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My thoughts on various games, etc.

Author: starelven

Atlantica Actual CB2 Update Review

Posted by starelven Saturday August 9 2008 at 6:54PM
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I would first off like to apologize to anyone who was upset and misled by my previous reviews/statements regarding Atlantica. At the time those statements were made the game was accurate and true to the outstanding and excellent points I made about it. However without any prior warning the game has been patched with a new "stamina system" which has in my opinion, and the feelings of a vast majority of the experienced testers currently offering their precious time and diligent efforts there, entirely changed the face of Atlantica from what it was in the previous beta testing phase.

I had glorified it's combat system, which on it's own is/was excellent, however with the stamina system in place as it is now PvE combat is limited and unenjoyable. I know it may be difficult to understand without having experienced it when Atlantica used to be a great game, but the addition of stamina requires that the player think very carefully before entering any combat fight. The stamina system limits a player to only 100 fights each day, which avid gamers will all know is far too few for any reasonable amount of enjoyment.

I had stated wonders about the auto-walking system, which is now defunct due to the stamina addition. Auto-walk tends to sometimes run you into battles and with the stamina system players can now simply not afford to enter into unexpected fights if they wish to be at all productive during the limited amount of play allowed.

PvP has likewise been damaged by this addition. Prior to stamina, PvP was tactical and challenging. However due entirely to this new addition PvP has become a complete joke and is almost entirely used now just as a work-around to try and get a few more stamina points recharged to extend the limited playability of the game.

I think one of my most glowing statements regarding the former phase of the game was the helpful, friendly and close-knit community. Stamina has entirely destroyed that and it is perhaps the greatest loss in all the bad which has come from the addition of stamina to Atlantica. No longer are people friendly, generous and helpful in game. Stamina has forced the players to scheming, scamming, and bullying newer players to gain even a small bit more play time.

Mentoring now feels forced and almost required to advance to any reasonable degree. Guilding also feels forced now, where before it was a benefit, now it's practically required. Grouping likewise feels forced and is practically a necessity now due to the stamina system.

Formerly I mentioned how inventive and flowing the questing in Atlantica was during CB1, this is no longer true in the current build due to the stamina system. No longer can one move freely through the quests and storyline and enjoy the thrill of advancement and exploration. You get cut off unexpectedly by the sudden loss of xp and drops when stamina runs out and can no longer complete any quests with drop requirements as a result. This also disrupts the story flow, making you wait another full day to continue onward.

I had spoken of the revolutionary and unique mercenary system in Atlantica and about how enjoyable it was to strategically select the right mercs for your goals and advance them to higher and more powerful upgrade levels. However stamina has ruined that aspect of the game as well. No longer can you gather the necessary crystals to upgrade your soldiers and procure the equipment, skills, and stat potions needed to make them exceptional. Stamina limits this drastically and makes the ability to obtain the higher grade of mercenaries not only difficult but in some cases almost inconceivable within a reasonable period of time.

I had spoken about how amazing the crafting system was, about the immense number of choices which were available and that you could feasibly craft nearly anything available in the game. Stamina has crushed it as well. No longer can you easily gather the needed materials for crafting, there are simply not enough stamina points available to do even a tiny fraction of what a player might wish to do in game.

Previously I mentioned how both the casual and hard-core gamer, the pvp enthusiasts and solo play styles were all encouraged and enjoyable in Atlantica. You could fully enjoy the game either alone, in a small group, or as member of a large guild depending upon your individual desires and preferences. This is no longer the case following the addition of stamina. The new system forces all players into a single play style which to most feels both forced and restrictive.

I will state for the record that I have personally tested/experienced all of what I have spoken of here and that this is all valid and actual fact and real first-hand knowledge, not hearsay or conjecture.

I place a great deal of value on my personal honor and reputation and am disappointed and ashamed that my former views regarding this once great game have been so swiftly and unexpectedly overturned. Had I known beforehand of this upcoming addition I most certainly would have given all of you fair warning, and now all I can offer is my sincere regrets toward any and all of you angered and hurt by this turn of events.

It has always been and still is my belief that games should be enjoyable. Whether you play to relax or be the best, you do it for entertainment and a sense of accomplishment. There is no longer any enjoyment or accomplishment to be had in Atlantica as it is currently with the stamina system in effect.

At the time of this posting there has been no official response from the staff or admins of Atlantica, and lacking that I cannot say with any certainty if the game will remain in the horrible and unplayable state in which it now exists. I have requested time and again that they answer our requests to remove the stamina system and have as yet received only silence and disrespect for my efforts. I will endeavour to update you all if something changes in the future, however as it stands right now I would NOT recommend Atlantica Online to anyone and would strongly discourage anyone who may be considering trying it out.

I once considered Atlantica to be a 9.5 on a scale of 10, however it now is a 0 out of 10 in my own experienced and honest opinion.

I regret any loss of trust and respect which has occurred from those who read my previous reviews regarding Atlantica and went to try it based on my recommendations. They were accurate at the time they were posted, however the addition of stamina in the game has entirely invalidated all the good points I once made about this formerly exceptional game. It has now become complete trash and is unworthy of even trying. In my opinion.

Slashed316 writes:

Im sad to hear that. CB1 was awesome but i stoped playing when i got into the WAR beta. I hate to see amazing games like atlantica get ruined. I hope the devs reverse the stamina thing.

