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Community Spotlight: The Most Enjoyable Grind?

Posted by MikeB Thursday September 16 2010 at 11:59PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “Which MMORPG makes the “grind” most worthy or enjoyable for u?” by Kopogero.  In the thread, Kopogero wonders what readers feel are the MMOs that provide the most enjoyable “grind” experience or are worth grinding in to begin with:

“I either feel way too behind with old games like Ultima Online, Everquest 2, EVE Online or I can't find variety of fun, innovative  things in recently released games. Some of those fun things for me used to be player housing, character development (which seems so limited now), fun crafting, freedom and meaningful PvP, and overall feeling like I am literally part of the world.

Discuss released games only and guess FFXIV can count too. My biggest problem with MMORPG's is I don't find the drive, the will as before to go "hardcore" on a current MMORPG.”

Terroni offers a litany of games that he enjoys the grind in:

“I really enjoy grinding in Guild Wars(yeah not an mmo) because it's like honing an art (unless you just copy builds) It's fun seeing how much you can do and the ways you can do it.

I also enjoyed grinding in Fallen Earth(beta). Basically found an ideal situation in which mobs were like free XP.

I think the crafting aspect of FFXIV makes the grind more enjoyable. The loot you get can be used to create stuff, making the grind profitable. I see PvE as resource gathering in that game.

The only game I played that has housing was Vanguard. Gathering the materials for a house, guild hall, or a ship was a monumental grind. It was fun and the gathering we did in groups so it made it social also.”

Blackthorn gets a bit nostalgic, reminiscing of his grinding days in the original EverQuest:

“original EQ.  spending hours sitting in RM, SK Spires, Guk, Sol A and B, getting to know the people you were grouping with.  Not go-go-go-kill-loot-go-go-go.  I miss that in todays speedfreak mmos.  I miss taking a corner of a dungeon, pulling mobs to a group waiting to kill, having to actually use CC, offtanking, and more knowledge of your class than 1, 2, 3 rotations.  I miss EQ, too bad I have a life of sorts now and can't afford to spend 5 hrs a night 5 nights a week raiding anymore, was the best 6 years of gaming I've had, since then it's been a shadowplay really.”

SnarlingWolf takes great pleasure in Asheron’s Call’s highly rewarding loot system:

“Asheron's Call all the way.

The loot system means that while you are out "grinding" your levels that next kill could have the best weapon/piece of gear on it.

The rare system that has been recently updated means any creature in the game could drop that truly amazing rare.

Monthly content updates means constantly having new things to do. 11 years worth of these updates means there is a ton of content in game to explore.

Designing my character to fit my playstyle instead of having to be stuck with class X and perform role B.

Truly the best game out there.”

For me, the most enjoyable grind is in City of Heroes/Villains. It really helps that in that game there is such a variety of character possibilities and the peak of your power is so high that it’s fun to be able to measure the progression of challenges you’re is able to solo as you work towards some crazy build you’ve come up with. Soloing missions meant for eight players or taking on Archvillains and Heroes by yourself is a great blast (literally!).

Share your thoughts on your most enjoyable grind in the comments below!

Athcear writes:

I'm enjoying the quest grind in LotRO right now.  It's really relaxing after a hard day.  The stories are interesting and I kinda like the fact that I know that I'm not the big hero.  I'm doing other stuff in the world.  It's important, but I'll never be dropping the ring into the volcano.  So it's not a big deal to kill some wolves or deal with some brigands.  I feel like I'm a part of the world, rather than the world is part of me.

Fri Sep 17 2010 10:20AM Report
astoria writes:

Enjoy the 'grind' in Champions. Okay, maybe I haven't really grinded, but if I did I would not mind. I enjoy the speed of combat enough that I just flip out and roll through areas fighting.

I also enjoy grinding other players in Warhammer.

Fri Sep 17 2010 10:27AM Report
EvilGeek writes:

I'm with Terroni, GW is the only game I've enjoyed any type of grind, grind never hit the game properly until the expansion came out but farming was always an option and it was a grind, the beauty  was playing with the builds, seeing how affective you could be, learning which mobs would destroy you (always enchant rips), testing different skill synergies. I still need to work on my Hall of Monuments in anticipation of GW2 and I'll be happy to go back and grind some more.

Fri Sep 17 2010 2:20PM Report
RobbHood writes:

It was relatively early in the SWG time line.  I had unlocked Jedi and went into iding on Endor to grind out enough pounts to be a strong enough jedi to survive a BH attack.  Dying meant a lot of EXP loss. A LOT of EXP loss.

There was a period inbetween being a strong TK or rifleman (or what ever you were) and a viable Jedi where anything could kill you.  So I spent 4 months on Endor, making sure no player or NPC (non beast) saw me using the Force, because that created visability and you wound end up on the BH terminals. Killing small things for very little exp.  Then sneaking into town, traing a box or two from the Jedi trainor, then back to Endor.

Fri Sep 17 2010 9:32PM Report
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