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Community Spotlight: Why is $15 Too Much?

Posted by MikeB Thursday November 18 2010 at 3:43PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “Why is $15 So Much?” by Melieza. Melieza is perplexed by the gamers out there who balk at the $15 price-tag for monthly service charged by most MMO developers making games for Western audiences.  Here’s what Melieza has to say on the subject:

“All over these forums I see people saying different P2P MMOs 'aren't worth the sub'.  Subs are $15 a month.

A decent job will make you $15 in one hour.

Even if you play the game for only five hours in that entire month, I'd say it was money well spent. 

Now, I understand MMOs also have an initial box fee.  $50 is standard when the game first comes out.  I completely understand $50 is a lot of money to drop on something you might not play long.

But no one ever complains about the initial box fee.

I get that some kids dont have jobs, but honestly, I bet you could go up to your parents or neighbors and say I'll hand wash your car for $15 and they'd say ok.  $15 for a hand car wash is about average.

So, why is $15 so much?  Shouldn't people be complaining about the box fee?  How come no one rages when they buy a console game for $60 that only entertains them for ten hours?

IMO, as long as you play the game a few hours in a month, MMOs are good deals.  But maybe I'm in the minority.”

What is the rest of the community saying? Let’s find out!

Burntvet explains it has to do with “relative value”:

“On top of what the others have said, there is also relative value. It isn't just that game x is $15/mo, but many/most other P2Ps are in that range, too.

So when a game is seriously lacking, content or quality wise (STO or FFXIV for instance) AND they are charging the same as other games that do not suck as bad, that gives players a feeling that they are not getting a good value.

And/or when developers take that $15/mo and continue to not fix bugs, improve rough spots, etc. etc., that also makes the player ask "Is this worth $15, if the devs don't care enough to fix the broken stuff?"


So it is several factors....”

Twstdchange feels he’s got it figured out:

“People who complain about the monthly fee are either:

1) Kids who don't have jobs/parents won't let them use their credit cards

2) People who have crappy, low paying jobs and can't/shouldn't be spending money on online games

3) Cheap people who don't like to spend money, though this isn't usually the case as much as 1 & 2

And then there's category X, and if anyone's going to debate me, then they're category X.

As in unkown.

Because I'm not omniscient.

My advice to those who don't want to pay: Then go look elsewhere. If you want a premium experience, you're going to have to pay. Why? Because it costs money to keep an online game going.”

Tatum seems to be as perplexed by the complaints as Melieza:

“People were complaining about $15 subs even before the economy was terrible.  Fact is, most of us have a skewed perspective when it comes to spending.  Example:

People complain that $15 per month is too much for gaming yet,

They'll spend $20 at the movies watching a crappy summer flick, munching on popcorn and chugging coke (two hours of entertainment, at most)

They'll spend $7 per meal for crappy fast food...and do this at least a few times per week

$15 per month is VERY cheap for a hobby.  Mostly, it's just an issue of the games not really being worthy of charging a monthly fee, regardless of price.  If you spend a good amount of time playing a specific MMO, $15 is a steal.  Far far cheaper than the console gamer who buys a new, $60, beatable-in-one-weekend, console game every other week.”

I’ve personally found this issue confusing as well. I know that when I was younger it would have been impossible for me to convince my mother that shelling out $15/month for an online game was a good idea, but like many others in the community have said, it really doesn’t make much sense for those of us that are adults and appreciate this genre of games. There are hobbies that are incredibly more expensive, and even gaming itself is more expensive when you can drop $60 on a game you can beat in a single sitting (as Tatum mentioned), though there is multi-player to consider, not all games offer it, or do it well. When I discuss this topic with other gamers or friends, I always bring up the movie argument. I took my girlfriend out to the movies last weekend and I dropped $27.50 just on tickets. It’s pretty reasonable to expect that most people probably see a movie once a month, maybe once every two months, and so $15/month really just seems like a drop in the bucket if it’s a game I enjoy playing. You can play for as long as you like and you don’t have to drop that $15 for your first month of playing a new MMO, so I really don’t see what the hub-bub is about.

Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments below!

Wickedjelly writes:

It wouldn't be so confusing if some wouldn't take it so literally.  Most aren't referring to the dollar amount within itself when they use this expression, which is what it has turned into at this point for those that do use it.

Thu Nov 18 2010 5:04PM Report
xBludx writes:

If the game is good and you enjoy playing it for more than a couple of hours a month, $15 is well worth it for any employed adult. I would far rather pay $15 for a decent game than an "f"2p cash-shop game with immersion-breaking product shills.

Alot of $15-dollar-per-month games are not good, so they went "f"2p. People chose to sub to another game.

I compare it to a restaurant. If the restaurant has good food, you go there to eat and you pay what it costs. If the restaurant seeks customers by putting the price in the window to show how cheap there food is, you can expect that taste and quality is not the selling point. These are the vast majority of most "f"2p games.

Thu Nov 18 2010 6:01PM Report
Eladi writes:

In my yought I spent so mutch money on single player games, I would have saved a whole crap load of money if I had spent it on a game sub. 

I dint go out mutch(drink) never liked it but my bro did, each weekend two days, spending a easy 20-50 on it. thats 80/200 a month. thats a lot of mmo subs were you spent a hella lot more time.

I smoke. one package last me 3 days. here it cost  5.70 a package.  so about 57 in the month spent on a harmfull adiction.

Getting a single new book cost more then $15, drawing cost more, I have dificulty finding any hobby that would cost less each month even if I would add the cost of buying the retail package of a new mmo each month its still way cheaper then most hobbies.

people who argue about the $15 simply dont get it that mmo's are expencive to make and keep up and are ofthen the kind that do not play beyond level cap.


now the industrie at large is fueling these "I dont wana pay each month" type of players. you used to keep playing/paying becource there were socail features that got you hooked, there were intresting things to do. unfortunate these days its all about gear grind and then you done. focus has shifted from Roleplay game (stay and play whit friends beyond max) to action "you hero!" game (use friends to reach max and then shifft games)

this results in increased retail box cost and thus people feel like they pay more these days to play mmo's even if its still extremely cheap.

Thu Nov 18 2010 6:48PM Report
Samhael writes:

I do actually complain about the box prices for games -- $50 is as high as I go. I waited until Starcraft 2 was on sale and bought it for $49.99.  I bought Modern Warfare 2 for $59.99 and finished the main campaign in less than 6 hours (having to repeat several levels and still in under 6). I was furious with that and won't buy another.

Thu Nov 18 2010 7:46PM Report
StormwindX writes:

It seems they have forgotten to mention the rarer, fourth case - the non-US and non-EU player, for whom $15 may mean a lot more than just "one hour at any decent-paying job".


If you add in random factors such as, in my particular case, this semester, where I had way too many car-related money sinks, then the "$15 that doesn't mean a whole lot unless you're cheap" starts to mean a lot more. But then again, if I'm short on money due to other constraints, then I probably shouldn't be playing online games anyway... or so some people would say.

Thu Nov 18 2010 7:52PM Report
diabis writes:

I always state in this moment "Would you go to work for free?"

Also with a monthly fee you can get your money's worth and if you do not want to play or need to walk away for real life shut down you subscription and off you go to another game or real life, it is less than most entertainment out there at this time.

Thu Nov 18 2010 7:55PM Report
Cyrosphere writes:

I think you're missing the point in two regards.

First is the simple question of whether $15 is worth it as a value of amusement. I dislike P2P MMO's because too often I pay a subscription fee and don't feel it justified because I can only log in 2 hours on the weekend, or every odd weekend when things are busy. $15 spread out can buy some groceries, a lunch, or other household necessities as well, and let's not lose sight of the fact that playing MMO's isn't a necessity for living. In this context, I'd much prefer cash shop games where I can play and pay when I want, and don't feel a nagging obligation to play because my subscription time is ticking away and I can't be there taking advantage of it.

