Update

Posted by sunnyna Wednesday March 11 2009 at 11:18PM
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The Allakhazam staff is very saddened to announce that the Black Mage egg has ended his life after his bitter defeat against the Red Mage Egg. We hope that all future conteggstants will not resort to the same eggonizing end when faced with such a result in the polls.Final Fantasy XI gil
Due to the different types of eggs we have been receiving, the conteggstants will now be broken up into two separate poll categgories: Traditional and Model.

The Traditional categgory will cover all designs that are drawn, etched, or painted directly onto the egg. The Model categgory will cover all designs that use the egg to create a model of a creature or person. The model categgory will include costumed eggs with little to no design directly applied to the egg.

The top eight (8) entries from each categgory will then go on to the bracket round, with the winners from each categgory facing off in a battle between finely detailed artistry and creative usage of the egg.

Keep those eggs coming!

Final Fantasy XI gil: Pandemonium Warden Defeated

Posted by sunnyna Tuesday March 10 2009 at 11:50PM
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Just over five months ago, Final Fantasy XI finally got the attention that its playerbase has been clamoring for since as long as they can remember. Unfortunately, that attention came in the form of laughter from the gaming community that the above mentioned playerbase would subject itself to a game containing a mob that couldn't be killed after 18 hours of effort. The Warden had yet to be successfully killed, so while this was no doubt a valiant effort, it was also a pioneering one and therefore surely not the original intended battle that it eventually turned into.

Nevertheless, the article surged across the Internet and resulted in an impromptu patch that changed the Pandemonium Warden, causing it to despawn if not defeated within two hours.

Located in the depths of the Aydeewa Subterrane, this frightening beast takes on 10 different forms. Upon using his special move Hellsnap, the Pandemonium Warden will then change into one of the following forms: Battleclad Chariot, Long-Bowed Chariot, Long-Armed Chariot, Armored Chariot, Cerberus, Hydra, Khimaira, Gulool Ja Ja, Medusa, and Gurfurlur the Menacing. The lamps that accompany the Warden will change into different mobs, depending what form he changes into.

The Warden will return to his original Dvergr form and players must fight him until he uses Hellsnap again, at which point he will take on another form. All 10 forms, as well as his original Dvergr form (who uses Astral Flow and calls all avatars), must be slain in order for him to be defeated.

FFXI : New Notorious Monsters to Take Campaign by Storm!

Posted by sunnyna Monday March 9 2009 at 10:18PM
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In the upcoming April version update, fearsome Notorious Monsters will take to the field in areas of past Vana'diel currently under the control of the Allied Forces.

With each passing version update, the Campaign Battles and Campaign Ops systems continue to grow in size and scope. Next month will see the introduction of fearsome new Notorious Monsters to past Vana'diel to further intensify that savage conflict known as the Crystal War.

In order to engage in battle with one of these new NMs, the Allied Forces must currently hold sway over the area in which the creature appears. In addition, you must also be in possession of the required key item which is obtainable from specific NPCs in each nation. With these two prerequisites fulfilled, simply examine the designated target point located in each area. This will trigger the NM's appearance.

Key Items

- The trigger key item can be acquired in exchange for Allied Notes. While neither your rank nor allegiance will influence your eligibility for obtainment, no more than one can be acquired per Earth day.
- All players wishing to engage in the battle must be in possession of the key item.
- It is required that the key item is one that has been issued from the nation currently in control of the area. For example, a key item issued from San d'Oria is needed to participate in an NM battle in a Ronfaure (S) under Kingdom control.

Battle Conditions

- The allotted battle time is 30 minutes.
- No experience penalties will be imposed for being rendered unconscious.
- While each NM is intended to provide a suitable challenge for a six-member party, it will be possible for an 18-member alliance to participate, similarly to the ENM quest.
- NMs will take to the field in the company of a squad of underlings.
- Defeating these NMs will yield not only experience points, but also additional rewards the nature of which will vary depending on the strategy that was employed during battle.


We fervently hope that your efforts to aid the Allied Forces in regaining dominance over the land are met with every success, for yet another exhilarating challenge awaits you on the horizon!


Final Fantasy XI will exclusive to Japan in 2009

Posted by sunnyna Sunday March 8 2009 at 11:55PM
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At this year's Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix debuted a new trailer for Final Fantasy XI, its highly anticipated role-playing game slated to arrive for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Aside from the eye candy, Square Enix's trailer also offered the tantalizing promise of a 2009 launch date.

