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Community Spotlight: Have you Ever Ragequit an MMO?

Posted by MikeB Monday August 2 2010 at 1:58PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight is focused on the thread “Have you rage quit an MMO? What sent you over the edge?” by Amathe, who is no stranger to our Community Spotlight series. Simple enough, Amathe wants to know whether or not  you’ve been pushed over the edge in an MMO before, far enough to just quit the game completely on the spot:

“I have.  So many times lol. 

Usually it's either that my progression has hit a wall, I've been nerfed hard, or the number one reason "drum roll" ... guildmates annoyed hell out of me.

So it's confession time.  Have you quit a game (not in a studied, calm, this just isn't working out or something better came along way) but in a demonstrative anger - let them eat cake - sort of way?

Let's hear your story. :)”

GTwander quit Mortal Online over what he feels was exceptional amounts of “jackassery”:

“I ragequit the Mortal Online beta, but not because of bugs, it was the jackass players.

I would have over a certain theif, that I won't name, but he really got my goad. It's not that he kept coming back for more, it's that he went out of his way to harrass me and the other harvesters verbally. A total jackass.

What sent me over the edge was when I started building a house alongside a pretty cool guy I met, after helping construct his. I wasn't 100 pieces of wood into it before I got shot in the back, killed, and had my house torn down by some random guy claiming all the surrounding area was already staked by his guild. I tried to negotiate with him, but he left already, so I caught one of his guildies and tried to talk him into letting me stay without issue. Instead, I realized they were the group going around Meduli and demanding ransom to prevent harvesters from being harrassed by their thieves. So I told him "you guys can suck it" and decided to build way further out and return through thier area on my fighter to harrass them at any chance I got. While building the next house, I just stopped about another 10o rocks in and said "you know what, f**k this game and it's players". I wasn't about to  waste my time and energy on these jagoffs, nor risk being run off the site a second time. I just uninstalled and decided I'd go back if the game got it's shit together and had the players cool down from all the jackassery.”

Shadowfox561 quit Aion and Age of Conan. Well, he didn’t exactly quit Age of Conan…:

“I have rage quit Aion after I spent two whole days trying to complete one quest and I kept getting noob teammates and in those two days all I did was lose EXP instead of gaining it and I needed to finish this quest in order to gain a new quest line.

I also had a bad experience with AoC where they banned my whole guild while I was on vacation, I come back and it says I cannot log into my account. because 3 members of our guild were using a minor glitch int he system in order to power level themselves up and defeat a  difficult boss by making him get stuck and then ranging him to death.”

How can we leave out SWG? SuperDonk speaks for many SWG vets who ragequit with the launch of the NGE:

“I rage quit SWG about 60 minutes after downloading the NGE patch.  Before the patch I was about a week away from Jedi after a year of playing and logged in to find that 90% of everyone was Jedi.  I might of stayed if they had not completey changed the battle mechanics. 

I was so pissed.  They destroyed my game, I didn't even know about it until a couple of days before the patch.”

Shylock1079 offers his EVE Online ragequit story:

“Yes I have.  Of course, at the time I didn't realize it was considered rage quitting.  Oh the worst part?  I had just purchased the 3 month sub and I was just two week in.  The game?  EvE!  It reminded me of High School; if you didn't already fit in you would be an outcast for a while.  

After two weeks of viewing EvE online tutorials vids, I had finally gotten the hang of things when my house flooded and internet went down.  When I came back on two days later my Mining Rig was destroyed along with everything in my hold that was in transport.  I spent days mining just to get it.  My corp was kind and understanding..but the only advice they gave was simply "don't buy something you can't replace."  Wise words.  The problem is all the heavy playing I did in those first two weeks were so monotonous that I couldn't muster excitement to go back to the grind.  I felt like I was working the whole time.  I got angry and left with 2.5 months left. “


I’ve never personally ragequit an MMO. I’m typically pretty deliberate about what I want to play and why and it’s pretty hard to get me to outright quit if I find positives in the bigger picture. I would say the two closest examples to a ragequit for me would be Star Wars Galaxies and Age of Conan. SWG wasn’t much of a ragequit though, I quit as a result of the NGE but frankly it had been a long time coming by that point as I’d been patiently waiting for them to address the game’s many issues. To me, things were starting to look pretty good before the NGE, so it came as a shock when SOE decided to turn all the progress on its head and throw out the baby with the bathwater, and this was enough for me to finally put the game down.

Age of Conan, oddly enough, related to my SWG experience. The game was ridiculously buggy from a technical standpoint at launch and had numerous balance issues. The community was eager to provide solid sensible feedback on how to sort said issues, however, instead of listening to the feedback Funcom seemed to “fix” things that weren’t broken while leaving actual broken things unaddressed. This communication disconnect was extremely similar to what went on in Star Wars Galaxies regarding SOE and profession balance issues/bugs, and that combined with the technical issues prompted me to jump ship early as I wasn’t interested in going through all that again. Both circumstances sound like they could very well be “ragequits” but I quit after careful deliberation and not out of angst or impulse, so I wouldn’t go so far as to classify them as such.

Have you ever "ragequit" an MMO? Share your story in the comments below!

banshe13 writes:

Is it just me or are the blog's getting to be just stupid   this is something we get every day my a nonpayed forum user?

Mon Aug 02 2010 2:24PM Report
MikeB writes:

The Community Spotlight highlights threads created by our community members. :) So yes, it does consist of mostly "non-paid forum user" content. I do toss some of my own weight on the subject but mostly it is intended to draw attention to some of the more interesting discussions going on within our forums on a particular week.

Hope that helps. :)

Mon Aug 02 2010 3:00PM Report
Ozivois writes:

Yeah, this is spotlighting something that doesn't need to be lit up.  I mean, don't the QQers get enough attention already?



