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BlizzCon Day Zero Thoughts

Posted by BillMurphy Friday November 6 2015 at 9:45AM
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Usually the leaks from BlizzCon get people hyped up about what's going to be shown at the show. This year, that's not what I see happening. As I flew towards my destination of Orange County last night, I watched as a million tweets, Facebook posts, Reddit and forum threads all began talking about two small leaks out of the Irvine developer: Overwatch will be B2P with microtransactions, and WoW's Legion expansion isn't coming anytime soon.

Now, today's the actual first day of the convention, the opening ceremonies are going to begin in roughly four hours, and when that's all done then we will have some concrete details. But for now? For now it sure seems like the angel of public positive opinion is not on Blizzard's side. 

Forums and social media are not 100% foolproof indicators of public opinion when it comes to games, but they are a good indicator of the "core gamer" opinion. Right now, it seems like Blizzard's up against the ropes with both their heavyweight money-making MMO, and what's supposed to be their next big hit.


I'm about to go get breakfast, get my badge, and relax a little before the big opening ceremonies. But when the thing I'm most excited about at a gaming convention is a trailer for a movie... something's off.  I have few doubts that Legion will be a fun expansion. Draenor was fun too, if only for a couple months. I just hope that Blizzard has some ace up their sleeve to keep people interested in Azeroth for the next 6-9 months. A movie based on the first RTS game doesn't count. 

Overwatch is a lot of fun. There's no denying that. My time in the beta with Hive, Ripper, and Garrett has been a blast. But we've played this game before. And other similar shooters coming out are doing more than what OW seems to be doing to keep players coming back. Hopefully today we learn a bit more about the special sauce that might make Overwatch worth the reported $60 price-tag.

Anyway, stay tuned to the front page of and our News Feed. We're going to have all the up to date info from all the panels all day long. Thanks, as always, for your visits!