Unfortunately, that promise of a 2009 release apparently applies only to Japan, given that the game isn't going to make it to the US or Europe until the second quarter of 2010 at the very earliest. The news emerged as Square Enix, the game's developer, delivered projections for the remainder of its current fiscal year, which ends March 31.

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada told Reuters that the game was on track for a 2009 PS3-exclusive launch in Japan, with international launches for the Xbox 360 and PS3 coming "in the business year from April 2010 or later."

Final Fantasy has been one of the most successful franchises ever to hit the console market. Since its first incarnation on the NES, the series has sold upward of 85 million units worldwide, with numerous spin-offs and even a feature-length movie adding to its success.

Despite the delay in the launch of Final Fantasy, Square Enix has remained optimistic about its financial outlook for 2009 with a small dip in operating profit of 2.4 percent to 21 billion yen ($236 million) forecast for the year. The company also reported healthy sales for the tail end of 2008 and said "demand has been generally brisk," with key titles such as Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest IV and Final Fantasy VII prequel Crisis Core all hitting shelves throughout the year

FXII server maintenance

Posted by sunnyna Sunday March 8 2009 at 3:28AM
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    Multi-World Partial Area Maintenance

According to FFXI office website,the game will maintenance some time ,hope the player in game will logout the game.hoping this can help you ^ ^

At the following time, maintenance will be performed on the following worlds. During maintenance, the areas listed below in the following worlds will become unavailable.

Between Mar. 9, 2009 21:30 and Mar. 10, 2009 0:00 (PDT), the World Transfer Service will be unavailable in all worlds. Please wait until after the maintenance is completed before attempting to use this service.

Server Machine Replacement

* Phase 1
[Date & Time]
Mar. 9, 2009 22:00 to 22:30 (PDT)
* Maintenance completion times may be subject to change.

[Affected Worlds]

[Affected Zones]
Everbloom Hollow
Ruhotz Silvermines
Ghoyu's Reverie

* Phase 2
[Date & Time]
From Mar. 9, 2009 23:30 to Mar. 10, 2009 0:00 (PDT)
* Maintenance completion times may be subject to change.

[Affected Worlds]

[Affected Zone]
Nyzul Isle

the types of jobs in the ffxi game

Posted by sunnyna Saturday March 7 2009 at 3:52AM
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 As the some other game,in the game of ffxi ,there are have many different types of jobs and races,the follow i will tell some of my know .hope it can help you to know ffxi game better.thank you  ^^

  In ffxi there are have five careers and fifteen races:

 Five careens are :HUM  ELV  TARU  GAL   MIT 

Primary six jobs are : Warrior  Monk  White Mage   Blcak Mage    Red Mage   Thief

Advanced  nine jobs are : Paladin    Beastmaster   Bard   Dark Knight    Ranger   Samurai   Ninja   Dragoon   Summoner

 FF11 professional system-wide open, the five races in 15 career change jobs freely arbitrary, but each has an independent career and experience the value of Level. In other words, all players at the initial stage of the starting point, apart from different racial, the other exactly the same.
When switching to the original level of occupational identity and completely disappeared, only the retention of some skills proficiency (Example: Red Mage and White Magic can be used to restore magic, red magic transfer into white magic, the magic of the skills to restore the same, but White Magic Can not exceed the level of proficiency in the ceiling, the excess part of the time being as the hidden value of rounding, the upgrade will be reflected).
FF11 has a vice-vocational system, when one of 15 occupations were selected a master level, you can in the remaining 14 occupations in the arbitrary selection of a career as a deputy, Vice-career can be transferred freely. However, Deputy career level should not exceed half of the main level, more than half the time being rounded down to the nearest part of, as the hidden value will be reflected after the upgrade.
FF11 vice vocational system can give greater occupational activity, although with a professional, if the deputy is different from the role on the battlefield may be a lot of changes happen, in theory, can produce 15 * 14,210 occupations. Allows gamers to freely transfer more choice, more tasks can be adapted to the environment.

