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Community Spotlight: MMO IP You'd Love to See, But Never Will?

Posted by MikeB Thursday October 28 2010 at 3:10PM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuses on the thread "MMO IP you'd love to see, but never will?" by dnarris. The subject of the thread should come as no surprise, dnarris wants to know what intellectual properties the community would love to see as an MMO, but know will never realistically happen:

"So what IP would you love to see become the next major MMO, but are pretty sure won't?

I personally would love to see a Robotech/Macross MMO.

I've always enjoyed the lore in that series and would be really happy to see a MMO set in that world. What fan wouldn't want to be a Veritech pilot or a Zentradi warrior.

Seeing how the IP is pretty old and not very popular anymore. I imagine it'll never find itself to MMO status."

fatenabu has some interesting ideas for a Highlander MMO:

"Highlander, modern or near future setting with perma-death.

Make people gain levels by doing quest killing npcs type crap but also have them gain levels by pvp. You take the head of a fellow player and there level is added to yours. Yes this would make crazy hard pvp but, that is sort of hour it is in Highlander. Levels would be used to increase stats like STR, DEX, INT, WIS, CON, CHA (to use the default D&D ones as example) Also only way skills would be raised is by training or taking the head of another, see below.

I would also want some sandbox? UO type things to it. What I mean by this it would be cool to see you be able to train on dummies etc in a martial arts studio etc depending on your weapon type and combat style and gain skillsthat way. Instead of having class types have weapon skills. The game could techincally throw in spell usages such as the old chinese guy in Highlander 3, if needed to give  people a variety. This too though would be done in skills.

Explaination of Quickenings

During PVP would the main time for Quickenings. When one player takes the head of another. The level of that character will be added to the one who is experiencing the Quickenings. As states this would increase stats of the character. Also PVP can only be one on one, and not on holy ground due to tradition :-) Also the winner of said duel would gain the skills of the defeated immortal. This by far would be the most important part of the Quickening. Thus if one immortal has a swordsman ship of 70 and the other has one of 50 and by chance due to saying the character with a 50 swordsman ship wins and will now have a 120 swordsmanship.  Skills would be hard to raise and also max skill level would be 300 per skill and then a total of so many points can only be gained through out all skills. This would prevent a character that can do everything.

Combat would be twitch based combat with some type of combo system where one combat specility skill would lead into another. This would allow for decapitation to only take place during certain times in combat. I would say the special combat skills would vary per weapon and how many skill levels you have in given weapon."

Diovidius has a few ideas, including Pokemon, Zelda, and Heroes of Might and Magic:

"Pokemon, even though I long lost interest in both the show and the games I think a living breathing world filled with pokemon and trainers would be great. It would be mainly a PvP game but I don't really know how the mechanics would work. Would you just give orders to the pokemon or would you actually actively control the pokemon? Of course there would be no classes as such however pokemon each have their own element(s) and speciality.

Further more, I too endorse a Zelda MMO, it would have to be a true action/adventure/rpg hybrid though if it would want to be true to the singleplayer games while still giving that sense of progression which more classic mmorpgs have. This means active controls, you have to aim and move around during combat and press buttons to attack etc instead of letting your character do these things for you. This also means solving puzzels zelda/tomb raider style. I actually fleshed out an idea for this based on the Ocarina of Time but set just before it's events with 7 races and 9 classes.

I think I would thoroughly enjoy a Heroes of Might and Magic or Age of Wonders -like mmo (in other words a fantasy realtime or turn based strategy game with heavy rpg elements).

Even more out there ideas I had at certain points were a Final Fantasy Tactics mmo and a Golden Sun mmo.

Harry Potter as others have mentioned and a Avatar: The Last Airbender I could enjoy but only if they are done in a mature way."

Zyonne would love to see the Discworld IP get the MMO treatment:

"I'd love to see a Discworld MMO. Then again, the Discworld MUD already exists, and is close to perfect except for obviously lacking graphics. I'd expect something similar, and just be disappointed when they released a wow clone instead of something like a modern version of UO with a more advanced skill system. Oh well, it'll never happen, but I do think the game world and setting would make a great backdrop for an MMO. The lore, and locations would be mostly pre-defined, and awesome, but the developers would have (close to) full creative freedom when it came to designing game mechanics."