Second is the sum cost of the subscription money. $15 a month doesn't sound bad at initial value, especially say compared to a movie ticket which nets you about only 2 hours of entertainment, but do some math. Subs alone cost you $180 a year (+/- base box set, expansion fees, cash shop), it can get hefty if you lose sight of the big picture. I looked over all the money I'd poured into one MMO I'd played for almost 4 years and was slightly mind blown for how much I'd sunk into it, and promptly deactivated my account.

Sure, it's a cheap hobby compared to house renovations or something, but whether it's worth X to person Y is ultimately a personal decision.

Thu Nov 18 2010 8:09PM Report
maplestone writes:

I have an MMO subscription instead of cable.  That's what it needs to compete with in my budget to keep my entertainment dollar.

Thu Nov 18 2010 8:55PM Report
Athcear writes:

MMOs with a subscription price are a very cheap hobby.  One night out at a bar can cost 15 dollars easy.  That same price gets you a whole month in an MMO.

Thu Nov 18 2010 9:13PM Report
trancejeremy writes:

Why do people drive Mustangs and Camaros instead of Ferraris and Porsches?  Much less Focuses and GM's equivalent?

$15 a month might not seem a lot to you, but for some people it is. You might tell them, get a job (as that seems to be the confusion), but er, the unemployment rate in the US is about 10%, and that's not the real one (which is closer to 20%).

And frankly, a lot of those that are employed are not at decent paying jobs. And many with jobs are in debt.

$15 can be an appetizer for some, or a meal for an average person, but for a poor person it can be food for a week.

I don't think people realize just how much poverty there is in the world, especially the civilized world.

Thu Nov 18 2010 9:52PM Report
Drachasor writes:

It's a pretty basic analysis that leads one to conclude 15 bucks a month is very overpriced.

First, that's 180 dollars a year.  A game that costs $60 bucks new gives maybe $40 dollars to the maker.  So we're talking about paying the cost of 4.5 brand new games a year, or perhaps 7 or so normal expansions to s game a year.

For that cost you get maybe one expansion worth of content.  This is a total ripoff.  Any other form of gaming gives you a lot more content for less.

Some people like to say this goes to the servers, but this isn't true.  There are tons and tons of games out there with free servers.  If servers were so expensive to run, then Steam would be impossible; would be impossible.  Many, many other free servers would be impossible to run.  To say nothing of MMO-like games like GW1 that also have free servers.  Servers are cheap.

Some like to rationalize $15 bucks a month by saying it is for the GMs, but there people are just standard customer service.  Well, standard customer service that often takes a lot longer to get a hold of.  There's nothing special here; pretty much every game has this.

Of course, note how people like to compare the cost to non-games.  That's because it is such an awful deal when you compare it to products in the same market.  Even if you compare it directly to the box price of other games, you can still easily get 3 or 4 new games a year, and have a much more varied play experience if you choose your games decently well.  Double that if you buy even slightly older games.

That's why I say $15 bucks a month is overprice any sensible way you look at it.  Even $5 would be pushing it (though it is much closer to a reasonable amount).

Thu Nov 18 2010 9:59PM Report
Mykell writes:

$15 on its own its fine but what if you enjoyed playing several different mmo's. Its just been fortunate (sic) that most of the mmo's of the last few years have sucked for the most part. Imagine if AoC, WAR, Aion, FFIX, Champions Online and Star Trek Online had all been amazing. Who could have afforded to pay a sub to them all.

Subs aren't perfect and come with their own problems. If i am paying a sub i feel like i have to log in to justify paying the sub. Also if i cancel but want to come back again later on i need to resub usually to see if the game had advanced enough to warrant me playing it.

I think SW:TOR and GW2 will decide the way the industry heads. If TOR is very successful like say 2 million+ subs then i can see subs staying. If it manages less than a million but GW2 get 5 million+ i'd say we will see more B2P and F2P like Turbine.

Thu Nov 18 2010 10:27PM Report
nomss writes:

I'd rather pay and feel that the devs are taking care of then not pay and feel devs are NOT taking care of us.

Thu Nov 18 2010 10:56PM Report
Nesrie writes:

A company has to earn my box fee,  and prove my 15 dollars a month is actually doing something more than "maintaining" the servers. There are a lot of games that aren't worth the price or the sub, and frankly, i don't see any problem with people saying the value isn't there for them. It's not a debate. It's either worth it for someone, or not.