Sat Aug 09 2008 9:14PM Report
Damn1 writes:


yo how bout make this kind of game n this game will be so gud lots of people will luv it cuz this game will be ohdi beastin

> character  creation = some games the character r made already n u cant edit their faces a lot of people luv games that character could be edited like hairs face skin heght body like very buff buff or normal well i luv like a lot of hairstyle yo im no homo ass b but  luv asian hairs. n  lets make somethin realy enterestin thing in here wen u pick really buff the char will run slow atacks n low evation slow hits hard n big armor n life buff lil slow movement speed n attack speed normal life normal defense attack n normal eavation  noramal body moves fast atacks fast high evasion low life n defense but atack is the same as buff .

>characters = ( knights r those people who wears heavy armors n uses sword double sword spear shield n long sword the body could only be buff or normal in each weapon it has diferent skills) (defenender could only be buff or really buff weapon are axe hammer shield double axe and long swrod and each weapon has diffent skills)  (gunner could be buff or normal weapon could be double pistol or revlolver rifle and shotgun each different weapon has different skills) (hunter could be buff or normal weapon are crossbow long bow ,bow and double crossbow each weapon  has different skills) (fighter could be buff or normal weapon is olny knuckles) (priest could be normal or buff weapon could be staff and book book is consider as a shield ) ( summoner weapon could be staff or double knife could summon a lot of monster but there is certain thing to pick summon like light monster or dark monster could be buff or normal) ( mage could only be normal weapon is sword ) ( assasin could be buff or normal weapon are double knife double claw or berserker knife double katana or single and small shield each weapon has different skills )

>Stats (str for high attack for every stats) (vit for life every stats u put for realy buff it adds 30 for buff 20 for normal 10 and small for defense really buff adds 2 buff and normal adds 1) (agi for attack speed atleast 35 for for really buff , buff atleast 30 and for normal 25 for evasion plus five more or ten well u decide but for i think it will be better if u add five more to the 1 in attack speed stats) (dex lil damage every stats u put and hit rate for really buff, buff, n normal i guess it will be the same thing as the attack speed dex is gud for range) (int for mana and magic damage) (magic defense atleast need 2 put 5 stats)

>level max level is 200 for each level it adds a lil str and life for  really buff adds 120, buff 80 life and for normal 50 life n 1 stat for knight adds 1 for str for defender adds 1 for vit for archer and gunner dex for fighter and assassin agi for mage and priest int

>suggestion skills passive = (knight = counter %15, splash damage external bleeding making the enemy lose 50 life per second last in 10 second 10% )  (defender  = block counter 10%, triple splash damage 15%) (gunner = double bullet curving for double pistol splash damage 10% quadruple shot shooting four time really fast %10 , 1 shot step back %10 and head shot stunning  people for 3 sec7%) (hunter = head shot7%, step back shot 10%) (fighter = double hit stun 7% triple hit 10% counter double hit ) (assassin = spinning cut  splash damage hits 3 times 15% poison cut 50 dmg last 10 sec) (priest = heal 5% when ur gettin attack , maim when ur getin atacked maim for 10sec 10%) (Mage = cast fire ball and ice ball only level 2 fire and ice ball)

>Ultimate skillz = (knight gods strength hitting enemy 5 times splash damage plus external bleeding and 4 waves tsunami that slashes 3 elements thunder, fire, water and, ice splash damage and long range and while slashing knight dashes to get to the enemy and attack 50sec cool down for both  ) (defender 5 hand earth shake crushing enemy while slashing them hits five time divine crusher hittin enemy hard that the land trembles and maims them) (gunner = burning rush punching enemy while shooting them 4 times and its splash damage and goes back far and shot them 3 times, adrenaline rush shooting bullet everywhere around really fast) (hunter hungry arrows summoning wolves and bite the enemies' foot and shoot them five times the bite has damage but only bite once , arrow shower shootin arrows in the sky and fall to the enemies body hitting them 4 times) (fighter = spirit punch punching enemies from far away by his aura , and god's palm agen punching five times and enemies are being hit by the god's palm from the sky) (assassin shadow mist inside the mist assassin slashes enemies inside the mist and inside the mist they are maim makin it hard for em to escape inside the mist , and assassinate spinning like a driller towards 1 enemy and leaves 20% of their life chance 2 hit 50 percent but if it miss it still give damage but only a lil like leavin 80% of their life) ( priest =  angel's blessing healing all the teammates life and mana and makes em fast and strong punishing evil this skill strikes enemy by lightning 5 times and heals team) (mage = 6 elements strikes = enemies gets strike by thunder, then fire, then cuz earthquake then hit em by tsunami then tornado then blizzard, and his last ult is meteor shower hiting em 5 times and stun em fo 5 sec) (summoner summons a big monster that hit all of the enemy that he see five times ,  summoner will cast another kind of monster that casts magic that hit the enemy 5 times)

>  gameplay = there should be boss that can kill 1 party there should a lot of dungeon to go and monsters and orbs to put in ur equipment and make em strong some orb has special effect and some can be obtain in specific monsters iight it should be hard 2 obtain orb for gunner class they for their helmet they only wear mask like phantom opera well i wish the graphics will be so great in 3d of course and low mb if you can make it like it make the graphics better than 2 moons perfect world and granado espada and this game will be the best

of course events every month  n guild wars every saturday  max people in a guild 50 or 60 men i luv guild war n pvp character coud be bois or gurls iight dam all those miss spell words r in purpose iight

Thu Aug 14 2008 2:05PM Report writes:
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