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PAX and the Summer Conventions

Posted by garrett Tuesday August 17 2010 at 8:50AM
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Is it me or does every single game company work over time in the summer? All the conventions blur into one as we start with E3 then finish with PAX. In the ten weeks that fill the gap between these two monster shows we have, San Diego Comicon, GenCon, GameCom, DragonCon, SyndCon, SOE FanFaire, Games Day, etc. etc. Geez it never ends.
As MMORPG’s Industry Relations guy I get to pick and choose which shows to go too. It is not easy. We skipped GamesCom this year for PAX. Although GamesCom is Europe’s largest show it can be a crazy trip and while we will miss our friends, it is just part of the choices you have to make.
So of all these shows which one is the best? Well, I have to give the Gold Medal to PAX. Rising up from nothing, this fan show has now become a premiere event. With dates on both coasts and PAX East looking to grow double by next year, the Penny Arcade guys have created a show for the fans. The Fans rule and that is something E3 has always missed. While E3 has its industry types walking around, celebrities, and top brass of the game industry, they do not allow fans, big mistake in my book. GamesCom also is open to the fans and when the show was in Leipzig I have never seen crowds so huge for video games. It was insane.
These types of fans shows are awesome and give us a chance to meet with you guys as well as developers to get all the info on the game biz. We’ll be going to PAX in a few weeks and I am very excited. Not only will all the MMOs be there, but also the tabel top and RPG games are there as well.
A trend we have seen lately in games is the return to Table Top, which is exciting for me because that is where I got my start. I hope to meet Richard Garfield and talk card games. I hope to see some of the old school gamers who will shed light on why the industry is turning back to its roots.
PAX is the show for me this year that I am most psyched about. If you are going we’ll definietly take time to chat! Oh and check out Star Wars of course….
Hagonbok writes:

It almost unbelievable when a company chooses not to go to at least some of these cons. I'm thinking of NetDevil and JGE and their recent announcement that they wouldn't be at PAX (this after telling their fans earlier they would be).

E3 I can see since it's not really for fans anymore, but for games like JGE that really need to get some buzz going about them, not attending some of them is just poor decision making in my opinion. That, or it's a bad sign of financial woes.

Tue Aug 17 2010 11:32AM Report
elocke writes:

I just wish all of these events moved around the country.  Instead of being jumbled up on one side.  I live in Northern Virginia, so anything in the Washington D.C, Philadelphia area would be nice.  If not that, then they should maybe televise or stream online the events other than E3.  

Tue Aug 17 2010 11:35AM Report
Liltawen writes:

I agree with Hagonbok.

Out of all these Cons is there 1 that all/most of the MMO devs have been at?

Some go to this one, some to that one. It's going to take the entire summer just to figure out whats going on.

Tue Aug 17 2010 2:13PM Report
Zankabo writes:

PAX is great, been going to it for years..


As for some companies not going.. PAX has hit the point that space is at a premium, and it can be hard to get in. Plus, PAX has gotten picky about what can and can't get a space (though I know I have seen some of NetDevil's stuff in the past, specfically JGE.. but it was usually associated with the Dolby booths n such).

Tue Aug 17 2010 7:50PM Report
stayontarget writes:

Tera has been to two on your list so far (E3 & SDCC).   They will be @ Gamescom and I'm sure they will hit PAX.

"En Mass" is based there (SEA) so that one is a no brainer.

Not bad for 2 start up companies.

Tue Aug 17 2010 9:53PM Report
Dwarvish writes:

Sure wish this one was still at the Hines Center in Boston ( going to the Expo Center next year...BLEAH!). Granted the expo is larger and PAX needs more room but Hines was a better place to meet most on the people in the show because it had 3 major hotels all of which had indoor access to the show. There was always a huge group before dinner time in the bar in the Sheraton which was a short indoor hop from the show.

 I did Trade shows for 9 years at Hines, 3 years at the Expo and just hate the comparatively steril atmosphere surrounding Expo. I backed out both because of the prices and the meh atmosphere.

  Definetly gonna miss not being able to check out Tera and, mostly, a chance to do a hands on for GW2

Wed Aug 18 2010 8:32PM Report writes:
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