Fri Nov 19 2010 12:28AM Report
Eladi writes:

@stormwindX : non-us/europe? did you know they pay less? I actualy when possible use russian  keys for digital downloads. simply cource it saves me about 50% of the retail prize. same for time-cards. 

@Drachasor:  4 games a year... WOW!!..serious dude, -you- might play only 4 games a year but the avarage casual gamer plays one game a months thats $600.. the non-casual or what we call a gamer plays way more.

take dragon age, mass effect2, fable 3, civ 5, cod:bo,gta x, and whatever high replay value game you like and you find that you spent way over the basic retail+paid expantion+sub vs time played. content migth actualy be better in those games all toggetter but it -is- more expencive to buy all those games then run a sub for a mmo so i would expect more content.


Now on a side note, if you only play a mmo for a single hour a day or hell just 4 hours a week. screw your sub and go buy a game. mmo's tend to go casual player style or try to atrect them. smart bussines for them, plenty of then out there and way less cost per player head for the company's , you the player who buys into the casual friendly lie is the donkey, mmo's are not casual friendy in thier very nature. perhaps a pay for a session of 2 hours a time model would be good for those. but untill you stop your subs ( as it is to prizy for those) you will not see it.



Fri Nov 19 2010 1:55AM Report
Drachasor writes:


A true casual gamer that plays maybe 4 hours a week will NOT be buying one game a month.  A game like Dragon Age might take 50 hours to go through, and that's over 12 weeks (about 3 months).  If they play through it more than once, then that time can easily double if not quadruple or more.  So Dragon Age can easily compares well to an MMO even if you play 8-16 hours a week.

There are a lot of games that even hardcore gamers can easily play for many months.  An FPS, RTS, or TBS can easily last several months or more.  Starcraft II will be played for years.  Diablo III will be played for years.  Civilization IV was played for years and V will be played for years by many as long as the kinks get worked out.  Halo: Reach will be played online for years after it comes out.  There are many, many other games like this.

One could easily buy two long-lasting games each year and have some discretionary spending on games that don't last as long -- though I'd recommend buying games from the previous year or more for such games as that makes more sense financially and since such games inherently won't have a significant online component, there's no reason to buy it asap.  If you want even more games, then buy them when they go on sale (and get something like Steam which has frequent sales of good games).  I spent $2.50 on Day of Defeat: Source the other day, and that's easily going to completely slaughter sub-based MMOs on value.  With a budget of 180 bucks a year, you can honestly get a ton of games every year if you take just a little care in how you spend your money (not that you have to take that much care at all to make a sub price seem silly).

When you talk about people buying a game a month, that simply isn't a casual gamer.

And frankly, the Dev from Undead Labs is right about MMOs being cut a lot of breaks because of their social aspect.  The good gameplay is drawn out and the fun is stretched as far as possible to get people to keep paying a sub.  Most standard games give you a lot better gameplay and a lot more fun because they have no reason to add a bunch of grind to slow things down (and the ones that do ARE considered crappy).  If it wasn't for the social aspect, they'd be rightly judged to be crappy games by everyone.

Thankfully, MMO developers are starting to realize that if they actually make a really fun game, it should revitalize the industry and make it a lot stronger.  GW2 is going to be B2P with no sub, and in general more and more games are going subless.  As the industry matures the grindtastic play of current Sub games will fall out of favor and the sub model will clearly be shown for the ripoff and flawed monstrosity that it is.

Fri Nov 19 2010 2:36AM Report
daltanious writes:

I have no problems paying for wow 15€. But for rest I think should be max 5€. My intention is to never play again F2P. Or to play, try, ...whatever is possible to get for really free, without hidden expenses. For that trash of Rappelz for example ... at the end of month I have spent more money then for monthly sub for 10.000 times more quality of wow.

Fri Nov 19 2010 2:49AM Report
Kyleran writes:

If you only play one MMORPG, and pay for only one sub, then I think few people outside of the impovershed would really complain.  I think in my case the bigger challenge is in keeping my hardware upgraded properly to play the latest games.

