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Community Spotlight: Missed Classics

Posted by MikeB Monday October 7 2013 at 12:57AM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "Any Regrets on missing an early MMORPG?" by Kyleran:

I got to thinking, one nice thing about early MMORPG's was you could easily spend a year or two in them, in my situation my  pre-WOW MMO's were Lineage 1, DAOC, Shadowbane, Lineage 2 in that order.

As such, I really missed out on playing many of the classic titles during their heyday, and while I'd really have loved to try most of the other titles on my list, it would be real challenge between UO, AC1 and SWG as each had their own unique flavor to add to the genre.

I'll have to think about it some more to vote in my own poll for now, but I thought I'd find out what title they didn't really get to play (outside of a quick trial) but would have like to.

As always, 10 slots is never enough (I wanted to add Shadowbane) and I did try to keep the list to pre-WOW titles. (and yes, I know I missed EVE, but one might argue it's still in it's heyday so get out there and play)

Bonus points if you are still playing any of them.  (sorry SWG fans, you're out of luck on this one)

Read on for some highlights from the thread!

mmoguy43 would have liked to play SWG:

I would have liked to experience SWG for it's player housing, harvesting, crafting, and player dependent mechanics in its prime but I would not trade it for the time I spent in Neocron at the time. All the others except for maybe UO (Still can't stand the perspective and graphics, especially hate Ultima 7.) to me weren't worth playing even in their heyday.

Arclan regrets not trying DAOC:

I regret not trying DAOC the most; and to some extent, vanilla WoW. After all, I had been a fan of Blizzard since its earliest days (Orcs & Humans, Diablo I). Although I never played play SWG, I received daily updates from a coworker who played the sh!t out of it; so I felt like I was there, too.

Homitu wishes he were around for UO:

I often wish I had been in the MMO scene while UO was relevant.  That would have been a cool initial perspective to have.  

As it stands, FFXI was my first MMO, which I played from vanilla through COP, or about a year and a half.  After that, I switched to WoW shortly after its release.  There was some overlap between the two games for a while, but that was mostly because I was entrenched in the FFXI endgame at the time and was quite dedicated to my linkshell.  I was unwilling to let it go.  Otherwise, it rapidly became clear WoW was the game I found much more appealing.  Compared to WoW, I ultimately decided FFXI sucked at pretty much everything.  

Despite this, however, I still value my experience with FFXI.  At the very least, it broadened my scope of MMO designs, provided me with insight to a different MMO era, and granted me perspective for how the genre was evolving.  I assume having played games like UO or EQ would fill much the same role, which I can appreciate.  I would hope, however, that if I had played those games for years prior, that I would still have been receptive to WoW when it came out because I had a really great time in that game for many years that I would have hated to miss out on.  I know I see a lot of insanely jaded classic MMO gamers who seem to take an unhealthy primal pride in their degree of "old-school-ness," and, as a result, seem to not have enjoyed a single game over the last decade.  That would suck.

I too would have liked to have played Ultima Online in its heyday. Oddly enough, I had a friend who did, and he would often play it when I went over his house after school. I just wasn't interested at the time. I've heard tons of great stories and both my coworkers and other friends I have met in the industry always speak highly of the game, so it would have been great to try it when it was really buzzing.

What about you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!