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Community Spotlight: Most Cherished MMO Item?

Posted by MikeB Sunday October 21 2012 at 11:16PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread,"Most cherished item from any MMO you've played." by Kakkzooka. Kakkzooka kicks things off with his own examples:

For me, I would have to say that the staff from World of Warcraft, Benediction, was my most prized, virtual possession:

Hi! Please use this staff to more easily target me for your PvP pleasure.

Not only was it (arguably) the coolest looking staff in the game, it had a glowing trail of slowly fading green, phosphorous dots that followed it as you walked, ran or galloped across Azeroth. But, beyond that, there was a ton of lore and work that lead up to acquiring the staff. First, you had to obtain an Eye of Shadow, an epic drop with a cryptic message about its purpose, by farming DreadLords in the Blasted Lands (or the Dreadlord himself, Lord Kazzak), or by going to Winterspring and farming Slayers. Then you had to equip the eye of shadow, pilfered via a paltry 50% drop chance from Majordomo in Molten Core, in order to find the ghost of a priest who failed to heal the denizens of Stratholme as it was being purged by Arthas. You must succeed where she failed, and if you are successful: the branch that will complete the construction of Benediction is your reward.

As a runner-up, my second favorite staff was found in Karazhan after the introduction of The Burning Crusade expansion, called "The Staff of Infinite Mysteries:"

Enjoying that glow trail? We'll fix that!

I acquired this staff shortly after the opening of The Burning Crusades, and while this staff's lore isn't nearly as interesting (IMO), there is a bit of trivia that many devotees of Karazhan, or enthusiasts of this particular stave, may remember. This staff, like Benediction, produced a wild looking glow trail when equipped, while the player was walking, running or riding a mount. (Almost like a black-light, LSD trail.) This effect was subsequently nerfed about a month or two after the expansion released, with no explanation. Doing so truly ruined the aesthetics of the staff, for me.

What are some items from your favorite MMOs that you have really cherised?

What are some of the community's most cherished items? Find out below!

Nhyx shares his tale of acquiring a griffon in Vanguard:

My griffon in Vanguard before the raise of the level cap. It was a long and epic quest and one mob especially, Akande, took so many tries until we finally figured out how to kill it on a reliable basis. After we knew how to kill the mob we took each and every guild member through the quest. We were 4 people able to deal with it and helped the 5th ín the group to obtain the griffon as well.

So many tries, with the weirdest ideas as how to beat it. Akande spawned a dog as aid and keeping it under control proofed the hardest for the tank. And we tried the weirdest stuff to finally beat it. One class, necro, could summon meat so we even thought of summoning meat to distract the dog. This is how far fetched our ideas went because we couldn't figure out the strat for that mob...

I played a tank and couldn't help in groups where the 5th member was also a tank. Since not all of the tanks managed to obtain the griffon due to their lack of ability to keep Akande and its dog under control it made me even more proud that I was one of the few to be able to tank it.

UsualSuspect got some serious mileage out of his Cloak of Flames in the original EverQuest:

Playing a Monk in EverQuest, at the time the Cloak of Flames was the best haste item available, which dropped rarely from Lord Nagafen, the Dragon. It was my second attempt on Nagafen and I was with a small guild that had added other people on to create an adequate sized raid, me included, as I was unguilded at the time. Nagafen went down and the Cloak of Flames was one of the drops, the people there rolled /random 420 to see who would get the cloak and the highest roll was 418. People were congratulating that person when I asked if I was allowed to roll, as I wasn't a part of the guild that organized the raid. The answer was yes and I promptly /rolled and got a 419.

While I felt a bit bad for the guy who had been congratulated already, that Cloak lasted me all through the Kunark, Velious and Luclin expansions, and only after hitting the elemental planes in Planes of Power did I finally exchange it for a higher haste item.

That really was my most treasured item. It came as a surprise reward and lasted me for most of my life through EverQuest.

Loktofeit's composite bow in Asheron's Call was his favorite:

My composite bow in Asheron's Call. I had to actively hunt for specific creatures to get the parts and then there was a skill check involved in creation that included breakage and loss of parts if crafting failed. Aside from the rather epic adventure of collecting the various parts from around the game world, the bow looked great and had really good stats, making it a great bow for my character for years.

Edit: Second would be my Bandit Hilt Dagger.

My most cherished item was my X-Wing in Star Wars Galaxies. I had an engine in that baby that was worth over 80 million credits (pre-nerf engine). The engine let me pile on tons of heavy weaponry and other awesome components due to its light weight and it was fast and agile as heck to boot. My server, Starsider, often ran space PvP events every weekend and was host to an overall great Jump to Lightspeed community. I've had tons of great memories in my X-Wing. Hopefully Chris Roberts' Star Citizen can bring back some of that magic!

How about you? What was your most cherished MMO item? Let us know in the comments below!