But some folks prefer to play more than one game, many times in more limited spurts such as just a few hours a week, and to them alternate payment models would be desireable.

Perhaps if MMO dev's could offer tiered pricing models, where you pay for what you play these folks would find the game a better deal.


Fri Nov 19 2010 4:48AM Report
hugtime4ever writes:

If I buy a console game worth 60 usd/euro/whatever I can decide whenever I want to play and how. If I finish the game and would like to play the multiplayer/side missions/whatever a year later I can do this without having to drop cash for it again.

With a MMORPG I buy the game, don't like it, shelf it and then a few months later if I want to try it again to see if it is still in such a state I am forced to pay the sub without knowing if I will like the game.

This is what usually keeps me from resubbing a MMORPG since I could go to the movies with that 15 usd/euro or buy 3 packs of cigs or whatever thus making it feel like I wasted money on said MMO. 

It would be a lot better if more P2P MMO's would allow you to buy a week of game time instead of a full month just to see if it is worth coming back too or not.

15 / 4= 3,75.

Seems fair enough for 1 week play time. 

I would also have less problems with  paying a monthly sub if a month was more towards the 10 USD/euro than the 15

Not even WoW is worth playing at 16 Euro per month (no clue what the USD price is) specially with expansions that you need to purchase. All MMO's now a days have services like paid server transfer, sex change, etc. etc. 

That usually rakes in more money than the sub so why not lower it? lower the sub price with 3~5 usd/euro, get more players, make more money. 

Not that hard of a concept.

Fri Nov 19 2010 4:48AM Report
Otakun writes:

Anyone who says 15 a month is fine should just wait and see how well GW2 does. It maybe fine but when you have the 15 a month burden off, people are likely to play a game longer then if forced to pay every month.

Fri Nov 19 2010 5:36AM Report
drake_hound writes:

Well $15 is nothing , but i can imagine $15 being too much when you weekly expenses as a teenagers include going out , having fun every weekend that cost around $50 .

that the additional $15 every month felt like a burden ,.

So its all matter perspectief , nowadays $15 is nothing .

You pay for a movie with popcorn and other stuff already more then $15 thats only 2 hours of entertainment .

The problem is that kids can´t convince parents to keep paying $15 a month , or they themself think its stupid to invest $ 15 a month but rather spent that on drinks . (dont touch the alcohol section ;) )

$15 a month for a mmorpg you enjoy is nothing .

Sorry the hours of entertainment , thats what we pay the money for , ENTERTAINMENT .

You can get with $15 is dependant on you , if you dont find it worthwhile to spent $15 a month . then its your personal perspectief .

But since everything is people personal opnion .

I spent bloody hell more then $200 a month for entertainment .

And playing MMO is damn cheaper then going out 1 night a month , sorry thats the cold hard truth .

People who dont want to pay $15 , simply dont find mmo entertaining enough . in there mind its just a game instead of entertainment .

Fri Nov 19 2010 6:26AM Report
ryuga81 writes:

There are a few aspects of 15$/15€ fee (and a monthly fee in general) that aren't OK.


What bothers me mostly is that 15$ (that magically translates into 15€) monthly fee is not "fair". I mean, i'm not buying 1 month of playing time (i'd be perfectly ok with that), but an arbitrary amount that due to daily routine or unforeseen circumstances, or just a temporary lack of interest might become fewer than a couple hours.

I've spent some €25 for Civ4 complete pack and it's been lasting more than 3 years to me (i still play Civ4 due to Civ5 being crap), i understand the cost of mantaining the servers and the game and developing stuff and whatever, but i don't want to pay something when i'm not playing it (thus not using anything except perhaps a few KB hard drive space where my character data is stored).

Another point is that 15$ *might* be cheap, but if I like several games, i'll have to pay 15$ multiplied by several (and it might easily become $100 or more), despite the fact i'd be playing most of these games for just a few hours a week. I'd gladly pay something like "SOE Station Access" to play several games at a forfait fee (well, i *can't* log on more than one game at a time, so it makes sense).