These days, I'm not convinced that any IP is an unlikely contender for an MMO, as it seems just about anything (The Mummy MMO, really?) can get a green light nowadays. However, with that said I still think Pokemon is one of the most fitting IPs to deserve the MMO treatment that isn't ever likely to do so. Nintendo is pretty strict with their IPs and especially when it comes to kids and I just don't see them getting into that area. I mean, look how contrived the friend system is on the Wii. Do you honestly think Nintendo has the stomach for MMOs then? Probably not.

It's a shame too. While I'm not a rabid Pokemon fan, the game would fit like a glove as an MMO. Collecting and leveling monsters to do battle with, enormous potential for some good PvP, an already established world and characters. There's just so much depth, it's practically structured as an MMO already, it's just missing the massively multiplayer part.

What IPs do you think would make great MMOs, but aren't likely to see the light of day? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

astoria writes:

I'll say it again and keep saying it.


A sci-fi MMO that would appeal to a lot of people. You don't have to know the lore or have ever watched the show. Basic thing is, humans terra formed a lot of planets, some are in better shape than others. The capital planets are high-tech, the outer are wild-west. So you could have anything from laser space fights to knife fights.

Thu Oct 28 2010 3:29PM Report
Dekron writes:


Thu Oct 28 2010 3:47PM Report
computerlame writes:

I would love to see RIFTS from Palladium turned into an MMO.

Their universe managed to pull together all the great aspects from Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Mythology and many other genres. 

Thu Oct 28 2010 4:33PM Report
Xondar123 writes:

No one said Wheel of Time? For shame.

Thu Oct 28 2010 4:50PM Report
Radar11x writes:

Naruto and pokemon would make great mmorpg

Thu Oct 28 2010 5:48PM Report
Bladgrim writes:

I would greatly agree with the idea of making a Zelda MMO, that idea has been in my head for a while.

Thu Oct 28 2010 6:11PM Report
TheMaelstrom writes:

This came up several months ago and I also said I'd love to see a RIFTS mmo based on the palladium books. Best of all worlds, really. You have steampunk, cyberpunk, high technology, magic, techno-magic, mechs, dragons, vampires...etc etc etc.

Literally ANYTHING could be molded into the RIFTS system.

Thu Oct 28 2010 6:26PM Report
dnarris writes:

Rifts has such a variety with the many different dimensions you could use.

I'd almost say too much.

But the struggle between Coalition and well...everything else could definitely make a good game.

Thu Oct 28 2010 7:58PM Report
Shaden writes:

Spelljammer! Some of the best books ever.

Thu Oct 28 2010 8:05PM Report
Dacker writes:


Fri Oct 29 2010 2:24AM Report
Gnomig writes:

Shadowrun. Elfs, Trolls, guns, hacking, decking, magic. Kaboom! It does not get better.

Fri Oct 29 2010 6:41AM Report
Sascaroth writes:

Naruto and Bleach

Fri Oct 29 2010 7:48AM Report
Nephaerius writes: Discworld, Shadowrun, and Pokemon would all be great. To the person that suggested Wheel of Time - it's in production now. I think the company is Red Eagle games or something. You can google it to find out. Fri Oct 29 2010 10:03AM Report
Vonatar writes:

Dragonlance for me too. Always thought it would be awesome to be able to run around Krynn and there's plenty of lore to give the game backbone. Only problem is how to make it better than WoW-with-kender...

Fri Oct 29 2010 12:01PM Report
Ekaros writes:

I think there is some sort of HOMM MMO out there...

Shadowrun would be good, or any new cyperpunk, still Shadowrun for balancing between tech and magic...

Discworld might be intresting, and it has a large world...

Sat Oct 30 2010 3:02AM Report
Blackhound writes:

Starsiege, Fallout, World of Darkness. Oh wait... Yeah, I think I'm covered for my never-going-to-happens. Unless Westwood clambers from it's grave and puts out a Nox MMO.

Sat Oct 30 2010 4:28AM Report
Katrisa writes:

Ghost in the Shell MMO! :)

Sat Oct 30 2010 4:51AM Report
Katrisa writes:

An MMO based on old Japan. like a Shogun MMO focused on samuri culture

Dune - so much you could do with Dune in terms of classes and exploration.

Blade Runner Universe - again... alot you could do here. Android vs Human. Huge citys with open pvp in the streets.

Western MMO - Someone said Firefly earlier. Thats a great one. All kinds of classes and factions would be possible.

