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Community Spotlight: Your Most Frightening MMO Experience

Posted by MikeB Thursday September 9 2010 at 6:40PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “Most frightening thing you’ve seen in a MMO?” by Oracle_Fefe.  What was Oracle_Fefe and the community’s most frightening experiences? Read below to find out:


“Although its probably very outdated and dumb-looking for some. Seeing around 6 of the most badass heroes in Runescape get one-shotted by the Mahjarrat Lucien Did give me a little sore. I've spent months and tons of gold finishing Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor, and the guy I saved who became a big hero just gets blasted to bones, then dust by the bastard.”

Loktofeit found his experience in the Olthoi Lair to be the most frightening:

“Being in the Olthoi Lair for the first time and trepidaciously moving furhter and further into the maze-like depths. I looked up at the radar and it started to fill more and more with dots. It was a like a scen from an Alien movie. The chattering of the Olthoi got louder and louder as they moved closer and closer. I was able to both see and hear the swarm of massive bugs navigating the maze, heading in my direction. My Monarch and I stood back to back in the narrow corridor and fought them off with several near-death incidents. The sights and sounds that led up to the battle really built up the tension. There was a moment of panic I had as I saw an olthoi for the first time, turning a corner and charging straight at me, followed by what looked like a dozen more of them.”

Brif injects some humor to the discussion:


Divion, a hardened U.S. Marine, admits even he found himself scared in an MMO:

“You know for the most part i just laugh at the notion of "Something scarey in an MMO"

Sure there were moment in EQ when i saw a massive train heading my way, and my heart sank, but that inspired anger, not fear.

I mean, hell i'm a U.S. Marine, a video game can't scare me right?


The scariest shit i've seen in a game was in Requiem, you know, when the in-game time hits midnight..... it's dark... a thick foggy mist rolls in... and then... the glowing eyes pierce through the mist, red, angry, unforgiving eyes... of a Nightmare spawn... their aggro range is HUGE, it screams, and takes off chasing, you - But.. your flanked by a cliff.. no choice but to fight this ugly psycho monster chasing you, then the battle ensues, you stand victorious, bleeding, near death. You smile because you survived the encounter... just as you sit to rest, you see 5 more sets of angry glowing eyes followed by shrilled screams.

But that game was a Horror-MMO, so it was expected, lol.”

I can’t say I’ve ever found myself frightened in an MMO, but I’ve certainly been creeped out before, The end of beta event for The Matrix Online was quite creepy, for example. The game featured unique tech that allowed for the developers to adjust the properties of the sky whenever they wanted to, the day the beta servers were to go down a large singular eye appeared in the sky, and as the day went on the sky began to darken a blood red and filled with images of eyes as far as one could see across the sky. Of course, there were other creepy aspects to the event, such as all the billboards in the city being replaced with messages along the lines of “GET OUT NOW,” and the spread of a flame virus which set the Megacity’s populace ablaze.

A short clip of the final moments of beta can be found here. It was pretty creepy for sure!

What was your most frightening MMO experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below!