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Author: stawr

LG Dare

Posted by stawr Tuesday July 8 2008 at 3:06AM
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Yes, I bought it on the 5th, and yes, I know the iPhone 3g is better. I have Verizon and I happen to like my provider, even if the phones avaliable to me suck in comparison to some of the phones avaliable to other companies and even if I don't have a SIM card. I like it.

The only real problem I have with the Dare is the touch screen. I guess I'm just used to a high sensitivity setting where just a light tap would set something off. The camera on this phone though makes up for all of it's cons. It is absolutely amazing, especially since I am a photographer and I appreciate the option to change the ISO, take panoramic photos, and even edit. It can also, apparently, take stills of a moving object up to an equivilent of a 1/125 shutter speed on a normal camera. I'm not really sure how useful this is, although it seems fairly impressive, because normally anything above a 1/60 shutter speed produces a blurry image unless supported by something stable and still. Also, going back to one of the Dare's cons, I really wish there was some sort of designated scroll area.

Overall, I would give this phone a 7/10, maybe a 7.5/10 on a good day. If you are thinking about upgrading to the LG Dare, make sure you have the right plan first. It is supposed to be compatible only to the Nation Wide plan (?), and the only reason I got my phone working with my AmericanX Plan (fuck if I know what my plan is called, but I do know it has the word "America" in it) is because I chose to opt out on VCast, which is the crappy Verizon version of the internet. The phone is about $275 including tax with the 2-year plan (but you get a $50 rebate) and $400-something if you buy it retail.