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Author: sulang456789

about Wonder king

Posted by sulang456789 Tuesday July 20 2010 at 11:35PM
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Wonderking has PvP, Maplestory does not. Every player in Wonderking can also double jump and dash, which make the PvP interesting.
 Wonderking is also implementing something that Maplestory seemed to be trying out - Monster Cards. Monsters sometimes drop cards in WK. Gather enough of them, and you can turn into that monster anywhere. This is cute for socializing, and useful for fighting. Maplestory has been hinting at a similar monster card system, only instead of turning the player into the monster, the player would get certain buffs or advantages over that monster.
 Wonderking allows you to create your weapons. Maplestory recently announced a similar system for this, as well.
 Both Wonderking and Maplestory give the player the option to add positive or negative points to a person. This is called Fame in MS, attraction in WK.
 Finally, MS and WK have skills. Some look.. very similar. This is a lightning skill in Wonderking
The skill trees also look very similar. Unlike in MS though, WK has skill combos, which you can use to rack up more damage through using skills together. MS lets you use as many skills as you want on whatever hotkeys you decide. WK only allows 3 at a time to be bound to hotkeys (as far as I can tell.. I could be wrong on this note).
 Wonderking and Maplestory share a similar style and gameplay, but there are some differences as well. My personal concern is how similar the graphics, skill effects, environments, and overall the visual aspects of these games are.
Having said that, Wonderking should not be dismissed, especially considering that it is still in closed beta. There is still time for changes and improvements. Maybe it will even win over some of the Maplestory fans.
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wonder king online game

Posted by sulang456789 Tuesday July 20 2010 at 10:22PM
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WonderKing Zed WonderKing's closed beta testing has been a rewarding, insightful experience for us at Ndoors, and we are thrilled to reward the players who helped bring the game closer to open beta launch," said Peter Kang, CEO, Ndoors Interactive. "Our fans have been an immense help in getting us this far, and with their help we are putting the final touches on a new fun and exciting online game.  
WonderKing is a vibrant, colorful 2D side-scrolling game that boasts delightfully animated graphics and a compelling story for players of all ages to enjoy. WonderKing Zed is highlighted by a captivating story of heroism set in a unique fantasy world: Players battle a sinister dark force, the Sinistry of Demons, for the chance to be crowned the WonderKing. It is prophesied that only the WonderKing can save the world from darkness by defeating the evil Baalon, King of Demons, who has plunged the world into unrelenting turmoil.
While traversing WonderKing gold’s exciting game world, players will discover a diverse range of features that include an intriguing crafting system, a unique cooking system for creating delectable dishes, and much, much more. Like all Ndoors games, WonderKing is completely free-to-play and it is high praised by people.
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seven souls online new information

Posted by sulang456789 Monday July 19 2010 at 4:59AM
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Seven Souls Onlineis an oriental fantasy game that costs Crspace two years and it is scheduled to launch the first closed beta in mid-December 2009. Before the official release in Korea, Seven Souls Online has been exported to Taiwan and Europe at the beginning of the year and absorbed a lot of attention in overseas market. Being rich in basic content and gorgeous game graphics, Seven Souls Online is an anticipated game loyal to pleasing MMORPG elements. It is certain that it will become outstanding and eye-catching among numerous new games after its debut in December 2009.
Seven Souls Online will first impress players with the fantasy style, charming oriental characters, magnificent game graphics, diverse backgrounds, delicately designed NPCs and monsters and suitable music in different scenes. Meanwhile, the quest system that can be performed quickly and the familiar skill tree will premiere in an improved condition
The development director of Seven Souls Online expressed, "Nowadays, there are a number of RPGs featuring wide world view, dazzling actions and complex learning system. Certainly, more such games will appear later. However, only the game that reinforces the game content and convenience on the basis of knowing what experience players really want and keeps communication with players can be considered as a true MMORPG."
Seven Souls Online is an oriental fantasy game for adults.As the name suggests, this game has a unique Seven Souls System that doesnt exist in other MMORPGs. Characters are designed as the guardians of Seven Souls which are the force source to create the world, so they must prevent the evil from using seven souls.
In the game, Seven Souls Online will provide the quests integrating the storylines of seven souls and game characters. Seven Souls can be collected, enhanced and combined so that players can enjoy a totally new gaming experience.
Apart from the seven soul system, cube system where items can be combined, decomposed and duplicated, interesting storyline quests, ceremonies that allow players to take part in and to win considerable prizes, dungeon-like instances where players can team up to challenge Bosses, guild seal battles among guilds, siege system with new combat modes and much more features...are all can be experienced in Seven Souls Online.
Most of the previous adult online games lay stress on female characters or violence, but Seven Souls Online will present the game systems and elements that RPG gamers desire. With the help of progressive item system, this game shakes off the yoke of dull leveling-up MMORPGs. Be aware! The first closed beta of Seven Souls Online will start in mid-December, which is named "Relationship Test".
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seven souls online is a good game

Posted by sulang456789 Saturday July 17 2010 at 10:30PM
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South Korean CR SPACE company new online role-playing game "Seven Souls Online (provisional translation: Seven Souls OL)" on February 1st at the official Web site launched to raise the second closure of the test activities, "Seven souls OL" is a R & D 2 years to create works of oriental fantasy style game, first launched in December last year, closed test.

South Korean CR SPACE company express, "Seven souls OL" is now identified with Taiwan, Europe and other game operators to sign an agency agreement, the game in addition to basic online role-playing game with rich elements, the combination of beautiful images, you can start from the low-grade Use a variety of skills and weapons, plus a wealth of game stories and explore the occupation, coupled with unique game "Seven souls OL" system and so on.

Game story describes the player as a world source of strength "Seven souls OL" the guardian of the evil forces trying to stop the use of this power, but must work collectively with other players guard. Players experience the "Seven Souls Online" story the same time, the side of the collection, enhancement, synthetic seven souls, experience and other various fun games. "Seven souls OL" In addition to this system, but also have the item synthesis, decomposition, replication system, players can experience the story with the interesting task, into a copy of challenges such as fierce Boss strange.

CR SPACE company says most advertised online games most of the adult-style over-dwell on the sexy female characters, or emphasize the content of violence, "Seven souls OL" While the walk is the content of adult role-playing game, but they hope to system and content players to experience the growth factor and the fun, the second time through the players to participate in the closed test, give feedback, in order to prepare for future formal service.
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