FFXI 1-75 upgrade locations

Posted by sunnyna Thursday March 5 2009 at 10:48PM
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level 1-5   East Ronfaure Carrion Worm West Ronfaure Carrion Worm North Gustaberg Stone Eater South Gustaberg Stone Eater
Monster earthworms should not mobile and relatively low HP and defense so the optimal??
level 6-8 in particular monster is basically not recommend investigations are relatively well run their own enemy and the enemy as powerful of course, some occupations can be relatively strong even relatively Shaoqiang their enemies can be knocked down.
level 8-11 Konschtat Highlands (K-7) near the Rock Eater earthworms Department.
11 started to team up
level 11-15 Naze of Shakhrami first map (B-9) pathway of the Department of Maze Maker earthworms.
level 15-19 Korroloka Tunnel Land Worm Earthworm Department.
level 19-23 Oufim Island Land Worm Earthworm Department.
level 19-23 Sauromugue Champaign (G-8) Diving Beetle beetle monster special attack line is relatively weak defense but relatively high even carry bending skills broken down into the main mine mb ice magic can give a greater harm if Oufim here is really too much pt a good choice.
level 23-24 Oufim Island Clipper Department of monster crabs property Lei ice magic patience as weak and beetles decomposition by bending or even carrying them would be more easily mb. The relative scope of the attack can strengthen U.S. patience to mitigate most of the water damage.

level 24-26 Yubtunga Jungle near the entrance Yuhtunga Mandragore Department of plant species Wizard monster physical attack for fighting the 2 attack but attack power is relatively weak winds on the ice less attention to the scope of magic patience ws dreams will flower within the scope of hypnosis for all players. So avant-garde and back as far as possible to maintain the distance and pay attention to distance and other pt.
level 26-28 Yudtanga Jungle Outpost near the Dwarven Goblin Furrier Department monster hunter Although upgraded version to do a considerable strengthening of the relatively weak but still pay attention to throwing bombs at if there is a poet could try to launch at the same time to carry out hypnosis .. at the same time to strengthen the ranks of the fire property patience.
level 28-33 Yhoator Jungle near the entrance Yhoator Mandragora Wizard grade monster plant species at 31, the former may be best not to leave the place of regional mobile??. Goblin Smithy career because soldiers are relatively strong. Update equipment at its best not to hand.
level 28-32 Yubtunga Jungle Sea Serpent Grotto near the entrance Sahagin the Makara Sahagin races and ethnic hostilities have resulted in the scope of the heart is also zero ws so pay attention to distance and to strengthen their protection of the Department of Makara monster fish are relatively scute relative physical attack defense force also has a relatively high both the scope of the attack in order to enhance water resistance property for the best.
level 33-37 Garlaige Citadel near the entrance to the Siege Bat Bat monster line should pay attention at the time cited from around the opponent has no monster of the same race, especially Wingrats Although bats are the same but the Department has a strong blow ws do not fit so??. (G -8) bad break up near the high-level Department of monster bats Citadel Bats road has a lot of drop-points to note.

level 33-38 Crawler's Nest near the entrance (J-8) after the initial Down Plaza Worker Crawler Silkworm Lei Department of monster on the ice, etc. less magic attack so pay attention to the proportion of HP at HP most of its residues in the circumstances should be actively engaged in the restoration of to avoid accidents. Shield easement for the ninja to the attention of the restoration.

level 37-41 Crawler's Nest first map (F-9) Nest Beetle beetle monster line.
level 38-42 Western Altrpa Desert Outpost near monster Goblin Department.
level 42-44 Crawler's Nest through the first map (H-8) pathway to the first two maps (J-10) Solier Crawler Silkworm Department of monster.
level 44-48 Yhoator Jungle Ifrit's Cauleron East near the entrance of the Department of Gnblin.
level 48-50 Crawler's Nest through the first map (H-8) pathway to the first two maps (G-8) Rumble Crawler Silkworm Department.
level 50-53 Gatlaige Citadel after the first 2??door is burning furnace (Crematory Hatch) Department of the former Chamber Beetle beetle monster.
level 53-56 through the first map (J-10) access to the first three maps (E-8) Helm Beetle beetle monster line.
level 56-60 Kuftal Tunnel near the entrance to The Boyahda Tree (I-10) such as the Department of Robber Crab crab monster.
level 60-63 Kuftal Tunnel No. 4 map H-7 Goblin monster line & Deinonychus rapid long high-grade monster attack but poor defense in front of the scope of additional disease flame effect gas shield service stations when attention not to make their own stand guard behind him, to avoid being the scope of the attack spread.
level 60-63 Valley of Sorrows Dragon rapidly near the entrance to the Department of Deinonychus monster.
level 64-65 Labyrinth Onzozo (H-6) Torama leopard Department of monster relatively evasive and defensive ws slightly but only silence and paralysis additional two losses did not hurt the attention of HP abnormal state of recovery.

