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Community Spotlight: Favorite PvP Memory

Posted by MikeB Sunday September 9 2012 at 9:01PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "What is your fondest pvp memory?" by Thebigthrill. In the thread, Thebigthrill shares his own favorite PvP memory and asks the community to offer up theirs:

I was in my couch this morning thinking of pvp and how the new pvp battlegrounds in mmorpg's have ruined pvp.

I was thinking of what I missed and thought of Asherons Call 1 and how much fun I had in it.

One  thing that happened to me in that game that I still remember to this day.

Some of this is a little sketchy since its been so long since I played.

1.I had a mage or some kind of caster. I was around level 40 something and I entered a dungeon I would guess for level 15 or so players. My toons name was Doxx.

I remember a group of 4 entering the dungeon , I went to the middle of the dungeon waiting for them.

A few minutes later they appeared and this is somewhat what the chat looked like.

Random toon: Hey look theres someone in here

Random toon2:Hello

Doxx: It is time

Random toon: Time for what Doxx?

Doxx: Time to die!  (I threw out a fire aoe killing the group)

Random players: Wtf! Assh***

Random toon1:Assh***!

(A few minutes later they appear again)

Random Toon: Hey Doxx can we finish this dungeon please?

Doxx: No! (Boom Fire Aoe , they die again)

(A few minutes later I see them appear in chat again)

Random Toon: If you keep this up , we will call in more people.

Doxx: Im sorry , you all may finish.

Random toon:Thank you

Doxx: Do you know what today is?

Random Toon: No Doxx whats today?

Doxx: The worst day of your life! (Boom fire Aoe , they die again)

(About 10 minutes later they appear with a friend a level 30 something)

Random toon whispers me :Hey this is funny shit do you mind if I watch you please dont kill me?

I whisper back:Sure np , stand to the side and enjoy.

Random toon 2: Ok everyone charge at him , hey where is random player 1 going? Why is he standing next to Doxx?

(Random player 1 starts to laugh and taunt the other players, random player 1 is now my friend)

(They all charge me)

Doxx: No one can stand the fire power of Doxx! (Fire Aoe nuke , they all die again)

(This continues for the next hour me and random player 1 become friends)

A few months later I run into random player 1 , he is now 5 levels above me and much more powerful.

We talk about that day , we become best friends in game for the next couple of years.

Read on for some awesome PvP tales!

Keller shares a tale of PvP in Darkfall:

It was in Darkfall. The city of our allies got sieged. Basically our entire Alliance was in their city; 700+ players. The enemy had even bigger numbers as 2 alliances worked together to get this city. Bored in town, I volunteered to scout. I went up a mountain and right before I reached the top, they came over it. I turned around and was followed by 400+ mounted players. Racing down the hill and over the open, desperate to reach the city gate. Then a hailstorm of arrows, manabolts (standard attack for all players) and the cannonball from city's cannons came down on me. I had to dodge friendly fire, but managed to get to the gates. No time to "pocket" my mount, I used my launch spell which did not fail and flew to safety on the citywall. Luckily my allies saw I was a friendly and did not knock me back down.

Never a dull moment on Nilfheim (at least not during the first 6 months after launch).

Quirhid's got some competitive GW1 experience to share:

Some epic GvG matches in GW1's ladder, events and tournaments.

For example, during the E3 of 2005 Arenanet had the unofficial Korean champions playing in their booth against top ladder teams from around the world. During the 3 days of E3, none of the top teams had beaten the Koreans Then finally it was our turn. We were the last challenger; if they beat us they would leave E3 undefeated.

No one had heard of us, we were completely unknown to the world-wide GW1 community. The day before the favorites, some American team had lost in an embarrassing match which was also filmed and uploaded to Youtube (can't find it anymore tho).

...and we beat them.

Not only did we beat them, but it wasn't even close! If I remember correctly, none of us died during the match - ending in a flawless victory. And 4 out of 8 their characters were reduced to 60% death penalty, meaning they had died enough times they no longer respawned. That was a big boost for us. Its a shame our match wasn't filmed because I guess they thought we'd lose too just like the rest. I would've liked to hear the casters.

Open world PvP has left me cold by comparison.

jacklo's favorite PvP encounter was in Star Wars Galaxies (post-NGE!):

My favorite memory was in SWG on Chilastra.

It was during the NGE and as a Rebel Bounty Hunter I tracked a mark to Theed. I headed to the square right out of the starport and there he was. A Jedi I'd never beaten in a fair fight before. He looked AFK so I scanned the area because I was combatant and Theed was full of high level Imperial NPC's who would shoot me on sight.

I decided to open fire and within a few seconds he retaliated, obviously back at the keyboard.

Shit he's hitting hard I thought... before realising someone else was hitting me. A tag-team of 3 Bounty Hunters had appeared from nowhere and my health was critically low.

I quickly hit my shields and ran for the med center, trying to get out of their line-of-sight. I ran around the outside dropping traps at each corner to slow them down and give me time to get my act together. Fortunately my mark whispered that he wouldn't attack and stood their watching the fight.

The whole thing lasted maybe 5 minutes, but felt like 30. Luck must have been on my side because with some nifty trap work and conserving my stamina, I managed to take out 2 of the 3 bounty hunters, finally losing to the 3rd, but even that was so close only one shot was in it. I had also started taking damage from NPC's in my kiting attempts.

That was the ultimate adrenaline rush I ever had in a game and I was a hairs width of coming out of it alive.

Fun times in SWG.

My favorite individual PvP memory took place in The Matrix Online. It wasn't so much a single event, but it was more the freedom of the setting. Hunting other players down in an open world is a lot of fun with three faction PvP, but it was being able to leap from rooftop to rooftop and chase players down the stairwells of buildings that really made me feel like I was in The Matrix films when doing battle in MXO. The verticality of the zones and the ability to enter pretty much any building made the cat-and-mouse game of open world PvP that much more exciting.

Most of my favorite group PvP memories come from Star Wars Galaxies. There are probably too many to count, but Star Wars Galaxies really had some great large scale battles, both in space and on the ground. Invading an enemy guild's player city, coordinating to blow up enemy faction bases, or just taking part in weekend space PvP dogfights on Starsider are some memories that are really exciting to think about.

How about yours? Share 'em with us in the comments below!