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Community Spotlight: Your Favorite MMO Classes

Posted by MikeB Thursday October 14 2010 at 5:01PM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuses on the thread "Your top three best classes from any MMORPG" by Creslin321. Creslin321 is no stranger to the spotlight, having been spotlighted in a previous week, but this time he wants to find out what your favorite three MMO classes are. Creslin321 kicks things off with his top three:

"1. Herald of Xotli - Age of Conan.  The HOX was hands down one of the most fun damage dealing classes to play.  Extremely high damage, extremely low health, every fight when fast and dangerous.  They also got tons of cool abilities like the ability to transform into a demon.  Topping everything off was the fact that they had a move called "I eat your heart" in which they rip the heart out of your chest Indiana Jones style and take a bite!

2. Druid - World of Warcraft.  The WoW druid was so much fun because it could do just about anything.  It was a tank with bear form, a melee DPS with cat form, and magic DPS/healing in regular druid form.  Put this on top of a bunch of other shapeshifting abilities and you have a great class.

3. Bard - Everquest 1.  The EQ1 bard was tons of fun to play, and bard classes sadly aren't included in most modern MMOs.  The bard was awesome at kiting, it could even "swarm kite" where it charmed one monster only to have 10 other monsters beat the crap out of it and soften it up so the bard could get to kill.  How cool is that!"

Rydeson also loved the Druid, though he seems to prefer the EverQuest 1 version:

"Oh what the heck.. I'll bite..

1) Druid - Everquest 1 (pre PoP) = I loved that ability to travel the world in a blink of an eye.. port here, port there.. SoW anyone?  I loved it..  I could toss out heals in a crunch.. I could group or solo depending on my mood.. It was truely a hybrid jack of all trades class.. As us druids would say back in the day, "If I can snare it, I own it".. How true that was.. LOL

2) Necromancer - Everquest 1 = I'm a pet class fan, and there was no better master to this then a Necro.. I loved everything about being a Neco.. leaching, dotting, pulling, dpsing.. 

3) Hunter - World of Warcraft = Having a tanking pet while I dps from a distance, with the ability to solo almost anything was great.. I was always a fan of pet classes, and it was great to customize what pet you had by what you trained.. KUDO's on this one..

There probably another 3 classes from different games that are close 4th place ties from EQ2, Aion and LoTRO..  However.. ALERT.. I saw some previews of classes from GW2 and hubba hubba .. :)  Top 3 could change.."

insanex couldn't decide on just three, so he offered five:

"1. Warden - LoTRO

    The warden is an awesome class that transcends the auto-attack nature of most MMOs. You can heal yourself (with the proper gambit), go stealth, backstab, can melee strong with a shield, and have both offensive and defensive gambits. It takes some paying attention to get the gambit you need in a given situation. 

2. Shaman - Dark Age of Camelot

    The shaman in DAoC is the quintessential multi-purpose class. You could spec in cave - DPS - and still get a wide range of healing and buff abilities, plus you could handle yourself in a melee situation. Best all-around useful class I've ever played.

3. Agent - Anarchy Online

    The agent in AO is the epitome of cool. You get some sweet shades, cool clothes, and a flying vehicle and you got it made. You look like someone from the Matrix. The sniper and debuff/root skills were awesome, and even though the first 60 levels or so were fairly tough without a ton of cash for better equipment, the agent is a blast to play.

4. Metaphysicist - Anarchy Online

    The MP is an awesome multi-pet class that was good with nanos (basically spells) and could have up to 3 (IIRC) pets that were physical manifestations of your own emotions. (one of the first you get is a DPS pet called the Anger Manifestation) You could have a healing pet, a mezz pet, and a damage pet. At lower levels you had one, and worked your way up. Very fun to play. 

5. Marksman - Hellgate: London

    HG:L was not your traditional MMO, but it falls in the MMO genre just as well as any big-name like WoW, IMO. THe marksman was a flat-out awesome ranged killer. He was a blast to play with all the different elemental weapons with the usual array of rocket launchers, snipers, SMGs, rifles, and so on. Marksman armor looked downright cool, and in spite of lower health than the melee classes, could hold his own very well. A blast to play. I had a lvl 28 one before the servers shut down."

Below you'll find my top three MMO classes:

1. Brutes (City of Villains): Sometimes you just want to SMASH things! City of Villain's Brutes offered this in spades. While Scrappers provided a balanced melee experience, it was when Brutes were introduced with the launch of City of Villains that players really got to feel powerful. Brutes built up rage as they attack and are attacked, ramping up their damage to scary levels if players can keep the SMASH going. While Scrappers could leisurely pick mobs apart, Brutes were rewarded for the kind of frenetic pace one would expect from someone fueled by rage.

