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Community Spotlight: Playing MMOs 10 Years from Now?

Posted by MikeB Saturday October 22 2011 at 8:15PM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuses on the thread "Will you still be playing MMOs in 10 years time?" by Tutu2. Straightforward as many of these often are, Tutu2 simply wants to know if the community sees themselves playing games in the MMO genre 10 years from now:

Do you think you will? Or do you think life commitments will get in the way eventually? Do you already have kids and can play alot of MMOs?  I sometimes think how can people possibly play MMOs with babies or young children, it seems negectful. 

Will the community be playing MMOs 10 years from now? Read on to find out!

Kappadonna definitely plans on sticking around:

I've been playing MMOs since the launch of UO in 97, or even back in 94/95 with Gemstone/Dragonrealms if you want to count MUDs, and I'm still playing. 

Now that isn't to say I enjoy most of what I play - I don't. MMOs have declined in the past 5 years or so but I credit that to a genre which became stagnant with ideas and cluttered with clones not to mention that a lot of developers/publishers backed out due to WoW's dominance. 

However, we finally have some new life coming in with some major developed MMOs on the way (finally!). I think a few of them will be good but I'm really not going to love this genre until we get some more large scale, well funded sandbox MMOs that take ideas from the more virtual MMO model rather than the theme park ones. 

I'll always play them until I'm old most likely. But the genre develops/changes slowly, with changes taking years to mold and shape the genre, so I'd say the truely good MMOs are still years and years off and we won't really see anything truely revolutionary until technology catches up with our ideas. 

I mean imagine a gigantic open world that's far too large in scope for human developers to physically shape all of it - where basic AI helps create mobs, land structures, weather patterns, and so forth. Be interesting ... but decades off.

On the other hand Kabaal isn't sure he's even got two years left playing these games:

Unless the genre has a drastic shake up i doubt i'll be playing them in 2 years never mind 10. Been playing them for around 7 years and for the past few years i find myself barely playing them for a month or 3 instead of the year to a few years i did before. I'm just bored of the playing the same old same old games and the ones that try to be different being failures for the most part.

fenistil still plans on playing MMOs 10 years from now despite not having as much time to do so, as long as he has some subscription-based options:

Don't have so much leisure time as I had in school/university anymore. Have to work to earn my living,etc - I still play games just I play them less. I still contrary to some people I met - I enjoy challanging, time-consuming games. Less time mean It just take more days/weeks/months to get something in game / finish game. 

Fine with me - I was not racing in games before don't feel like I have to do now.

Will I play mmorpg's in 10 years?  Don't know what type of mmorpg's will be 'served' to players in future. More importantly is though - Will there be a PURE p2p game in 10 years I will be able to play and this game will be interesting?

If yes then I propably will play it. 

If all games will have cash shops, rmt, rmah ,etc - then I won't play since I don't agree with having those things in games I play.

I've been working here just over two years now and I'm still confident this genre has its best years ahead of it, so I would definitely say yes. I started playing MMOs because I was looking to replicate my much-loved MUD experiences in a 3D environment. This effort was more or less fruitless, though I managed to get pretty close with Star Wars Galaxies and The Matrix Online.

I've since made peace with the fact MMOs just aren't like MUDs anymore, but I'm hopeful that World of Darkness brings some of those heavy RP / community based elements back to the forefront. I don't necessarily mind the recent trend towards themepark games and Free-to-Play, but I do hope the genre eventually realizes its potential to create more world-like games. The realist in me knows this is a hard sell for AAA developers these days, however.