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Did You Sign Up for PlanetSide 2 Beta?

Posted by MikeB Thursday December 22 2011 at 4:47PM
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I'm excited for PlanetSide 2, and I've never played the original PlanetSide. I wasn't really playing MMOs in the heyday of the original PlanetSide's activity, but from what I can tell it was clearly a game ahead of its time. When I first looked into the game I came upon this video by the guild Sturmgrenadier.


I was really impressed with what the game was like and the possibilities for large scale coordinated conflict. As an absolutely obsessive Battlefield fan going all the way back to the original BF 1942, the notion of an MMO offering similar gameplay and even more possibilites simply gets me salivating, so I've been keeping a close eye on PlanetSide 2.

With that said, I was pretty excited to find out that beta signups for PlanetSide 2 began today. Unfortunately, being press, I probably wouldn't have much luck signing up!

Now now, I don't have to tell you that Sony Online Entertainment has had a tumultuous history with with the MMO gaming populace. I went through the NGE in Star Wars Galaxies and the pretty frustrating issues that plagued the game even prior to the NGE, but I really want to give SOE a chance with this game. It's just such a cool idea and I think the time is now right for a game like this to be out there, especially since it is so different from what is available on the market today.

Are you a former PlanetSide player? Are you excited and all signed up for PlanetSide 2 beta? Why? Why not?

Same goes for the rest of you PlanetSide newbies. Are you looking forward to this game? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

BillMurphy writes: I will be the first to say I did... Too bad I will likely be barred until the press are in, but worth a shot right? Thu Dec 22 2011 8:00PM Report
AutemOx writes:

SWG and Planetside are my two favorite MMOs of all time.  BOTH were ruined a year or two in, but that won't stop me from enjoying SOE's next planetside.

Thu Dec 22 2011 8:01PM Report
kashiegamer writes:

Hmmm.. I just read some old impressions about Planetside (1). I think the thought behind the project has great potential.

Thu Dec 22 2011 11:00PM Report
millaren writes:

if planetside 2 turn into a pay to win game i will not play it. for explem you kill someone xp normal give 100. a f2p player only get 5 xp per kill and payed player get 100 then there no real point to selling as a f2p game to me. becuase a payed player has high adv over any f2p.

Thu Dec 22 2011 11:12PM Report
tom_gore writes:

Millaren you can kill other players just as fine with a level 1 character as you can with a level 20 character.

But your point is valid. Let's hope SoE doesn't sell power, only time.

Fri Dec 23 2011 2:41AM Report
Intrinsic writes:

PS1 was amazing, massive 300 man battles and i don't even really like FPS style games but this just floated my boat. I still go back from time to time after all these years. BFRs sorta ruined it for many though, and a lot of people left.

You should find plenty of brilliant vids on youtube like the one by Miir who was well known for his awesome DAoC vids and ended up being in the guild i was in for a while in PS. Here is the vid we recorded:

I was due to be in this but as I am in the UK I missed my alarm to wake me up? at night to be on for it heh. Miir always made excellent vids, it's just a shame most of his brilliant DAoC ones aren't on youtube and lost for all time :/

I was part of the Xen Strikers group, about 8-10 of us that could drop(using a Galaxy dropship) on a base and be able to hold it against crazy odd, giving our side time to bring in reinforcements and secure it, it was a massive rush and will be exciting to see how the gameplay in PS2 matches up.

Fri Dec 23 2011 7:39AM Report
Terranah writes:

I have no faith in SOE.  Maybe some day they will redeem themselves.  They had some good ideas in DCUO, but it's all about SWTOR now.  If I get bored of that I'm going back to Skyrim.

Fri Dec 23 2011 2:10PM Report
Konfess writes:

I am The KonFess of The Konried server.  For most of my game play my certs were Adv Medical, Combat Engineer,  and Ground Support Vehicle.  My Total Kills are very low, because my play style is support.  But I loved that game.  Why didn't SOE port the game to the PS3?  Becasue a FPS with 499 players on a single map woudl have decimated the FPS console market.  I dont play console games so I don't know what the attraction is, granted the graphics of PS are not on the same level at CoD or MW.  But how is 8vs8 or 16vs16, I suppose these games now support 32vs32 compare to 160vs170vs169.  It wasn't allways a 3 way, most times maps became locked in a 2 way 250vs249.  Does that kind of thing exist on a console?

If PS had been ported to the PS3 the history of the FPS would have been changed, and only one name woudl exist: PS.  But FPS are about communication, Guilds were on VoIP, but Empires were controlled by text chat, and consoles don't text chat.

I am constantly reading complaints about WoW clones.  By this they mean tab targeting and hot-keyed skill combat, this at its core is all it takes to be considered a WoW clone.  What these complainers want from their MMORPGs?   FPS combat on an MMO scale.  Haven't you tried PlanetSide?  It exist, go play it and STFU about WoW clones.  I realize that CoD, GoW, and MW sux becuase of their lack of MMO scale.  But a great MMOFPS has existed since 2003 and its name is PlanetSide.

What suxed about SWG\NGE?  it switched from a MMORPG to a MMOTPS.  True you still had hot-keyed skill combat, but you had to hold your cursor on target ala FPS\TPS reticule combat.  The result people hated the NGE becuase the audiance was a bunch of non-FPS tab targeters.  I played the NGE for a couple of years.  Did I love it?  No.  Could I deal with it? Yes.