2. Dominators (City of Villains): Yep, back to City of Villains again. Dominators have had a bit of a tumultuous history in the game, going from kind of an odd mix of blaster and controller with a mechanic that gave them a real Jekyll and Hyde kind of feel to something that is much more consistent and fun to play. Dominators offer strong control through a variety of CC related powersets and can also really lay down the hurt with a Blaster like mix of ranged and melee attacks.

3. Ranger (Star Wars Galaxies): Rangers in general are my favorite type of class to play, and while the SWG Ranger didn't make use of a bow-and-arrow, I found it to be one of the truest implementations of the class. The Ranger in SWG was a real master of the wilderness in just about every way, and offered groups a lot of interesting utility from being able to track creatures, to assembling useful traps and more. The Ranger combined well with other classes such as the Rifleman to really bring the fantasy Ranger spirit to a sci-fi setting.

So what are your top three favorite MMO classes? Share your picks in the comments below!

Leviathonlx writes:

A druid being a class choice (or at least some pet type class) is always a requirement for me when it comes to MMO's besides them having more than just your normal boring elves, dwarves and humans as race choices.

Thu Oct 14 2010 7:25PM Report
Jermatoo writes:
1. Priest - Dungeon Fighter Online
What can I say? A mix of fast paced, holy light based, spiritual beatdown in one class. Also the first class I played with when DFO first went CB.
2. Deathknight - World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King
Problaby the only thing I liked in the new expansion, possibly my best class in all aspects of gameplay. Although I would've prefered a system to either a Warlock or maybe just use Mana, the Runic system isn't completely garbage.
3. Engineer - Team Fortress 2
Not really in the whole MMO Category but still one of my favorite classes. Not only can build automated turrets for defense but can build dispensors for ammo and health, as well as build teleporters to quickly get from one point to another.[/quote]
Fri Oct 15 2010 1:47AM Report
just1opinion writes:

Only 3 huh?  Hmm.


1- EQ2 Wizard

2- WoW Shadow Priest or Warlock (tie)

3- EQ2 Warden or WoW Resto Druid

4- LotRO Runekeeper


(Sorry...shortening it to four is the best I could do.)

Fri Oct 15 2010 1:53AM Report
just1opinion writes:

Oh...and I guess I actually "shortened" it to SIX, not four, if we're being precise. I have some tie scores in there, and...I could have listed a few others, so even as many as I listed...felt like a serious shortening of the list. ;)

Fri Oct 15 2010 1:55AM Report
micona writes:

1-squid herder in War

2-Cabalist in Daoc

3-Confessor in Shadowbane

4-Bard in Vanguard

5-Psionist in Vanguard

Fri Oct 15 2010 2:03AM Report
Yamota writes:

1. Controller (City of Heroes) - Crowd Controll class with some DPS and healing. Like Archmage, fun and challenging class to play.

2. Archmage (WAR) - Healer, DPS and some debuffs. Fun to play when a dedicated healer is already in the team because it allows you to decide in every situation what is the best course of action.

3. Mage in Asherons Call - Not a class per se, since AC had a skillbased system, but there were lots of diverse type of magic skills. Ranging from Buffs/Debuggs to high damage one hit kill spells. However it lacked any crowd controll spells which was really missed.

Fri Oct 15 2010 2:45AM Report
takayi writes:

1. Warden - LotRO

Great class, unique playstyle when compared to other classes in LotRO (and many other MMO's), brings some spice to tanking, and you really must know what youre doing.

2. Bard - Vanguard

I always loved bard's in every game, and always play them where possible. My love for bard's possibly come from NWN, where my first character was a bard, haha. Anyways, for some reason my bard from VG really stays in my heart.

3. N/A, can't really say, theres not really too many classes that have caught my heart besides from those two mentioned above.

Fri Oct 15 2010 3:12AM Report
hogscraper writes:

My favorite is so far ahead of any other choice I'll just mention it. Minstrel from DAOC. Fastest speed in the game, 9 second single target stun, mezz that lasts just about forever, ability to melee, being able to grab a red con pet, insta cast dd's! Speed of sound was the greatest ability I ever used. Super speed and immune to crowd control for a short time. Finding a red/oj chain stunning pet was some of the most fun I ever had running a duo with a sorcerer. Me and best friend would act like ambush predators waiting outside of the enemy portal keeps on the chance whatever full group came along would not have all their most powerful abilities up and ready to go. Solo he wasn't worth much damage wise because I spent so many points in getting pets and making my CC strong but with the right partner, taking out entire groups couldn't be beat.

Fri Oct 15 2010 3:25AM Report
rojoArcueid writes:

1-  Shaman (wow)

2- Riffleman (Aika)

3- Partisan Warrior (Metin 2)

Fri Oct 15 2010 3:39AM Report
Feanor23x writes:

I had the most fun with DAoC's Reaver class.  The positional attacks were a nice twist that really kept you on your toes, and their flexible weapons looked neat.  Add in an Inconnu as the race choice and you had one nasty looking melee-class!

