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Community Spotlight: Best MMO Music

Posted by MikeB Sunday August 19 2012 at 9:04PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight ,we focus on the thread, "What MMORPG has the best music? You decide!" by Presbytier. Presbytier offers up a number of his own candidates:

I just recently started playing Aion and while I find the game itself to be not to my likeing I was overwhelmed by how much I thoroughly enjoyed the music. So I ask what MMO do you think has the best music? Here are a few to wet your appetite.

Aion Ascencion

Age of Conan

World of Warcraft

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Guil Wars 2

Ultima Online


Final Fantasy XI

What are the some other community favorites? Read on to find out!

Castillle is a huge fan of Ragnarok Online's music:

I vote for ragnarok online. Its the only mmo aside from ff11 that i regularly have playing on my phone. And the ff11 ones i have are the piano collections.

Aeolron shows lots of love for the theme song of the original EverQuest:

For me it's Hands down EverQuest Best theme song for a fantasy gmae ever made, when that screen loaded up and I heard that song, it reminded me that I was heading into a Rich fantasy world known as Norrath , and seeing what kind of trouble that I could get into, either A: Walking into a dragons lair by mistake being told by your friends " Hey Aeo , you sure this is the way to Qeynos? " Oh ya man did it ahundred times!" Then we enter said cave , my friends get eaten alive I run for it and turn to fight the beast LOL I died . Even from that point in 1999 till 4 years ago I was STILL Being hounded by my old friend Vincent and Healyu LOL, so yeah , best Theme EverQuest because it brings memories like that back, also loved the Qeynos theme song!

Now if i can just get my pals back in game with me, or even find them , I would go back in full swing. Damnit I miss that game , can't wait for EverQuest Next!!!!!

mindw0rk is partial to Lineage II's soundtrack, despite not being too fond of the actual game itself:

Lineage 2. As much as I dislike the game itself, soundtrack there is a work of genius. Yes, GW2 has some epic tracks by well-known composer, but they dont always fit into zones. Not like Lineage 2 music. There is something magical and chanting in this:

or this

or this

And this only a few of many examples. Definetly the best soundtrack among all MMORPGs.

Second place Id give to EVE Online. It fits perfect to space mood and exploration. As for WoW - I always thought music there is one of its weakest points. And always turned it off. Maybe only Elwynn Forest theme stood out

I could probably muse forever on my favorite MMO soundtracks, but the one that immediately jumps out to me is the Age of Conan soundtrack. So far, I'm not sure I've been as captivated by an MMO score as I was when playing through Age of Conan's various locales. The Eiglophian Mountains track in particular sends chills down my spine every time I hear it.

What are your favorite MMO soundtracks? Let us know in the comments below!

StormwindX writes: Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE. Shoji Meguro. 'nuff said. Sun Aug 19 2012 9:16PM Report
Roxtarr writes: Forgotten Sorrow from Aion is still my #1, but Fear Not This Night from GW2 is a close #2 Sun Aug 19 2012 9:37PM Report
Roxtarr writes: Forgotten Sorrow from Aion is still my #1, but Fear Not This Night from GW2 is a close #2 Sun Aug 19 2012 9:37PM Report
KingJiggly writes: Fear not this night is my favorite ATM... But it is music so it will change lol Sun Aug 19 2012 11:21PM Report
Zooce writes:

What a fun topic, good pick Mike.


I like AoC and WoW's tracks a great deal, but LotRO to me is the king when it comes to mmorpg music.


Not only does LotRO boast numerous beautiful themes (such as this lovely song, or the ambient music playing at an Inn, and racial tunes such as the dwarves play in Thorin's Hall), but it gives players the option of learning to play various instruments and forming player bands to perform together!  No other mmorpg approaches such a level of musical dedication to my knowledge.

Mon Aug 20 2012 12:43AM Report
marganculos writes: TERA online and The Secret World (love Siren Song :) ) Mon Aug 20 2012 1:51AM Report
mcrippins writes:

Most epic song.. ever

Mon Aug 20 2012 2:07AM Report
dreamscaper writes:

WoW's music tends to be underrated - there's a lot of really good music to be found in the game. I'll also second the other recommendations here for Aion, LotRO, and Ragnarok Online.


Worst music? That award definitely goes to Eve Online.

Mon Aug 20 2012 3:47AM Report
LethalJaxx writes: I think TSW is the first MMO that i played without muting the music. So i guess win goes to them. I haven't muted GW2 music yet, but who knows how i feel after a week of actually playing Mon Aug 20 2012 9:14AM Report
JerYnkFan writes: Age of Conan sountrack is epic! Mon Aug 20 2012 1:42PM Report
Presbytier writes: I really like how many developers of any game have really begun to understand how powerful music can be in creating an engaging game enviroment. Music in games has always been there, but the larger budgets of todays studios have really put it over the edge. Mon Aug 20 2012 8:41PM Report
tommygunzII writes: Hands down its FFXI. Nobuo Uematsu is a musical genius. Not many games have concerts that sell out thousands of seats, but Distant Worlds does. It will be in Chicago Dec 7th at the Akoo Theater [formerly Rosemont Theater]. Wed Aug 22 2012 1:34AM Report
rojoArcueid writes:

no matter how much i like all those songs, Most of WoW's songs are my top 1 songs. I could listen to the ending of the shattering for hours non stop

Thu Aug 23 2012 2:11AM Report
Cantorage writes:

Age of Conan is unbeatable in this regard.


Honorable mention to Allods Online's "Imperial March" for 2nd place:


You can just feel the Russian pride, sorrow for slain families and empirical grandeur oozing through the music.


If this was "best song" from an MMO, Allods would win, but since it is "best complete sound track", Age of Conan is the ultimate:


Actually, Age of Conan has the best sound track to any movie or video game in the history of humans, ever. And that's final.

Sat Aug 25 2012 5:24AM Report
MagikrorriM writes: Siren's Song TSW Sun Aug 26 2012 5:33PM Report writes:
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