The last point is the "relative value" as someone has already said: you can't be serious and ask 15$ for STO or Lego Universe (games worth some 20 hours of casual gameplay), the same amount, or even more than you're asked for WoW or LotRO (hundreds of hours there)...

Fri Nov 19 2010 6:44AM Report
LadyAlibi writes:

I am playing Allods, Aika, Jade Dynasty, and Zentia lately, as well as playing another (AAA) game on A Server That Shall Not Be Mentioned.


I don't have a problem with $15 a month amount, despite being in a bad way financially at the moment, but there is not a single game on the MMO market right now that I would play exclusively, and I can only think of one that is actually worth $15 to me at the moment. 


The $15 a month we spend on Netflix is an incredible deal for entertainment. MMO subscriptions, on the other hand... It's not the dollar amount, but what you get for it.  

Fri Nov 19 2010 7:22AM Report
uncus writes:

I'll echo what many here have already said - It isn't the $15/mo, it's the relative value [especially yearly!]

This is where I am easily suckered by the "Lifetime" subscription.  For LOTRO [and would have been for DDO, maybe still is] I think $200 to have the freedom to log in or not, whenever I feel like playing [or not] is wonderful.   Champions at $300/Lifetime just isn't worth it to me - $100-200 would be tempting [pretty much a 1-2yr full price subscription], the closer to $100, the greater the temptation.  Fallen Earth at $200 lifetime would be tempting, at $15/mo it isn't.  Ditto CoV [though if I had a lifetime sub to CoV, I wouldn't have one for Champions..not sure about the reverse]

Breaking it down, I'd drop: $200 for a Fantasy game [done that x 2 with LOTRO 'cause the wife liked it, too]; $200 for DDO [they already got that - 2 subs at $10/mo longterm - and that's kept me from monthly subbing to any other MMO - guess Turbine wins :) ] ; $200 lifetime would go to one superhero game - nobody there yet;  $200 lifetime would go to a post-nuclear/survivalist game - nobody there yet, either.

Apparently the people involved in the marketing of MMOs either aren't very good or haven't gathered enough data to figure out how to maximise their profits [with Turbine being either an exception or just lucky].  Once they realise that offering many different payment schemes at different price points is a viable method of maximising profits, I think we will see many more companies giving players much more flexibility in terms of subscriptions/payment options/f2p item shops/etc.  The old $15/mo, $10 for longterm subs, is not a viable strategy for many companies anymore, at least to get money out of me ;)

Fri Nov 19 2010 3:11PM Report
karnisov writes:

i think burnvet was the most correct with the relative value assessment. i have no problems paying $15 a month for something that entertains me, but only a few mmos actually entertain me.

Fri Nov 19 2010 5:59PM Report
Phlegethon writes:

$15 a month it not unreasonable to play for a game, especially if one spends considerable time playing it (ie.: more then a couple of hours a week.)  Most MMO's offer discounted monthly subs when you pay for multiple months up front. What would normally cost me $180 a year if I paid monthly, only costs me $143 a year because I pay annually.

For box purchases, people seems to forget that they often come with a free month's play when you sub which drops the box price down to $25-45.

Also, considering that F2P makes it's money on micro-transations, so if you want to experience all said game has to offer then expect to pay above and beyond what you would normally pay for a years sub to a P2P game.

$15/mo comes to two coffees a week, unless you drink the mud I drink, then it's 3 a month (less than that actually.)

While I understand that some people are in circumstances where $15 is a lot, in those instances, they have more to worry about than a game sub.

Fri Nov 19 2010 7:00PM Report
Drachasor writes:

Phelgethon, that 143 bucks a month STILL doesn't deliver the proper amount of CONTENT for the price.  In the world of games it is still a ripoff.

Thankfully GW2 and other games will show just how insane a monthly sub is.

Fri Nov 19 2010 8:55PM Report
Phlegethon writes:

Drachasor, I agree. $143/mo would be a ripoff. I don't pay that much for auto and renters insurance combined.

