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Community Spotlight: Your First MMO?

Posted by MikeB Thursday November 11 2010 at 4:26PM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuses on the thread "How old were you when you played your first MMORPG?" by Ramonski7. Based on the thread title, this weeks' topic should be pretty obvious, so let's jump right in!

Ramonksi7 unfortunately doesn't offer his own first experience, so let's see what others are saying.

preston326's first MMO was Knight Online when he was 14:

Maybe when I was 14 (I'm 21 now), my first MMORPG was Knight Online. Its terrible game, which is pretty much pay to win and its really heavy on grind, but we couldnt care less, boy did we enjoyed every hour playing that game, even through we were grinding (in that game you can grind, pvp, sell items and thats pretty much it, no crafting, dungeons no nothing).

I guess we just took the game for what it is and didnt care about what other people buy in cash shop, how do they advance or if they are more powerful than us due to cash shop. And you know what I miss those days, I believe people shouldnt care about those things and just relax and play cause at the end of the day its just a *game*. You should relax playing games not bog your head with artificial troubles and wories.

meleemadness started his venture into the world of MMOs at the ripe age of 37:

EQ was my first and I was 37, I think.  I did play Wizardy on an Apple II+ back in the 80's and then late 80's played Baldur's Gate but they were RPGs.  EQ wsa my first MMO and was recommended to my by guys 10 years younger than me, where I worked.  I went to get AC2 instead but it didn't work so i went back for EQ and was floored!!!   The planes of power were just out when I started, 2003ish.

In the end I left EQ as I was tired of loggin on just to stand around LFG.....I left for SWG a month after it released.

Ragnarok Online was Neiken's first experience with MMOs at the age of 17:

I was 17. I had been playing Rocket Arena 3 and D2 for a while. I saw someone talk about Ragnarok Online and explain to other members of forums.  Explained what it was and what a MMORPG was. He said it was kinda like D2 so i had to try it.

I tried it out and was hooked! It was in beta 1 at the time. I played it for years. Still play every once in awhile. For nostalgia purposes.

Ive tried just about everything on the market today, and game that arent anymore. I loved my first MMO. WIsh i could capture that feeling i had with my first again!!!

I first started playing MMOs with Star Wars Galaxies in 2003, so I was 17 at the time. However, I began playing MUDs at around eight or nine, beginning with Areth, which still runs to this day. I knew of actual MMOs when I was still playing MUDs, but I never made the jump myself until 2003 for a number of reasons. One of the primary barriers to entry  was, of course, financial. Doling out $15/month back then was let's just say, a little complicated for me. 

Another major reason was the fact I was pretty happy with MUDs overall, for the same reason that many people prefer reading the book when it comes to movie adaptations of popular books or book series. MUDs, being text based, allowed for my imagination to run wild, which did a lot more for me than the fairly ugly and poorly animated contemporary MMOs at that time.

Being a huge Star Wars nerd though, I couldn't resist Star Wars Galaxies when it was announced, and so I jumped head first into the game on launch day.

So, when did you first start playing MMOs and what made you take the plunge? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

LadyAlibi writes:

I was 26 in 1997 when we started playing UO, after one of my husband's coworkers came into work raving about this amazing online game he'd found.

Thu Nov 11 2010 9:15PM Report
SkullFighter writes:

Funny enough I was 26 when I started playing UO as well.  Played in the beta on central server which became Great Lakes.  Somehow I have never played another game that has come close to capturing all the things that made UO great.  It was also the only MMO I have played for more than 2 years.

Thu Nov 11 2010 11:38PM Report
GTwander writes:

UO when I was 14 or so, I'm thinking 1998 or something, but I couldn't play on my dialup, and my benefactors were not about to pay a monthly fee for the game on top of another 30+$ a month for broadband. Lasted a good summer at my friends house, and about 2 weeks at home.

When I was old enough to pay my own bills I got into SWG, about 2004 or so, and maaaaan I miss that one immensely.

Thu Nov 11 2010 11:52PM Report
Nesrie writes:

I was maybe 13 and played AOL"s Neverwinter Nights. It was a blast and pretty unforgiving. The "larger" game that really got things going for me was EQ 1.

Fri Nov 12 2010 12:15AM Report
Terranah writes:

I played precu swg when it came out and then for about a year and a half.  I was 34 years young. 

Fri Nov 12 2010 3:14AM Report
disownation writes:

I started at 15 in UO back in '97ish. And haha to GTwander about the dail-up. I was on dial-up too for about a year before finally getting cable. Seems like such a "Stone Age" time now, haha.

Fri Nov 12 2010 3:23AM Report
waveslayer writes:

I was 36 when I found the original EQ while looking for a new RPG to play that was just prior to christmas of 99, no game has matched the magic of EQ thru the Velious expansion, allthough the early RvR(pre ToA) of DAoC was almost as good...when EQ decided to have cat people on the moon I decided it was time to check something else out.

Fri Nov 12 2010 6:51AM Report
Paladuck writes:

It was around 2003, I was 18 and the game was Ragnarok Online.  Even after playing it for a year I don't think I truly realized what an MMO was.