level 65-67 The Boyahda Tree No. 3 Map (F-8) or (I-8) Processionaire Silkworm Department of monster.
level 67-70 The Boyahda Tree No. 3 Map (F-8) Dartar dragonfly Department of monster. Attention to the scope of the attack have a strong attention to avant-garde and back distance.
level 68-71 The Boyahda Tree Dragon's Aery entrance or near the entrance to Dragon's Aery Department Bark Tarantula spider monster has a strong blow to the possibility of the accident ws high to pay special attention to the restoration. Even if the use of the scope should not avoid, so only after the lifting as soon as possible.
level 71-73 kuftal Tunnel will disappear some time after the rock has Ovinnik tiger Department of monster attack in front of the scope of the scope of paralysis strong one hit ws, the attention of stations and pay attention to the abnormal state of recovery.
level 71-74 kuftal Tunnel will disappear some time after the rock monster Greater Cockatrice??Department has additional petrochemical drug silent ws higher relative defense force.
level 72-75 kuftal Tunnel will disappear some time after the rock Ladon Dragon monster line attention to the proportion of attacks on HP at the higher residual physical circumstances would lead to many injuries and the effect of additional attention to the restoration of silence. And have the scope and extent of paralysis additional random elimination of Me enhanced side effects (other than food effect) of the special attacks as much as possible even at portability possible and its short-term battle to make up.
level 72-74 Ro'maeve with Moon Poss through the door after Infernel Weapon & Apocalyptic Weapon grade monster demon fighters and red magic is divided into two kinds of attention to the scope so that additional attacks could be used to reduce our harm. Relative physical attack must have patience . weaknesses light.
level 72-75 Kiing Ranperre's Tomb deep Spartoi Warrior Spartoi Sorcerer Skeleton monster line against the Department of Defense relatively weak effect of the scope of attacks blindly additional attention should be paid.

Are Virtual Items Worth Nothing?

Posted by sunnyna Thursday March 5 2009 at 3:23AM
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 Blaine, WI resident, Geoff Luurs fell victim to a heinous crime. His "friend" obtained his user name and password and wiped his FFXI account clean. Luurs did the math and claims that he lost over $3800 worth of virtual property (and subsequently, his girlfriend [j/k people with $4k worth of good in FFXI don't have girlfriends]). He called the police, but they did nothing because they believe that the goods have no real value. No real value! no real value! Dammit, my gil is worth something!

However, if the government begins recognizing virtual items as having real value, then the next logical step would be to tax them. It would not make sense otherwise. It is akin to the "don't give licenses to illegals" argument in the sense that one arm of the government (police saying the virtual goods have worth) to take an opposite stance to another arm of the government (the IRS saying they have no worth). The thing that perplexes me though is that it seems well-settled to me that this stuff has value. While it may not have a physical manifestation, there are still people who are willing to buy 'worthless' virtual items - if a WoW gift card came out that only had an azure dragon whelp pet, I bet people would buy it. Virtual goods are commodities.

While I agree that the tax implications are mind-boggling, and surely going to be a pain to gamers everywhere, virtual goods will be eventually thought of the way they should be, as valuable property, for better or worse.

What do you think?



Posted by sunnyna Tuesday March 3 2009 at 9:04PM
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NEWSHOUND BITES: Should have posted this earlier. Anyway, here’s the latest tidbit from my ol’ faithful newshound: there’s what is described as a “grueling new enemy encounter” in FFXI and it ain’t gonna be pretty. No wusses allowed. In fact, Massively has dibs on what FFXI players may have to go through just to defeat Pandemonium Warden.

Hope it doesn’t involve selling one’s soul.

Anyway, think shapeshifts in multiple forms, more hours to devote to killing, and can you say…

A whole new level of  FFXI  addiction?

Perhaps. Here’s a quote from an  FFXI  community site, courtesy of Old’ Faithful Newshound, talking about their guild’s face-off against Pandemonium Warden:

“People were passing out and getting physically ill. We decided to end it before we risked turning into a horrible new story about how video games ruin people’s lives.”