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Red Dead Online?

Posted by BillMurphy Tuesday September 28 2010 at 5:03PM
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So after having the game since the first week of launch, I finally hopped onto an online session of Red Dead Redemption with my best friend/best man.  Now I find myself with a new gaming addiction.  It’s amazing how close RDR’s online component comes to being an MMO version of their hit game.  If it was more persistent than just giving the player some levels to achieve, and threw in a true form of consistent player gangs, maybe some wild west housing, and a barter-system economy, and more than a mere 8 (16?) people per server, and you’d basically have a fully-featured wild west MMO. 
You can hop into a free roam game solo, band up with or against the other players, and go on a mass crime spree.  Or if you’re the more responsible type you can rove the map taking out gangs, and hunting down players who begin doing too much “wrong”.  There’s even still loot to acquire, levels to gain and gear to unlock.  GTAIV was pretty incredible as an online experience, but Read Dead Redemption ups the ante even more putting the RAGE engine through the paces and making the online experience nearly as compelling (if not more so) than the single-player experience. 
And it really makes me wonder, are they doing as much to test the waters for a fully online experience?  Will Rockstar do what Realtime Worlds couldn’t?  Will there be a GTA or a Red Dead MMO in the near future?  Will Batman and Robin ever escape the clutches of the evil Penguin?  Sorry, I started to feel like an announcer at the end of the old West/Ward Batman show.  But you see my point don’t you?  It seems as though with their last two open world games, Rockstar is trying their hand at a persistent online experience.   2K and the Scotland-based developer are probably well aware of the potential, but do they have the guts?
GeoBear writes:

read != red

Tue Sep 28 2010 11:14PM Report
Xondar123 writes:

I'm thinking that there will be a GTA MMO before a Red Dead MMO, and a GTA MMO would be so awesome I'd probably die.


It seems a smart move to have companies test multiplayer dynamics with single-player-games-with-online-components instead of just jumping feet first into the MMO genre. I'm pretty sure Warcraft III was a testbed for Blizzard for making World of Warcraft in that respect. I bet people would be much less leery about Bioware being an untested MMO developer if they'd done something similer (i.e. make a robust multiplay component for one of their single player games.)

Wed Sep 29 2010 1:29PM Report
adam_nox writes:

red dead and gta4 online games just bored me.  glad you had fun, but I really doubt it would be appealing to mmo players in general. 

that's not to say a gta or red dead mmo wouldn't be great if done right, they would be.  but in their current implementations they are no more compelling or complex than a call of duty session.

Wed Sep 29 2010 1:59PM Report
Arionel writes:

I'm with Bill.  A Red Dead-like type of MMO would be awesome.  The setting could be boundless, and be a different type of MMO altogether.  I fantasize about this kinda thing.

Thu Sep 30 2010 3:49PM Report writes:
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