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The Grumpy Vet

Random rants on the (poor) state of the MMO Industry

Author: ste2000

DUST 514: Biggest commercial mistake ever?

Posted by ste2000 Monday October 8 2012 at 6:53PM
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As a long time (on/off) EVE player I always thought there was something the game was missing, that's the reason why I 've been playing this game on and off for quite sometime.

I like the concept, I like the space combat, the crafting, the economy, the PvP and the feeling of freedom EVE offers, but I always felt there was something the game needed that would make me stick with it for longer than few months at a time.

I felt that what this game was missing was the ability to leave your ship and fight with your avatar on a Planet or on a Space Station, is short EVE was missing an FPS feature, fighting in Space is cool but sometimes it can become rather boring staring at all that black background all the time (The Space), I thought, how awesome would it be to land on a Planet and fight your enemy with Rifles or Plasma Guns?

So when I heard that CCP was making an FPS based on EVE lore I could not believe this was really going to happen, or maybe not.

I cannot describe my disappointment when I learnt that DUST 514 was going to be a PS3 game only, I mean WTF.................

DUST 514 Tank



Now before people jump in and start telling me that it is wrong whinging about developers and criticise them for not making the game I LIKE, I'd like to put the records straight.

I still like CCP, I will still play EVE (on/off), and I am still excited about WoD  (as long as is not going to be Playstation only..........), but NO, I won't buy a PS3 for the privilege of playing DUST 514.


I am not asking CCP to make the game I want, I am just going to try and make an analysys on the reasons I feel Dust 514 will not be the commercial success CCP is hoping it will be, actually I would go as far as saying that it will be a big flop, unless they invest millions in advertisement, of course.

The reason why I think DUST 514 will flop has nothing to do with the quality of the product which I trust it will be great, but more with the weird decision of making this game PS3 exclusive.

DUST 514 is based on EVE Universe, as we all know.

Now, while EVE is a well known and established IP in the MMO Universe, it is totally unknown to the average gamer, therefore CCP cannot use the appeal of the EVE lore to attract customers outside of the MMO market, and this is the first major barrier.

The second problem, and biggest mistake in my view, is the absurd decision of CCP of making DUST 514 exclusive to Playstation 3............while directly connected to a PC esclusive MMO (EVE).

I understand that MMO developers are trying to extend their reach to other platforms other than the PCs, but excluding the PC market altogher considering the fact that EVE is a well established PC game is ridicoulus.

The idea that EVE players are going to buy a Playstation 3 to play DUST 514 is as absurd as thinking that the average PS3 gamer will rush to the shops to buy DUST 514 because of the EVE lore, simply it is not going to happen.

Another problem is the fact that the PS3 platform is flooded with quality FPS and DUST 514 will have to fight with far more popular IPs than EVE, I really cannot see CCP winning this battle too easily, in fact I predict they will come out with few broken bones, and that is regardless the quality of DUST 514 itself.

DUST 514 Assault



I am not so naive not to understand that by signing an exclusive contract with one of the console platforms, CCP will get some sort of advantage (money generally) but to be honest what CCP failed to understand is that if they only believed in their own product and made DUST 514 available also on PC they would have not only sold DUST 514 to all EVE players, but they would have doubled EVE players as well.

Most of people who try EVE have mixed reactions, while they think the game concept is great, at the same time they feel Space Combat is a rather restricting gameplay and they would like some sort of avatar action in order to stick with it.

Personally, I would gladly have paid 2 separate subscriptions for EVE and Dust 514 if the latter was avaible for PC, so if CCP thought that Dust 514 would have cannibalized EVE player base, they were wrong.

DUST 514 Fittings



Todays big question in the MMO community is what will it be the next big thing.

Well, I am pretty sure that EVE + Dust 514 could have been the next big thing, I mean nothing could beat the combination of Space Combat + FPS + Sandbox, that's the kind of innovation the MMO market needs right now.

It is a pity CCP missed the chance to truly revolutionize the MMO industry with an original concept which was really within their reach.

They wasted lots of money and energy in making another FPS which the PS3 community will either ignore completely or play it for a limited amount of time and then forget about it.


World of Darkness


Nevermind............I guess IT is time to move on and focus my attention on the World of Darkness, and please no PS3 exclusive madness this time, dear CCP.