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Community Spotlight: How Long Do MMOs Keep You Interested?

Posted by MikeB Thursday September 30 2010 at 3:03PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “How long do MMOs keep you interested?” by Nizur.  Simple and straightforward, Nizur wants to know how many MMOs have held your interest for certain periods of time, and the reason why the one’s you played longest kept you for as long as they did:

“Out of curiosity, how many MMOs have kept your interest longer than a month? 6 months? 1 year or longer? What was it about the MMO you played the longest that kept you there?

Don't list out all the MMOs you've played. Just list the number that fall into each category and list the one that's held your attention the longest. I'll start.

1+ month: 11

6+ months: 5

1+ year: 2

Longest: WoW (3 years)

WoW was my first MMO, so everything was new and exciting. I jumped in a couple of days after launch, so the game was new and fresh for most people. I played steadily until after BC launched. I enjoyed the world PvP, the dungeons, making alts and leveling them with friends. I was part of a really fun, semi-serious raiding guild before BC. It fell apart when BC launched, and my interest kind of fell apart with it.”

Adam1902 played Legend of Mir 2 the longest, and explains why:

“The longest MMO I've been interested in (and still am, but I no longer play) is Legend of Mir. Mir2 alone kept me interested for about 5 years, if you add Mir2 and 3 together, probably about 7 or 8 years.

Next on the list is WoW, which I played on and off from release, and quit half way through TBC Tier 5 raids, me and a friend were still sharing a single Mir account whilst playing WoW. So probably about 2 years for WoW, but 14 or so actual paid subscription months.

Next would be Rohan: Blood Feud. About a year.

And then Darkfall, about 6 months.

If Mir still had the massive playerbase it had 5-8 years ago, I'd still be playing without a doubt. The population was so massive, it was the MMORPG that got most UK gamers hooked on MMOs, because it was shown constantly by the old game hosts (GameNetwork) satallite TV channel on Sky.

Not only was their a ton of people, the different kinds of players were insane. Some people would literally just log on to chill and talk with their mates, and would hardley ever go hunting. Some lived to PK, steal etc. Mir now, is a ItemMall based game, everyone who plays it, plays for the same reason. Grind, PvP, conquer sabuk and MudWall. Not only is the community small, and mostly full of asshats and niche little groups of friends.

I'd love an MMO to capture me as Mir once did, but I'm not getting my hopes up. No point what so ever.”

Murashu played EQ the longest:

“1+ month: Way too many according to my wife.

6+ months: 3

1+ year: 3

Longest : EQ - the combination of a great game with great friends and excellent server community made me want to logon year after year. After almost 4 years, I still loved the PvE side of EQ, but I really wanted a game that offered me both great PvE and PvP so I moved onto SWG where I stayed about 15 months. Now 6 years later I'm still looking for a game that has both fun PvE and PvP but no one seems to get it right.”

Let’s see, for me it would be:

1+ month: like many others, way too many to count!

6+ months: 2

1+ year: 3

Longest: City of Heroes. I’ve played City of Heroes for over four years total (judging by my Veteran Rewards), Obviously, I’ve lapsed here and there but the game is basically my World of Warcraft – I always come back to it. It can be a pretty repetitive game, but the action, variety of powers and customization have kept me coming back. There’s always another character concept to think up, and I just have to make it a reality!

How about you? What MMOs have held your interest longest and why?