SWG emptied the PlanetSide servers and lead to the first server merge.  When WoW was released there was a Max of 5 players on the Tarquinas server that day.  Imagine going from 3,000 players to 5 on a server. 

I hope I get into Beta.  I allways thought press and fansites got first dibs on beta invites.  You all clearly know how to communicate with the written language.  And you must be mature enough to respect a NDA.  So why exclude the press from a Beta?  You know, I haven't seen that many check-boxes for press on beta invites lately anyways.

Fri Dec 23 2011 4:48PM Report
Konfess writes:

I just read the comment about f2p vs p2w.  Think of it this way, f2p is an open ended LIMITED trial and not F2W as you think it is.  ANY comment complaining about being at a disadvantage as a free player will fall on deaf ears amongst developers and Paying Player Base.  The point of a f2p game is you get to see if you enjoy the game mechanics befoer you start paying for your game play.  You are free to continue to pay the game for free but you are not entitled to the same level of game experience as paying members.

Comments like you only support Non-Combat items in the cash shop mean to us, you don't want to pay for your play style.  You are Happy with casual, cosmetic, girly items being for sale in the cash shop like bunny costumes, non-combat bunny pets, or rainbow unicorns.  But let a dev put xp bonus, PvP reward level armour or weapons and your kind throws a hissy fit.

If you are gonna complain about p2w then you must say what you are willing to pay for?  We know you are not willing to pay for xp boost, better armour or waepons.  Tell us what will you pay for to earn your play?  Nothing I suppose.  Devs need f2p to draw in numbers to theri servers, with out it the servers apear dead and paying players  leave.

If I made PS1 f2p I woudl make certain certs free adn other pay.

Armour certs free : Standard, Infiltration, and Agile.

Armour certs pay : Reinforced, and Max

Weapons certs free : Standard, Medium, and Sniping.

Weapons certs pay : Heavy, Anti-Vehicular, and Special Assault.

Vehicles  certs free : ANT, Tactical Support, Assault Buggy, and ATV.

Vehicles certs pay : Air, Armored Assault,  and Transport.

Notice I recommend only the first two tiers of equipment to f2p the other tiers would be $1 each per month. A sub of between $5 and $10 would unlock a full member ship, but as little as $3 or $4 per month could put any player on a equall footing.

The free trial may take longer to level, and have to co-ordinate to kill and survive but they will be playing for free as the lke to.  maybe when they have acuired all the free certs they could spend xp to buy and pay for unlocking and acuiring the premium certs.  Say to unlock Reinforced Armour they must spend 500,000 xp and 200,000 xp per month to keep it.  This way the primuium content is available to them so long as they provide plenty of canon fodder to the primium players.


Fri Dec 23 2011 8:24PM Report
MindTrigger writes:

I enjoyed it early on, and it had some fantastic ideas.  The physics of the game bothered me though.  Everything, incuding my toon, felt like it was made of paper.  Coming from games like Quake 2/3 and Tribes at the time, it bothered me a lot.  I'm hoping this new engine will be a lot more refined.  The early gameplay was solid.

Sat Dec 24 2011 12:34AM Report
Samhael writes:

short answer: no.

Sat Dec 24 2011 1:23AM Report
Shadanwolf writes:

I signed up Day 1. The game has a lot of potential.

Sat Dec 24 2011 5:50AM Report
erictlewis writes:

Sorry after the NGE, and the mess with dcuo and now whats happening to EQ2, there is no way I will give soe the time of day.  Voting with my wallet on this one.  Its not going to happen.

Sat Dec 24 2011 7:25PM Report
thamighty213 writes:

Signed up as soon as could PS was the greatest game ever until the introduction of BFR's (they wern't that bad it was just a downward spiral of things players didnt want from there though)

Sun Dec 25 2011 1:32AM Report
Cacophanist writes:

Signed up? ofc. PlanetSide 2 will be the best thing to happen to PC gaming for a long long time. 

The original stole 7 years of my life, I fully expect PS 2 to do more!

Seriously anyone interested in true massively multiplayer games needs to try this game out. WOW, EQ and SWTOR all pale into insignificance compaired to this.


Sun Dec 25 2011 6:58AM Report
Uzleb writes:

Absosmurfly NOT.

Fire Smedley , then maybe.

Sun Dec 25 2011 7:56AM Report
Telondariel writes:

$OE has suffered from really, really poor management for the last couple of years and they are making a lot of terrible business decisions at the expense of their once-thriving community.  They've also lied to their community on very fundamental, game affecting topics many, many times.  Most recent example of this is what they've done to EQ2.  With their Station Cash shop, its rapidly spinning into Pay 2 Win, and become $medley's only focus for a product that used to be top notch quality and entertainment.

Their shift of focus to insta-gratification Cash Stop items rather than quality content is not something I will support.  Its a cow hair away from being Runes of Magic.

Its sad really how $medley is driving all their loyal customers away, some of which have been playing the EQ franchise for over a decade, in favor for the F2P crowd.

Give me GW2, then I will await Copernicus.  $OE can twist in the wind.


Sun Dec 25 2011 11:10PM Report writes:
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