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Community Spotlight: How Long Do MMOs Keep You Interested?

Posted by MikeB Thursday September 30 2010 at 3:03PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “How long do MMOs keep you interested?” by Nizur.  Simple and straightforward, Nizur wants to know how many MMOs have held your interest for certain periods of time, and the reason why the one’s you played longest kept you for as long as they did:

“Out of curiosity, how many MMOs have kept your interest longer than a month? 6 months? 1 year or longer? What was it about the MMO you played the longest that kept you there?

Don't list out all the MMOs you've played. Just list the number that fall into each category and list the one that's held your attention the longest. I'll start.

1+ month: 11

6+ months: 5

1+ year: 2

Longest: WoW (3 years)

WoW was my first MMO, so everything was new and exciting. I jumped in a couple of days after launch, so the game was new and fresh for most people. I played steadily until after BC launched. I enjoyed the world PvP, the dungeons, making alts and leveling them with friends. I was part of a really fun, semi-serious raiding guild before BC. It fell apart when BC launched, and my interest kind of fell apart with it.”

Adam1902 played Legend of Mir 2 the longest, and explains why:

“The longest MMO I've been interested in (and still am, but I no longer play) is Legend of Mir. Mir2 alone kept me interested for about 5 years, if you add Mir2 and 3 together, probably about 7 or 8 years.

Next on the list is WoW, which I played on and off from release, and quit half way through TBC Tier 5 raids, me and a friend were still sharing a single Mir account whilst playing WoW. So probably about 2 years for WoW, but 14 or so actual paid subscription months.

Next would be Rohan: Blood Feud. About a year.

And then Darkfall, about 6 months.

If Mir still had the massive playerbase it had 5-8 years ago, I'd still be playing without a doubt. The population was so massive, it was the MMORPG that got most UK gamers hooked on MMOs, because it was shown constantly by the old game hosts (GameNetwork) satallite TV channel on Sky.

Not only was their a ton of people, the different kinds of players were insane. Some people would literally just log on to chill and talk with their mates, and would hardley ever go hunting. Some lived to PK, steal etc. Mir now, is a ItemMall based game, everyone who plays it, plays for the same reason. Grind, PvP, conquer sabuk and MudWall. Not only is the community small, and mostly full of asshats and niche little groups of friends.

I'd love an MMO to capture me as Mir once did, but I'm not getting my hopes up. No point what so ever.”

Murashu played EQ the longest:

“1+ month: Way too many according to my wife.

6+ months: 3

1+ year: 3

Longest : EQ - the combination of a great game with great friends and excellent server community made me want to logon year after year. After almost 4 years, I still loved the PvE side of EQ, but I really wanted a game that offered me both great PvE and PvP so I moved onto SWG where I stayed about 15 months. Now 6 years later I'm still looking for a game that has both fun PvE and PvP but no one seems to get it right.”

Let’s see, for me it would be:

1+ month: like many others, way too many to count!

6+ months: 2

1+ year: 3

Longest: City of Heroes. I’ve played City of Heroes for over four years total (judging by my Veteran Rewards), Obviously, I’ve lapsed here and there but the game is basically my World of Warcraft – I always come back to it. It can be a pretty repetitive game, but the action, variety of powers and customization have kept me coming back. There’s always another character concept to think up, and I just have to make it a reality!

How about you? What MMOs have held your interest longest and why?

StormwindX writes:

Lessee here...

1+ month: 3

6+ months: 1

1+ year: 1


Yup, I realize that's a very small list. I do try out a LOT of MMOs, but very rare few manage to hold my interest after... two weeks. So I'll elaborate on the ones which held my interest the longest:

1+ month: Tibia, Aion, FlyFF

6+ months: Ragnarok Online

1+ year: WoW, winning with 2.5 years.

Thu Sep 30 2010 3:54PM Report
Athcear writes:

Played WoW for 3 years.  RO for about six months.  Had on again off again love affairs with CoH.  But I played this one MUD for five years, so it still wins with me.

Thu Sep 30 2010 5:08PM Report
pl3dge writes:


1+ month: Far too many, p2p and f2p

6+ month: 3

1+ year: 2


WoW was my first real MMO ( I played GW since release, and still do sometimes ) I have played WoW a total of 4 years now but stopped for the last 6 months out of pure boredom of content. I was recently subbed to AoC for around 3 months but cleared raid content upto Toth Amon way too fast and the grind in RoTGS is way too much!! I am now re-subbed to LOTRO and loving it, can't wait for f2p to hit EU for a bigger player base :)

I would say WoW is still the best MMO I've played and will be giving Cata a try, I just hope they release content alot more frequently this time!

Thu Sep 30 2010 5:46PM Report
dadown writes:

1+ month: >20

6+ month: ~6

1+ year: 2


I played AC1 from beta for over 5 years. WoW from beta for 2 years. In both cases, the games offer extensive scripting, which held my interest for twice as long as it would have without.


