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Community Spotlight: What's Your Deal Breaker?

Posted by MikeB Saturday August 20 2011 at 5:07AM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuses on the thread "Game killer" by tochicool. In the thread, tochicool polls the community on their MMO deal breakers:

"What is that one, annoying, thing that completely turns you away from a game. It would be nice if you give a list of games that you would be playing if not for the "game killer"..."

So, what are your dealbreakers? Let's start with DerWotan, who is fairly specific about what drives him away from picking up a game:

if you dont like subscription go play pay 2 win games such as Lotro, Age of Conan, RoM, Allods and all the other crap.

my game killers are:

+ dumbed down gameplay

+ no death penalty or consequence system

+ published by EA, Activision, Frogster or SoE

+  pay 2 win and/or vanity items for $$

games i have left cause of that: World of Worstcommunitycraft, Hypehammer, Vanguard, Everquest 2, Rift and my heart is still bleeding Everquest 1.

pierth can't stand poor control schemes:

Bad/awkward keyboard and mouse controls- FFXI may have been my dream game aside from that. Because of it I didn't even finish the 30 free days.

I'll also agree with the poster that stated when his friends quit a game, although I can usually squeeze a couple more months of enjoyment out of a game. The thing that bothers me the most about it is as I get older I'm less and less willing to take the time to meet new people in game, so if my friends quit it's inevitable that I will as well.

blackcat35 prefers an endless leveling experience:

MAXIMUM LEVEL.  once I hit it, after playing alts for awhile, I leave out of boredom.  Let me stay in the hamster wheel.

This happened with:   Everquest, Ultima Online (hit max skill level on most of my chars including crafting), and city of heroes.

For the, most basic deal breaker is a poor character create. It doesn't matter how awesome the game's features are if wandering around the world results in Attack of the Clones. Now, there are games I've played with poor character create, such as Vindictus, but I don't consider these MMOs in the traditional sense, and so I don't dedicate a ton of time to these games, they're more diversions for me. If I'm looking to pick up a serious game like Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, etc, it's got to have a fairly decent character create or I'm turned off instantly.

Also, PvP. Meaningful and enjoyable PvP is incredibly important to me. A number of users noted the 'hamster wheel,' which inevitably ends at some point in every MMO, and you're often left with running PvE instances all day or doing raids after that. PvP for me is like a game of Battlefield or Counter-Strike; if the gameplay is fun, it can perpetuate itself forever. Unlike doing an instance or raid over and over, every match or skirmish can and often is different, and this keeps things exciting.

So, what are your deal breakers? Share your thoughts in the comments below!