The next year, WoW was released, I bought the Collector's Edition and since then the world has never been the same ;)

Fri Nov 12 2010 7:13AM Report
Senadina writes:

I was 31 in 1996, and my first MMO was EQ. My friends from a tabletop RPG I had been involved with for a couple years introduced me to it. And many more MMO's after that. They are terrible enablers.:)   But now I am the one saying, "Come on, try something new! GW2 looks awesome!".... Been trying to pry them away from WoW for 2 or 3 years now.

Fri Nov 12 2010 8:03AM Report
Athcear writes:

I played MUDs for several years before getting into graphical MMOs, and most MUDs are too small to qualify as "massively", so I think my first MMO experience was playing City of Heroes on a friend's account.

Fri Nov 12 2010 10:06AM Report
tman5 writes: I'm relatively old. Without doing the math, let's say I was in my mid to late 30s and fairly content with playing shooters and RTS games online when I joined the Jumpgate beta ( being led there after crushing many enemy fleets in Homeworld online). Perhaps crude and primative by today's standards, I was fascinated by watching numerous ships move about the sector and in and out of stations, knowing that, for each ship, another goon was sitting at joystick and a keyboard. Flying in formation and cooporatively attacking and defending. Working together to defeat Flux and other factions and working the economy. The sheer terror one felt when Rollio jumped into a sector! I played that game, on and off, for several years and still have fond memories of it. I hope the new Jumpgate actually gets off the ground. This led me to a wider universe of I only faintly knew about and eventually landed me in SWG one month after launch. God, I loved that game and dragged many friends and family into it. I played until one month after The Great Disaster. That's all I have to say about that. Fri Nov 12 2010 12:56PM Report
malrod writes:

i was 50 years old- played many games-warcraft, starcraft, halo, doom but first mmo and last was daoc. still have many fond memories of the game and the people that played it

Fri Nov 12 2010 2:24PM Report
veritas723 writes:

first online gaming experience was GemstoneIII,  a mud style rpg.  I remember a very angry conversation with my father, as he tried to explain to me that compuserve dial up was billed per minute.

i never played pen and paper table top games, but loved that mudd.  everything was text.  and i credit that game for teaching me how to type.

first... true mmo i played was AC.   I had played UO some, but was sort of at the end of it I think, Asheron's Call I started from the beginning.

I think... still in the days of dial up,  but soon had broadband.

I loved that game.  Crap graphics, and really rudimentary combat/casting.  but it was original, and fun.

from AC,  went to SWG.  and saddly that game just had no questing system. if it had just had something other than..go here, kill a mound,  run back to town.  i think that game would be the game that dominates mmos today.

from SWG... went to WoW.  but have been trying to find a better game ever since.


Saddly... wow maintains it's grip on people, simply because of the rat in a maze gear grind.  and the fact all their friends are there.


but i'll never forget the fun i had... running around in Asheron's Call. 

Fri Nov 12 2010 3:43PM Report
jaxsundane writes:

My first mmorpg was Star Wars Galaxies and I was maybe twenty five or twenty six when that game released.  star Wars is my all time favorite setting whether we are talking about Sci Fi or Fantasy (Dragonlance a close second) so it was with wild eyed wonder that I spent my first few months in a galaxy far,far away.  Of course I was taken in by a tight nit crew of "friends" who had mmorpg experience and showed me the ropes and how things went in mmorpgs.

As time wore on though I found myself in a place where I had to start deciding for myself what was acceptable and what was not I started to see SWG for what it really was, just another game but one with flaws that I could compare to the state of the earliest console games (anyone remember having to blow into cartridges to get them to work?).  For me that was and is simply unacceptable.  If I'm going to pay for something I expect a certain amount of quality that at that point (and largely now) MMORPG devs either were unable or unwilling to meet.

I thought overall the experiences I gained in SWG were a good thing but the game ultimately was not.  And there in lies the special charm of mmorpg's tell me another game that one could spend up to ten hours or more a week playing for up to a year only to realize one day "you know this game actually sucks".

Tue Nov 16 2010 10:18AM Report
robsmob writes:

My first MMO was a game called Redmoon -- a Korean imported MMORPG, when I was 11.  That game had the most disgusting grind and very few distractions to back it up, but the community was engaged enough so that it created an appealing dramatic feel to every PvP encounter; social ramifications taking precedence over the built-in incentives.  


Looking back, it was probably very poorly designed and the support was lacking, but to be honest, I haven't had such an addicting, fulfilling MMO experience since.  Good times.


Tue Nov 16 2010 6:53PM Report
sfly2000 writes:

My first "MMO-like" experience was with Neverwinter Nights 1 (playing on "persistent worlds" online) and I've been going at it the last 7 years.

Before that I used to play multiplayer..but that was more action games...shooters...

Wed Nov 17 2010 8:15AM Report
tht1guy1226 writes:

EQOA. Everquest for playstation 2. I was 13 and the game had been out for a couple of months. My friends and I always loved to try out new games, but we hadn't gotten into pc gaming yet. When we heard about EQOA we thought it was revolutionary. After playing for a month on mine and my brother's shared acount our friend and his brother forced their parents to get it for them as well. We could only play 2 at a time but we had so much fun staying up later than ever before getting truly addicted to a game for the first time. Of course I then learned of WoW and EQ2 coming out and switched to pc gaming. I still dabble in as many mmos as i can get my hands on as well as my huge love for rts's that has developed. but that's a different story.

Thu Nov 18 2010 9:08PM Report writes:
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