If the scripting they are adding to LOTRO is fully implemented, then it will also join the 1+ year category from 6+ months.

Thu Sep 30 2010 6:07PM Report
peacekraft writes:

1+ month: Many but mainly getting tired around the 3 month mark.

6+ months: 1

1+ year: 1

I have played Guild Wars on and off since its initial release day about five years ago. I am a huge fan of the way the game works, regarding the lack of a need to gear up ect. I am a fan of the way pvp works and I love the pve too. Especially the story lines and how all the campaigns tie together. The fact that it has no subscription fee kept me playing far longer than any conventional mmo. Guild Wars is my true mmo love.

Thu Sep 30 2010 7:46PM Report
kilun writes:

1+month: 7(+ a slew of themI bought that lasted less than a month)

6+months: 3

1+ year: 1

Longest Played: Pre-cu SWG.

I've played a ton.  I've only stuck to one.  A few got close to six months, but failed short, and Age of Conan and EQ2 stayed a bit longer than six months.  I'm looking for a craft centric game but it has to have a random attributes and I think I'll never find that again.

Thu Sep 30 2010 7:57PM Report
kamerian1 writes:

1+ month:  more than I can remember

6+ months:  3

1+ years: 2

My first real interest was EQ2, played it for almost 2 years, then quit for a little over a year, then played another 2 years.  Pretty much did the same with WoW...only not quite as much play time.  Other games that I've played for more than a year (if you add all the times i've re-subbed) include SWG, LoTRO and AoC.

Thu Sep 30 2010 11:08PM Report
DAS1337 writes:

1+ month: (or less) 6-8?

6+ months: 0

1+ year: 3

Longest: Ultima Online


Ultima Online was my first foray into the world of MMO's.  There's a certain thrill to that type of sandbox that played more like a fantasy world simulator rather than the broken garbage you see in sandbox titles today.  I'm waiting for the day that a real developr comes along and fuses the old UO style with the accessibility and polish of modern day MMO's.  The other noteworthy games were WoW and DAoC, I played both of them for about two years.  Just past burning crusade and trials of atlantic expansions, respectively.


I just can't get into games without seamless worlds to explore.  Has to be 3rd person or isometric, and it must be made by people who aren't stupid.  That my friends, is hard to find.

Fri Oct 01 2010 12:13AM Report
Wrayeth writes:

1+ month: 2

6+ months: 1

1+ year: 2

Longest: EVE Online (6 years)

My first MMO was Star Wars: Galaxies, which I played for several years, eventually quitting due to the existence of an alpha class (Jedi) that required you to gimp your PvP build for 6 months or more if you wanted to acquire it yourself and be competitive.  The NGE happened soon after, and what at one point was one of the very best MMOs out there became something I will never play again.

About a year after I started playing SWG, I also got into EVE, which you can probably tell my feelings about just based on how long I've played.

I've also tried Vanguard and Age of Conan, both of which I quit due to bugs and being shoehorned into predefined roles.

The final MMO I've played is Fallen Earth, which I actually quite enjoyed once they worked some of the bugs out.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anyone else IRL who plays it, and I never did meet anyone in game that I wanted to hang with.  As a result, I'm not currently playing it, though every few months I get the urge to try it out again and resub.

Fri Oct 01 2010 1:09AM Report
amotholen writes:

1+ month: 1 

1+ week: 8+

Longest: Shaiya (3 years)

My first mmo was Shaiya, played it so long because it has good community. But really bad publisher & developer. Game has very nice game play dynamics. But everything went bad day by day. And developers & publisher didnt do anything about that.

I checked lots of games in "game list" section (except sci-fi games). Unfortunately i couldnt find a good mmo with good game play dynamics + nice enough visiual design, cost less than 50$ per month, and fair-balanced PvP based game.

Fri Oct 01 2010 2:40AM Report
darklordofsp writes:

longest i have ever played an mmo

1+ month

I just seem to lose interest soo quikly.

But im more of an "on & off" sort of person.

Fri Oct 01 2010 3:16AM Report
drake_hound writes:

1+ month i think way way too many .

6+ month = 0 maybe sounds wierd , but after 1 month gaming time I know if I like the game or not

5+ years =3,


1 wow (still playing it cause it damn work as guild leader oranising raids without getting paid >.< , but well doing it for the guild members cause they are people i meet in real life all over europe ) . still hoping blizz would irk me off that i say F it to the guild and just rage quit . cause game became too much like real life , so just like real life need a reason to quit your job :P

2 City of Heroes , just canceled it but paid for 5 years , but real playing time is 6 months i think , was not really active on that one and used it more as a single player game .

But loved the community so kept paying , even if nc soft axed the european branch . Now i dont care about the game anymore .