Fri Oct 15 2010 3:45AM Report
Ithi writes:

1. My Favorite class by far was Pre-NGE SWG's Master Creature Handler.  Having the ability to find, tame, and train huge and tiny exotic beasts was a wonderful job!  I loved fighting with my pets in that game, and we made a deadly team.  It was possible to have an entire menagerie!

2. Ritualist in Guild Wars.  Depending on the build you make for yourself, you can heal, damage, crowd control--all very effectively.  IMO it is the best profession in the game.  Versatile and strategic.

3. Chanter in Aion.  This is probably the best healing class I have ever played.  Aion got it right by giving the healer the ability to defend himself as well!

Fri Oct 15 2010 4:41AM Report
sprites01 writes:

1. Trader (all of them) - Pre-NGE SWG.

2. Entertainer - Pre-NGE SWG.

3. Creature Handler - Pre-NGE SWG.

The reason being, they all affect the world and the community in more ways than just Pew Pew'ing every living creature. 

Traders kept the world moving, providing; buildings, furniture, clothing, companions and transport as well as the usual food, weapons and armor.  They did this on an industrial level, unlike any other game I have played.  Shopping in SWG was an experience in itself.

Entertainers are still the most unique class in any game.  A purely social class designed to create social hubs all around the galaxy.  Of course they had their mechanical uses (buffs, reducing fatigue) but ATK Ents played a hugely important role in making SWG feel alive.  I don't know anyone who played SWG that didn't, at least once, stop off at a cantina just for a bit of a chat after a hard days grind.  They could even provide cosmetic changes, lot of which were not even accessable during character creation, to those not happy with their look or who just felt like a change.

If you wanted a pet or a mount, a Creature Handler is where you would go.  They would go out into the wild, searching for baby animals.  After finding what they were hunting for, they would then have to help name, grow and train the creature.  If the creature was to become a mount you had to wait until it became old enough/large enough to train as a mount.  Not only was it a viable combat class, it was also a great way to earn a bit of cash.  On a side note, one aspect of Pre-NGE SWG that I loved was that mount did not just "pop" between your legs.  You could stand next to it, have it follow you etc.  In fact, to have a CH train your pet/mount, you would have to call it out and have it "go" to the CH.  It added something to the trade mechanic and was another detail that made Pre-NGE SWG feel alive.


I enjoy combat classes and have played a lot of MMOs but I have never come across anything like these 3 classes in any other game I've played.  That is why they're my top 3.

Fri Oct 15 2010 6:11AM Report
Mandalore writes:

1. Runemaster (DAoC): Because the Firespears are still today one of the most impressive cast animations (as long as they were rendered 1 spear for every target^^).

2. Derwish (GW) / Valewalker (DAoC): Because we need more classes that can use scythes!

3. Assassin (GW): Extremely fun "stealth" class without a stealth. Fast gameplay, cool shadowstep skills and a cool look.

4. Warlock (DAoC): I loved the idea with the chamber system. Was way too OP at release, but still after the dozen of nerfs he was quite fun to play.

Fri Oct 15 2010 6:48AM Report
Dakirn writes:

1. Disciple (Vanguard): This is my favorite healing class ever. It's a monk-like melee class that heals through dealing damage. It's a thinking class.. you have to be a few steps ahead and be able to change course instantly to be efficient at playing one. Hidden endowments for people willing to try different combo chains.  A lot of fun to play and very powerful when played correctly.

2. Bard (Vanguard): While their combat style was similar to a rogue they really shined with the music system.  You could compose all of your own songs with all of your own components. You decided what your songs did and how powerful they were. You decided if you wanted to use an instrument to augment their power.  A very nice system with extreme customization.

3. Lore-Master (LOTRO): I can't get past the coolness factor of dual wielding a staff and sword as a wizard, wading into melee combat with the biggest baddies around and still coming out on top.  The use of pets to slightly change your focus on combat helps the flavor of the class, too.  Add in the ability to completely change your roll from DPS to CC/support at a whim makes it a fun and versitile class that works in almost any group setup.

Fri Oct 15 2010 8:42AM Report
Enigmatik1 writes:

1. Valewalker (DAoC) - It took me over a year to settle down and get a class to 50 and this was my first and still my favorite play in any MMO. They had their issues for a long time, but it just didn't matter. A scythe-swinging DPS hybrid is/was a great idea.