Ok im done geeking out :)

Sat Oct 30 2010 5:07AM Report
severius writes:

Opinions are a wonderful thing :)  Not a single thing listed in the article even sounds entertaining, let alone like a good idea :)  But, as I said, opinions are a wonderful thing :D

You want good IPs for the next great mmo?  Ok.  Steve Jackson's Car Wars.  You take fallout, mad max, and auto assault.  Mesh them all together with a huge gameworld.  I do not think you could get a better fit for a sandbox game... with alot of virtual sand too!  Most of y'all probly ain't old enough but anyone remember AutoDuel?

Mechwarrior nuff said.

Still waiting for a great Star Trek MMO and Marvel MMO.

Sat Oct 30 2010 11:38AM Report
Karnage69 writes:

I have always wondered what it would be like to play an MMO set in the world of...

The Secret of Nimh

Yes, the cartoon/movie. Could play as a rat, a mouse, a vole, mole, etc...

I think it would be fantastic.

Sat Oct 30 2010 7:46PM Report
Esoba writes:

By far I would literally pass out with supreme joy if Babylon 5 became a MMO reality.  Other than that, maybe an Underworld MMO. Freaking awesome.

Sun Oct 31 2010 2:56PM Report
Drevar writes:

Out of the obscure blue sky:

Lin Carter's World's End series.


I would also very much love to "Drive Offensively", ie Auto Duel.



Sun Oct 31 2010 8:03PM Report
Lasastard writes:

Well, Highlander wouldn't work for very obvious reasons I'd think. Because at some point there would either be not enough players left and/or the reminaing players would be so powerful, that noone would stand a chance defeating them. Not a very good business-idea ;)


Shadowrun would be sweet - but alas, I don't see it happening anytime soon. And I would only be excited about it if it had some sandboxy elements to it - like players can design and set up their own computer systems to store their information (think of it as a vault, perhaps?) which can then be hacked by enemy deckers and so on. Could be great fun, imho.

Mon Nov 01 2010 4:11AM Report
MMartian writes:

For me I would like to see Larry Niven's Known Space. Another would be FASA' Mechwarrior.

But I am also afraid. Both of these have a potential to be a great Sci-Fi MMORPG. But I can also see that in the hands of some studios their becoming a big disapointment.

Mon Nov 01 2010 7:29AM Report
Lyriel25 writes:

Stargate. Sigh.

Though I have to say, I'd love a Firefly-based one too!

Mon Nov 01 2010 8:50AM Report
Inktomi writes:

Magic: The Gathering as an MMORTS. Thats whats up!

Tue Nov 02 2010 2:37PM Report
smugglapro writes:

Firefly would blow, the characters and Joss's writing are what made that IP great.

M:TG can die in a fire.  I used to sell those packs for a living.  Worst waste of money since snake oil.

Niven's Known Space would be interesting to postulate, but I think it's more of the same as Firefly, Niven's work would falter in anyone else's delivery but his.  Same with Stargate.   I KNEW that wasn't gonna happen and for that very reason.  Sure, finances were the nail in the coffin, but it wasn't meant to be from the word go.

Fallout and Rifts top my list of GIMMIES!  RIFTS most of all.  There you've got a premade world and content for any given taste of IP.  Genres blending so seamlessly that they'd honestly have to work to screw it up.  Love me some Palladium and the simple fact is that balance is impossible there, so you're from the get-go shooting for a niche fan-base who understand that we all can't be equally special flowers.  TechnoMages don't stand in front of Glitterboy cannons and expect to live.  That and THEN you've got the ENTIRE PALLADIUM LINE of RPGs to pull from, as RIFTS is the nexus point of all Palladium universes. 

It's a no brainer.

Tue Nov 02 2010 9:35PM Report
GamerAeon writes:

RIP Stargate Worlds :(

At least the other two IPs on the top of my list are coming

Neverwinter Online and Warhammer 40k Dark Millenium Online

Other than these IPs I would say Gundam something akin to an eXteel style but more Gundam

Wed Nov 03 2010 7:40AM Report
jorcoman2 writes:

Magic the gathering would make a good 'un imo. Would be really fun with a good traveling system, using card name titles as spells. No classes, just choosing what type of "Mage" you want to be, based on the games colours. Could it work? :O

Thu Nov 04 2010 3:04PM Report
borick179 writes:

Dune, three opposing sides, open pvp, Frank Herberts Worlds would rock!!

Tue Nov 09 2010 8:05AM Report
Kothoses writes:

1 Dragonlance

2 Ravenloft

3 Shadowrun

Sun Nov 21 2010 6:18PM Report writes:
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