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Cataclysm, Betas, and 2011

Posted by garrett Tuesday December 14 2010 at 1:54PM
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For a holiday season that is normally slow, the MMO market is abuzz right now. There is a lot going on as games enter Beta, Cataclysm is upon us, and the first half of 2011 is shaping up to be an important time in MMOs.
Right now I am playing Cataclysm and have not leveled nearly as fast as other players. I am only 81. I know that is pathetic, but time is not on my side in Azeroth. Overall I am pleased with the pacing of the game and Blizzard seems to have sped thing up for players. This trend heralds the games of the next decade as MMO game play will become much faster.
Speaking of next decade games, RIFT has started its VIP beta and keys are tough to get. If you are one of the lucky ones to get a key then win! It is exciting to see games enter BETA, especially RIFT which has been on our hot list for a while.
Another game that is flying in the testing hemisphere is DC Universe. From the demos we saw back at E3 the game looked very good with a rich IP and lots of fast paced action my guess is players are eager to join the DC Heroes in their fight against crime.
Overall, this has become a very busy December for MMOs. As we move into 2011 there are a lot of games hitting the market. Demos for the 2011 season will be very important as more games show off what is coming in the next generation of MMOs.
erictlewis writes:

WEll I think a lot of stuff is headed our way.  Some of it good some of it not.

I am looking forward to getting into rift if i ever get an invite, or into swkotr.

Tue Dec 14 2010 4:40PM Report
Dwarvish writes:

 While the marke may be buzzing now I'm waiting for several new MMOs to drop in the comming year with GW2 at the top of the list followed, albeit at a fair distance Rift.

 Pretty much had it with Aion.  To bad realy. The game had tremendous potential and had a decent story line if one reads the quest/mission objectives but its all over the map with gameplay options...or lack thereof.

  I have 2 high levs in Aion but I see new players getting frustrated because they can't complete quests or kill mobs for more than a short while before getting ganked. While some will say that it is a pvp game the original clips Liv made assured all that casual players had a place to. They do..fodder for high levs.

 I'm tired of being a twink hunter....boring !!!!

Tue Dec 14 2010 6:05PM Report
bisurge writes:

Too bad no good F2P games are coming out. The only thing we front-up/none-at-all payers are waiting for is Guild Wars 2.

Cataclysm made talents retardedly simple, in my opinion. Customization went down the drain in WotLK; there were 4-5 pre-made builds by theorycrafters that did the most DPS, tanked the best, etc. for every tree. By reducing the number of talents and how you can put them (you HAVE to max out in a talent tree), everyone's talents and talent-based skills are going to be EXACTLY the same.

Tue Dec 14 2010 6:30PM Report
nathanebht writes:

GW2 and Rift!

Tue Dec 14 2010 8:40PM Report
SoftKitnz writes:

Deffinately RIFT.

Tue Dec 14 2010 9:04PM Report
GGordon27 writes:

Only one game coming out in 2011 has my money and that is Star Wars The Old Republic online, enough said.

@bisurge, try Vindictus it's a f2p mmo, with a premium store, and it's actually really good, it uses the Valve engine by steam. I'ts pretty awesome when your battling mobs and if your armor takes enough damage it physically rips, breaks on your character and you see it, and it remains such untill you repair it or finish the mission. Check it out, I think you will be pleased. I'm on East server

Tue Dec 14 2010 11:21PM Report
oscarkool2 writes:

Darkfall Online is still the best MMO out right now.  It's pretty sad that a team of 10 are capable of developing a game (Darkfall) that's better than all these monster games coming out.  DC Universe got boring in about an hour for me.

Tue Dec 14 2010 11:50PM Report
tron21369 writes:

mm hey GG iam a old republic fan my self and to enough said : ) i think guild wars 2 poly be out be for our main guns come out but will see   i did play vindy for a bit i got tired of the lagg i ran in to in groups   fun though : )      atm iam goofing around with lord of the rings online and  globle agenda   bouncing around   kinda hard to sink my finger in to them  still looking to find some thing till out main games comes out          add me if you like GG : )

Wed Dec 15 2010 4:00AM Report
Yamota writes:

Now if the gfx of WoW would be as good as that picture then I would understand all the fuss about that game...