Fri Oct 01 2010 6:32AM Report
Phry writes:

Eve... been playing since 2004...  with the second game being WoW not sure when i started playing that.. but not too long after i started playing Eve... only other game i have played long term is probably SWG.. from  Beta until the game turned into the NGE...  one thing i will say is though, that the only games i stick with, are also because they have a decent community.. i know people moan about WoW players, but on the EU servers at least, i would say the majority are a good bunch..  Eve players on the other hand.. are usually in the awesome category  ;D

Fri Oct 01 2010 10:39AM Report
J0K3R_3D writes:

1+ Years = 2

6+ Months = 0

3+ months = 2

1- month = about 4 mabe 5 if im missing any.

Obviously WoW is the longest ive played. For obvious reasons. Played LotRO for a little over a year. 3+ were AoC recently and CoH before even WoW. The les than a month were fail games like Aion, FFXI, WAR, etc.

Fri Oct 01 2010 11:21AM Report
Eighty7 writes:

1+ month: numerous

6+ months: 3

1+ year: 2

Longest: Asheron's Call (7 years) My step dad got me into it and I made many friends who I could jump in and play with. The XP sharing in groups wasn't crap like all games today, it promoted grouping, by giving 75% each to a group of 2 instead of the 50% in todays market. Month content additions kept you busy all the time. The world was made for exploration, just wandering around the Dires and you'd come across a small fort that not has probably been to in a long time. The world, the community, the content kept me for so long.

I also loved running through the mountains and finding a rare spawn that gave a cool item!

Fri Oct 01 2010 11:46AM Report
Eighty7 writes:

I forgot to add. The skill system. It wasn't class based, which is REALLY annoying these days because everythign is class based and they are all the same classes, not really interesting. Asheron's call had a make your own build system that was flawless

Fri Oct 01 2010 11:50AM Report
anieli writes:

1+ month - well quite a few but all of them sucked and weren't worth the box price :P

6+months and 1+ year is the same for me  - 2 games

World of Warcraft - I don't remember when I started but it was a looooooong time ago around release. In the last 2(?) years I have been playing on and off. I played non-stop during TBC and only a few times did I stop playing. I bought wotlk right away and got to level 80, tried DK and I quit 2 months into the expansion. Then I tooooook a huge pause and it was on and off usually for no more than a month eversince.

Guild Wars - started playing when the game came out. Loved it. Played a lot until they announced GW2 and that there will be no more chapters in the game and that we'll only get 1 crappy expansion - no new professions!!!!!!! and only 100 skills. I quit and stopped playing for quite a bit, then started again on and off. I bought GWEN when it came out and only recently did I got to the last few missions in the campaign.

Fri Oct 01 2010 1:41PM Report
G2GTech writes:

1+ Month: 6

6+ Months: 2

1+ Year: 2

The only reason the 1+ month is at 6 is due to beta tests (Auto Assault, Champions, STO).  AA had some promise until they mangled it slightly before launch, but still had problems.  Champions had a great design system, but horrible problems with gameplay.  STO is improving, so I 'might' go back to it eventually.

Otherwise, I played ATITD for about 5 months, and I really like a lot of the game, but some parts of it keep me from a love affair.  CoH I played between issue 2 and the ED nerf.  It has some promise, and with Going Rogue, I might just get sucked back in.

The only game that really holds my interests (although I'm not 100% faithful) is Eve Online.  Having created the character soon after launch, my main Bunyip has gone through a lot, including a short time on the CSM.  The depth of the game and the fact that it's not a simple 'click-fest' like WoW is has brought me back time and time again.

Just for you nay-sayers, I did play the trial for WoW twice.  The game is just too shallow and linear for my tastes, but some people like that.  Just not me.

And to leave you guys on a good note, I recently saw somebody with this advert for Eve Online which succinctly describes it: "Are you a sociopathic paranoid schizophrenic with good accounting skills?  If so, Eve is for you."

Sun Oct 03 2010 12:11AM Report
Altera writes:

1+ Month: I've tried just about everything but things don't tend to hold my interest for more than a couple of weeks so too many I guess...Unless I count City of Heroes which actually did a better job than the rest.

6+ Months: 4 (L2, FFXI, WoW, Guild Wars)

1+ Year: 3 (FFXI, WoW, Guild Wars)


Still playing WoW now, have been for the past 4 years or so, I had to quit FFXI in 05, played GW for a year or so between the two, I did actually test FFXIV and I will eventually play it...

Sun Oct 03 2010 4:27AM Report
dnisis writes:

1+ month: too many to count

6+ months: 5

1+ year: 3

Longest: LOTRO  Started in the closed beta, became a founder lifetime and still there.  I play a little every day of the week, but have 5 nights that my friends and I get together for about 3-4 hours.  I like that I can get on for a few minutes or hours.  I enjoy exploring and leveling up different alts. 

Sun Oct 03 2010 12:20PM Report writes:
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