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Community Spotlight: Voice Acting

Posted by MikeB Sunday December 16 2012 at 10:58PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "Poll: Does voice acting make the game better?" by Axehandle.

We all have either played or at least heard of the debacle of the massive amount of voice acting in swtor and how that went down with the community but is it such a terrible idea to have that kind of voice acting and cut scenes in Mmorpg's?

Id like to hear the opinions of the community on this specifically what went right and wrong.

Ambros123 doesn't feel it is black and white:

It isn't such a black and white answer.  Voice acting can improve upon the story as one doesn't have to read every text in order to understand whats going on and thus makes the games story a bit more immersive.  However it does not mean it can make up for shallow or piss poor stories.  SWTOR went way overkill for every single damn thing being a cutscene.  They should have kept it to the class story lines or like in GW2 it was strictly with dungeons and personal stories.

EAWare did a great thing with the whole dialogue options in groups and really all MMOs should try to emulate.  Vocie actiong needs to be done in moderation.

mmoDAD feels VA is a total waste:

Voice acting, IMO, is a waste of delopment time and money. Moreiver, it locks the quest into place. For instance, if a dev wanted to add to it or change it later, he would have to start a whole new acting scenerio.

Also, it makes the game disk req so much more.

Questing in general needs to be revamped. Atm, it's boring. People just speed right through it, hit "M" for map, follow the arrow, pick up the item or kill goblin, return the item, and omve on to next quest. All of it is boring

Torgen wants voice acting, but not necessarily in every quest:

YES! But not every quest has to be fully voiced. The most important quests (story quests, epic quests or whatever) should be fully voiced and for side quests it is enough if every quest npc only says one or two phrases but not the whole questtext.

It just makes the world so much more lively and vibrant!

I'm at a point where I've been spoiled by great voice acting in so many games that I find voice acting to be critical to the experience, whether it's a singleplayer game or an MMO. However, bad voice acting can actually make things worse, but this is true for any sort of acting, whether it's poor acting on film, in an anime, or any other genre of videogame.

How about you? Share your thoughts with us below!