$11, $12, not even $15 a month is a ripoff. This is not a hobby for these companies, they actually... you know... have to make money. If I enjoy a game, if it fills my needs for entertainment, then I find $15 to be more than worth it. If you are unwilling to pay $15 then there are countlss F2P games out there.

If a game is profitable under the subscription model, there there is no reason to go to the F2P model.

Sat Nov 20 2010 3:34PM Report
Frettizelli writes:

Eh.... 15$ a month is too little, face that. You cheap persons that think it's much, then go to Venezuela and watch how HARD it is to get dollars, i just rage at US citizens crying about paying 15$ a month for a completely good game. And if that game turns out to have 1 bug, they ragequit and bash the game forever.

Stop crying, will you? you either decide to pay 15$ or not. If you paid the subscription and didn't like the game, that's your fucking problem, you have no right to make other people not buy the game. Everyone has different tastes and surely others liek that game you didn't like.

Sun Nov 21 2010 11:42AM Report
deathgodchi3 writes:

well most of the gamers usually you will see or have the unfortunate pleasure of meeting are kids and in that retrospect always gripe about the money cause most likely they cant get the money to play or are far to lazy to do anything and just want them handed it on a silver platter along with thier hot pockets imo

Sun Nov 21 2010 8:38PM Report
trike writes:

While I agree that playing MMOs is one of the cheapest "bang for your buck" hobbies you can find, there should be a point of clarification: few people in America make $15 an hour.

The average annual income for the vast majority of Americans is around $23,000.  That works out to $11.05 per hour.  Keep in mind that's the *average*, meaning most people make far less.

It's not a case of 50% make more than that and 50% make less, it's a case of 10% make more and 90% make less.  For that 90%, spending money on video games is a pure luxury item.

Tue Nov 23 2010 10:12AM Report
xcarnifex writes:

My opinion on 15 a month subscription fees is that all game companies charge 15 a month for their game, and yet they don't provide the same value in return or well below the standard return versus other games in the same market or not.  Global Agenda is the prime example of a game that figured out that their stuff was not worth the fee.  Other games have come to figure this out, but not nearly enough of them.  Instead they resort to the next complaint in the paragraph below.


Another is that a lot of these same companies making their 15 dollar sub off you also want to add a lot of other side charges on top of the game.  While they might not be necessary to play, they certainly do make the game more interesting to people who can afford and are willing to plunk down the extra cash.  You're either a fee game with expansion addon purchases, or you're a f2p game selling items and such.  Doing both is something I do not agree with at all.


And finally, cheating and spam.  I do not want to pay 15 dollars a month to have a bunch of people spoil the game for me and a hundred other people by cheating, spamming, or continually trying to gain access to my account.  It'd be the equivalent of paying to park my card in a secured lot only to find it vandalized/stolen.  My money is going to enjoyment, not the myriad of headaches their little in-game economy is fostering in the real world.  WoW wants everyone to have the keychain/program thing, fine.  But they also allow thousands of cheaters/botters/whatever to run wild on their servers for months at a time until they finally ban them, not acceptable.  I quit for this fact alone, I was tired of anything I did in-game being automated by someone else and reduced to worthlessness.

Tue Nov 23 2010 9:36PM Report
DrFrag writes:

I complain constantly about the box price ($50-60) for games. Nevermind paying the same price for "digital distribution." Plus, the distributors have become so cheap. You used to get cool stuff in the game boxes like posters, and maybe a manual (lol). I just won't do it when I can complete 90% of the games in one or two sittings. If I can't borrow someone else's game when they are done with it and I really need to play, there is always ebay.

$15 is perfect for a monthly fee. No issues there.

Wed Nov 24 2010 6:41AM Report
Roybe writes:

$15 per month=$180/year.  Are these companies putting out the equivalent of 3 AAA game's content annually?  Honestly?  I'd truly be impressed if that was the case.  How's this for another question, in the case of some of the larger games, if 2$ of each sub goes to upkeep, 5 million subs=$10 million in upkeep? Honestly?  Sorry, can't beleive either of those ideas are true.

Wed Nov 24 2010 11:21PM Report writes:
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