2. Prelate (SB) - Yes, I know...SB. Ugh. But Prelates were fun even if the game wasn't very good and couldn't keep my attention. It was the first time, since the pre-nerf Smite Cleric that I recall a "healing" class that could lay out some serious damage in an MMO...which is still weird, because I recall them doing it better than the Confessors. o.O


3. Bonedancer (DAoC) - I should preface this by saying that I was a Darkdancer from the get-go. It sucked, but for some reason, I had an absolute blast playing them. They finally fixed them near the end of my time in DAoC and they were retardedly powerful...but still fun. Fossily Mystics FTW!

Fri Oct 15 2010 9:49AM Report
Llars writes:

Infiltrator (DAoC) - I can feel old DAoC players rolling their eyes and I get it lol.  In my defense though, I'm actually talking about before the stelthery (new word!) was rampant and Infiltrators were the Flavor of the Decade.

Anyway,  to this day I have never come close to reproducing the rush I got from playing my inf during a siege, before they totally changed keeps.  If we were doing the sieging I was around back, skulking around the the climb points waiting for the enemy to slip up and leave that one caster unguarded; the smug SOB who you could almost hear giggling as he hurled bolts at us from the ramparts.

Sneeking over the wall... praying they didn't have a stealther around to see me... getting in position then hitting him hard, leaving him near dead before jumping off the front wall to saftey and the cheers of the battlegroup (which, I will admit, were imagined more often than not lol) while my poison finished him off...

Rinse, repeat.  I never had more fun.

Fri Oct 15 2010 2:35PM Report
Tanemund writes:

1. Champion DAoC - I loved the combination of magic and melee.  You had to think a bit to play them properly, especially if you specced shield, but the combination of a magic casting tank was a lot of fun to play.


2. Scrapper City of Heroes - I saw someone mention brutes above and I loved them too, but for me the Scrapper was just the kind of super being I wanted to be.  The combination of offense and defense made them truly super.


3. Warrior Priest Warhammer - Nothing better than beating your enemy with a big ol' hammer and healing yourself and your buddies while you do it.

Fri Oct 15 2010 3:04PM Report
kjempff writes:

1. Eq1 bard. The most unique class in any mmo.


2. Diablo2 Necromancer, specificly Summon mancer. Just plain awesome to control your own army of undeads.


3. Vanguard Sorcerer. I cant put my finger on what made this fun, but moving while casting takes some of the static feeling spellcasting can be with other mmo's. Vanguard Disciple also comes close with the most inventive and fun healing system ever.


Other great classes, eq1 necromancer, beastlord, enchanter, mage, monk, most vanguard classes, wow (before easy mode) hunter, warrior, eq2 shaman, bruiser... and more.

All in all, every class that is highly affected by the players skill - Not reflexes and lighting fast reactions, though I admire those who can.


In general, eq1 has the most different classes in any mmo, and Vanguard has the most revolutionary combat system of newer mmo (Written before gw2 is out).

Fri Oct 15 2010 5:25PM Report
Llars writes:

What do you consider skill?  Not that I'm disagreeing.  Just curious what your opinion is.  I can see not counting reflexes but I've considered the ability to react propperly as a component of skill.

Fri Oct 15 2010 8:18PM Report
kjempff writes:

To Llars:

I do consider fast reflexes to be a skill - Like a CS player who can handle alot of decisions per second. What I am trying to say is, that kind of skill should not be dominating in a MMO.


I would like to give an example, WoW raiding today require the skill of beeing able to tap your spells as close as possible to the millisec the cooldown is off, while also avoiding this and that. The result is, your job is tapping keys X times per second in a rotation and any unforeseen event result in wipe because you have no time to adapt a new strategy... In my opinion this turned raiding into a brainless frenzy (untill you learn the fight, then its dull).


An example of a role where the kind of skill I talk about is required, could be enchanter in eq1. Here I have saved raids and groups several times, by just handling my character spells better than most (very modest I know). Not only did I need to take the right decisions quickly, but there were also alot of strategy involved like cc'ing some mob before others, using different cc spells on different mobs, knowing which mob were most likely to shake cc off and come after you, and most important - Communicating (yes I can say it again COMMUNICATING) tactics with/to people in my group while fighting. For bards in eq1 this was even more important, and the best played bards in eq1 were just leagues from the mediocre even with same gear - For example cc'ing two mobs and still hitting the main target while also keeping different songs up suiting that occasion.


As another example, Tabletennis; you can definately work up a skill in tabletennis, but its mostly on an unconcious level that your body reacts, but if you try to be conciously tactical you mess up.

Maybe it is more of a game specific thing rather than a class specific, but if the game wont allow you tactical play, then how the classes work are not important.

Sat Oct 16 2010 7:55PM Report
falcaogj writes: 1. Triple Hilt Dagger/Life AC1 2. Tempest of Set AOC 3. Animist DAOC Shroooooms anyone :) 4. Psionicist Vanguard 5. Disciple of Kaine WARHammer Mon Oct 18 2010 6:20AM Report writes:
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