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Blizzcon Opening Ceremony LIVE STARTS NOW!

Posted by SBFord Friday October 21 2011 at 9:02AM
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Level 90 cap increase.


Pet battle system.

Panda-looking creatures.

Very Asian-themed, this new land.


Very Asian-themed, this new land.


Behold the future!

The real enemy, the true villain of the franchise is going to be war itself.


Preview for next WoW expansion coming in a minute or two.


Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm cinematic.


Blizzard DOTA!


Diablo III cinematic next!






Senior VP Chris Metzen on stage


Video retrospective on 15 years of Diablo.





Diablo III!!!!! Box art



Diablo III!!!!! Box art



Morhaime encourages folks to grab the Blizzcon app on iTunes or the Droid Marketplace for the latest updates straight out of the convention.


$2.7 million dollars donated to Japan for tsunami relief and to Make a Wish. AWESOME!


Rogues getting a Legendary in 4.3.

Every WoW player in the world is playing the same version of the game.


v4.3 Hour of Twilight - Biggest content update for the Cataclysm expansion. Epic raid content for WoW.


Morhaime walks onstage.


Starting with a retrospective of the last 20 years: Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, WoW, Starcraft II!


Ready to roll in just about 1-2 minutes! 45 minutes for the opening ceremonies!


Starcraft II Tournament bracket revealed:



Fifteen minutes to tee time. What do you expect to hear about?


Big news when the opening ceremonies start in 15 minutes!


Pre-show is starting, folks are packing it in, no doubt anxious for word of the WoW expansion, Starcraft II next episode and the Diablo III release date!

10:41 The Diablo 3 team will be talking about all things Auction House later today.

10:38 Right after the Opening Ceremonies: TWO World of Warcraft panels featuring the team in the image below and probably giving more information on the anticipated expansion:

10:37 Mike Morhaime to hit the main stage with new trailers for the BIG 3 and BIG announcements!

10:35 Big announcements for WoW, new expansion perhaps? Heart of the Swarm news? Diablo III release date perhaps? Let's hope so!

10:34 26,000 fans attending the convention!

10:25 Let's play "Find Bill Murphy"? Is he in this picture? LOL...don't think so!

This will be the site of the official Blizzcon 2011 Live Blog straight from Anaheim, California. We'll be reporting on the opening ceremony scheduled to begin at 11:00 PST on Friday, October 21st.

DarkPony writes:

*paints face blue and mixes a salad meal*

Fully prepared for the reveal of Avatar Online, formerly known as Titan!

Fri Oct 21 2011 11:24AM Report
Maki2 writes:

DarkPony, I think they said that there won't be anything about Titan for this blizzcon. Maybe next year.

Fri Oct 21 2011 12:48PM Report
Deewe writes:

One word: Titan?

Fri Oct 21 2011 12:53PM Report
Isturi writes:

LOL dont expect any Titan news this time around.

Fri Oct 21 2011 1:09PM Report
DarkPony writes:

Nooooooo! I want ma Avatartitan!

*shakes head in denial and cries*

Fri Oct 21 2011 1:15PM Report
Teala writes:

Awesome - one year sub to WoW gets you Diablo III free!  Also!  Get some cool in game perks!  Blizz is so cool.

Fri Oct 21 2011 1:22PM Report
cscurlock writes:

Blizzard pretty much just destroyed any new MMO including SWTOR.

Fri Oct 21 2011 1:23PM Report
Puremallace writes:

There is the ToR counter

Fri Oct 21 2011 1:23PM Report
Teala writes:

What is with the huge hammer he is holding?

Fri Oct 21 2011 1:26PM Report
Teala writes:

Cinematic is awesome for D III

Fri Oct 21 2011 1:31PM Report
Teala writes:

Blizzard DOTA  - coolness.

Fri Oct 21 2011 1:35PM Report
WhiteLantern writes:

*Grumble* That D3 CE is making me waiver.

Must hold the line.



Screw it! I need a diablo skull for my desk.

Fri Oct 21 2011 1:38PM Report
Teala writes:

WoW exapnsion next!  Woot!

Fri Oct 21 2011 1:39PM Report
Teala writes:


Fri Oct 21 2011 1:46PM Report
Puremallace writes:

ahahahahahhahahaahhaah Must goto WoW forums the rage is going to be epic.

Fri Oct 21 2011 1:57PM Report
Oziius writes:

nothing for over 10 mins... great stuff! Comon!! I'm dying here!! Write anything!!!

Fri Oct 21 2011 1:57PM Report
Isturi writes:

LMAO acualy Blizz is doing this because of TOR ty TOR for making Blizz to at least come up to the plate It will be a battle of the MMO companies now BW vs Blizz my money is on BW.

Fri Oct 21 2011 2:02PM Report
PukeBucket writes:


My former love of WC3 may be clouding my consumer judgement...

Fri Oct 21 2011 2:02PM Report
Oziius writes:

I don't know why people are complaining about Panda people here... lets see: 

Arrakoa = bird people
Centaur= horse people
Furblogs = bear people
Gnolls = hyena people
Kobolds = rat people
Magnataur = mammoth people
Murlocs = fish people
Naga = fish/snake people
Qiraji/Nerubian = bug people
Quillboar = boar people
Taunka = buffalo people
Tauren = cow people
Tol'vir = cat people
Tuskarr = walrus people
Wildkin/Moonkin = owl people
Wolvar = wolverine people
Worgen = wolf people

Whats the problem

Fri Oct 21 2011 2:05PM Report
SBFord writes:

Opening ceremony is over but we'll be live blogging the WoW: Mists of Pandarian panel in about 15 minutes. :)


Fri Oct 21 2011 2:15PM Report writes:
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