Mon Aug 02 2010 4:32PM Report
SeriphinX writes:

I used to ragequit Everquest 1 ALL THE TIME...due to severe wipe potential of raids in the earlier game, the death penalties, insane amount of time devoted to camping certain mob spawns only to have someone come along right at the moment of truth to steal it.  I went back everytime though because I refused to let it beat me.  I owe my entire foundation of MMO experience to EQ.


Mon Aug 02 2010 4:38PM Report
Hrimnir writes:

I wondered how long it was going to take the super l33t pvp sandbox master race to show their face on this thread.  At least he only used QQ and not "carebear".  I would just love to meet some of these guys in RL and i can show them how much of a "carebear" i am.

On topic, i've never ragequit an MMO, but ive ragequitted many times within the MMO, i.e. leaving a group, raid, etc etc.

Mon Aug 02 2010 4:45PM Report
Nacireen writes:

I personally ragequit SWG also with release of the NGE, it was far from my only problem with the game, but on top of all the other stuff I was quite upset when NGE hit and I quit nearly instantly.

Metin 2 also earned a ragequit from me when I took an unexpected or planned for break from the game for a week or so and logged back on to an irreplacable dead horse that could only be resurrected by a super rare herb that only dropped in a dungeon that at my level I could no longer get loot from.

And my last and latest ragequit was Allods Online.  When the did a major revamp of the death mechanic in the game and made the death penalty something permenant that could only be reversed (or prevented) by a cash shop item.  This in a very gank heavy pvp based MMO.  Stronger gear upgrades in cash shop I can understand, no matter how frustrating it may be to get ganked by someone who bought their way to better stuff than you can ever earn.  Being unable to recover from a simple death EVER without spending money, that's far overboard.

Mon Aug 02 2010 6:54PM Report
27kreed writes:

I just did this today.

Did a 5 day reactivation of EVE.  I hadn't logged on for over a year or so I thought I would poke around.  I was logged out in 0.0 space and it had changed hands I guess.  I warped to the gate and someone managed to lock me. 

I hadn't even shot back but the gate wouldn't let me jump.  I lost a Drake to 2 interceptors who I couldn't shoot.

It wasn't a huge loss but it just reminded me why can never stay subscribed to this terrible game.  I logged out , trashed my characters, and deleted the game.  Total time in game 20 min.

It just isn't worth it and now I will never be tempted to play again.

Mon Aug 02 2010 8:47PM Report
delateur writes:

Yeah, it's been awhile, but I'm pretty sure I ragequit CoX at some point.  The nerfs were pretty nasty and difficult when they first implemented them, but I took a few months and then gave it another try.  They still have a hard time letting people feel too heroic in the game, but overall the nerfs haven't been quite as heavy-handed.  Still, I do think on balance the nerfing did suck a lot of the fun and superheroic feelings out of the game, but I'm just resigned at this point, far past being angry about it...

Tue Aug 03 2010 2:13AM Report
Latella writes:

I ragequitted a mmo years ago because of unfair treatement in it´s first global pvp tournament.

Basically when the game began its live service, they announced they would hold the first pvp tournament about a two weeks after the release.

SInce i was quite into that game,  by the time the tournament came i was the highest leveled, best geared, best enchanted best anything else of the whole game, and thus i was the favorite of pretty much everyone in the community, with people saying stuff like " just give him the prize already and lets skip the tournament" in the forums ecc.

So the day of the tournament came, and we were all ready to start battleing it out, but the Gm´s and the event team organizers arrived 3 hours after the scheduled time, offering a crappy excuse as an apology.

That means they wanted to quicken the first rounds as to catch up with the original schedule,  so they started pushing us to do quick battles with next to no preparation.

So my first round began, (battles were a 3 round 1v1 match ) and i easily won the first round.

But here is when the company screwed me up,  GM´s were supposed to refresh all abilities and cooldowns of both partecipants after every round before tossing us into the arena, however, the gm´s were busy with the other rounds so they totally ignored  my pleas and started the match.

And here i was, left to auto attack vs a hunter character, which obviously totally owned me since i had literally no means to defend myself from her ranged attacks by just auto attacking.

So the fight was 1-1 in a totally unfair manner, but i thought to myself "Meh, big deal, now ill get my refresh. ill own her again and let´s just forget about this inci... FIGHT START"

Yes... they did the very same thing again, so ofc i was left to auto attack again....

Eliminated in the first round thanks to a stupid gm who refused to abide to the very rules of the tournament....

I ofc raged at the gm and demanded explanations and a rematch, because it was totally unfair i had prepared so much just to get screwed like that because of their laziness.

They just politely apologized, agreeded it had been unfair but said the tournament had to move along cause we were way off schedule  ( which was their fault too, by the way ) and that sadly i had to abandon the tournament grounds,, * Teleport *

I logged off in that very instant never to log in again.

I seen fit, however, to send a rage mail to the company with pictures and everything to explain and prove my complaints to which the company answered with a small apology letter and asked me if i would be fine with a cmpensation of a 2$ cash shop crappy hat.

Needless to say i never answered, nor logged on their game again.


That´s the only time i ragequitted a game.

Tue Aug 03 2010 3:37AM Report
mCalvert writes:

Ive never quit in rage, but usually I just get to a point where I think 'why bother logging in, im not having any fun' and then cancel my acct.

Tue Aug 03 2010 7:30AM Report
rikwes writes:

The only MMO I ragequit was Aion ( and that was due to two things: the fact they had closed Tabula Rasa for this "lemon " and the atrocious grind and gankfest ingame ) .

Tue Aug 03 2010 8:04AM Report writes:
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