Wed Dec 15 2010 4:34AM Report
Arquiteto writes:


Darkfall is better because you like sandbox FFAPVP games which none of the games mentioned are. Ive been playing Darkfall for a long time and you just can not compare the polish of these big titles to a buggy game like Darkfall. 


RIFT is where its at as far as AAA titles go. Well at least until TOR. GW2 I just can't buy into all the hype. I find it hard to beleive that they will be able to afford the server power needed for these massive dynamic events without instances. If they can do this without overusing the CashShop then I'll be there on launch day.

Should be a good year for the MMO industry.

Wed Dec 15 2010 10:53AM Report
gaeanprayer writes:


Exactly what are you expecting? They're going to tell everyone one thing from the beginning then before the game launches, suddenly instance all areas off? Does that make any sense to you? It's done the same way over-populated areas in GW2 were done, on a larger scale. There will be instances, but of the world. Sort of like going to Lion's Arch and seeing 12 separate instances of it because there's thousands of people trying to sell their crap.

It's a silly concern, made even sillier by the people perpetuating it. There are things to be concerned with when it comes to GW2, and that's not one of them. The concerns should be more on the things likely to actually change over the continued course of development, like what classes will be available and how their skills will balance out in PvP. I have faith in Arena Net's eventual item mall, but I still see it as a legitimate concern for those who are not familiar with how ANet does things, so I'll grant you that. Item Malls have been given a bad name because of the plethora of F2P games, but it CAN be done right. Anet and to a lesser degree, NCSoft, have handled item malls extremely well. There has never been anything available in the shops that couldn't be gained ingame except for completely aesthetic items that no one needs anyway.

As for the article, I'm still looking for that monthly fee game that I can play, seeing as how GW2 will lack any. The problem is RIFT doesn't really grab me, and I like my Fantasy genre. TERA is a bit more interesting, but the gameplay alienates me a bit. Blade & Soul is too PvP oriented to grab me, and DCUO doesn't interest me in the least; I'm a Marvel child, I've always found DC's heroes boring (with the exception of Raven), though ironically some of their villains are among my favorite characters ever.

Here's hoping FF14 somehow magically becomes an adequate game. And no, I'm not holding my breath, but one can hope.

Wed Dec 15 2010 11:38AM Report
Ripclaw writes:

I'm mostly just looking forward to next year and the year after that. GW2, Blade & Soul, Tera Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Can't wait to play all of those.

So tired of WoW and so tired of it's many clones.

Rift is a 90% WoW/Warhammer clone. The only thing different or "original" about it is the Soul Shard skill system and some of the look of the game.

Even the death system, you turn into a ghost and have to find your body, and the crafting system is cheap WoW knock off stuff.

If your okay with WoW clones, then you'll still have fun with this one. I however am sorely dissapointed.

@bisurge Like someone said above, Vindictus is pretty sweet, although I've mostly just enjoyed it, here of late, in small doses, that first month or so of playing it can be loads of fun though and well worth checking out.

Also, as far as up coming F2P goes, there are, in my opinion, some GREAT ones coming in 2011.

Age of Wulin. This game is going to be like the MMO version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. With real Kung Fu for a change, unlike so many other "martial arts" MMOs that don't really have any of that. It plays more like a fighting game, looks awesome, and is set to come out here in the US soon. They have a teaser site up now.

Age of Wulin game play trailer:

Then there's FireFall. Take 1 part Halo, 1 part StarCraft, 1 part Starship Troopers, mix well with some other stuff thrown in for good measure, and you get FireFall. Looks huge, looks great, and looks like allot of fun. Again, F2P and coming soon. Some great game play vids out there for it too.

And finally, Path of Exile. If your a fan of action RPG style Diablo like games, then you might like this one. The skill system video on the main site is pretty cool, gives you an idea of what they're aiming for with the game to set it apart from others.

Fri Dec 17 2010 11:21AM Report
Orious writes:

Why is everything about speed?

Why is "faster" better?

This new "hurry up and max" montra for mmorpgs seems wrong in my eyes. It shouldn't be speed of level, but purely fun in the world. This is why I feel that the curent genre is missplaced in some ways (not in other, however).

Sat Dec 18 2010 2:13AM Report writes:
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