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BlizzCon Live Blog

Posted by garrett Friday August 21 2009 at 2:38PM
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Hi Guys,

Watching BlizzCon at home during the storm. Cataclysm was announced just recently. With the new races everyone expected. Goblins will go to the Horde, while Worgens will be on the Alliance side. The old world of Azeroth will be getting the Cataclysmic face lift with old zones getting destroyed. Guild achievements and leveling will be added to the game.


3:47 PM EST- Goblins being discussed as Horde comic relief. Goblin mount revealed as a dune buggy.

3:49 PM EST - Upheval being discussed. In Cataclysm new stress between the Alliance and the Horde. The old world is not going to be the same upon the return from Northrend.

3:52 PM EST - New anger between the Horde and the Alliance. Horde story line with Garrosh. Blizzard is putting the war back into Warcraft.

 3:53 PM EST- Level cap to 85. Changes to the old zones. 5 Level increase.

3:55 pm EST- Worgen Paladins or Priests.

3:56 PM EST- Goblins...rocket belt. Goblin Rogue shown. 7 new zones.

3:57 PM EST - Mt. Hyjal, Uldum, The Lost Isles, Twilight Highlands, Suken City, Gilneas, and Deepholm.

4:00 PM EST - Classic world revamp. new art, quests, and items. Guild Advancement system.

4:00 PM EST - 20 Guild Levels, Guild Talent Tree, Choose Talents, cheaper repairs. Mass resurrection!!

4:01 PM EST - New Race/Class combos: Tauren Paladin, Gnome Priest, Dwarf Shaman shown.

4:03 PM EST - Phased Terrain. Similar to the Death Knight starting area. Coastline shown as flood comes in.

4:04 PM EST - Archaeology!! Ruins, discoveries in zones. Path of the Titans.

4:04 PM EST - 5 new Talent Points. Path of the Titans as new type of advancement. Choose new path no limited by class.

4:06 PM EST - Mastery System. More fun and interesting points for Talents. As you spend points in a talent tree you will get bonuses.


4:10 PM EST - Barrens split. New level flow in the old zones.

4:11 PM EST Barrens regrown

4:12 PM EST Desolace grown from bleak to lush

4:13 PM EST New pieces of land

4:13 PM EST Darkshore revamped. Zoran Strand built up by the Horde


4:15 PM EST - New zones being shown.

4:17 PM EST - Underwater combat mentioned. Underwater MOUNTS!

4:18 PM EST - Twilight Hammer now serve Deathwing.

4:20 PM EST - Temple of Earth shown. Concept art being shown. Deathwing breaking through the elemental plain of earth and arriving in Azeroth. Uldum shown as a new zone. Two dungeons being added. Egyptian style zone.

4: 22 PM EST - Uldum rumored to hold a super weapon. Tol' vir new race as stone like cat people.

4:24 PM EST - Mt. Hyjal being shown. Ragnaros returning.

4:29 PM EST - Dungeons and Raids. Fire Lands as a Raid. Elemental PLain of Fire and fight Ragnaros. Uldum will have two level up dungeons. Blackrock Caverns, new level up dungeon in Blackrock Spire. New art, creatures, boss fights.


4:32 PM EST - PVP!! New zone: Tol Barad as new PVP zone. Prison on an island. Horde and Alliance will fight over control of the island. Off battle times it will be a daily quest hub. When the battle activates players will fight over the prison.

4:34 PM EST - Battle for Gilneas battleground. New Arena Maps. Rated Battlegrounds!

4:35 PM EST - Rated Battlegrounds to act in similar manner to Arenas.


5:00 PM EST - Heroes Monsters and the new class the Monk. Leonard Boyarsky, Wyatt Cheng, Julian Love, and Jay Wilson.

5:02 PM EST - Monk, classic Pen & Paper influence. Fast, melee oriented, but fragile. Good contratc to the Barbarian. Polar opposite of the Barbarian. Fighting game influence. Wanted something different.

5:04 PM EST - Monk's Kit: Feels like a fighting game, Combos, Holy Magic, Speed over Toughness, Skills, a bit more challenging.

5:05 PM EST - Combined an Eastern Orthodox type with the Asian archtype. Religious, Spiritual side of Good. To prove their dedication, they have tattoos, very structured religious theme. They report to the Patriarchs. Holy Warriors of the Church.

5:07 PM EST - Skills, Combo system to add depth to melee moves. Combine combo moves mixing the Diablo 2 Assassin and the WoW Rogue.

5:10 PM EST - Skills: Way of the 100 Fists, Crippling Wave, Exploding Palm. Organ damage, if the character dies in bleed, huge explosion!

5:11 PM EST - Combine moves from all three skills which create different effects.

5:13 PM EST - Monk: Martial Arts action, Holy colors for powers and skills, and Runes. Another skill added called Seven Sided Strike, similar to Chain Lightening from Diablo 2 except you are the lightening.

5:15 PM EST - Art style for Seven Sided Strike shown. Heroes Level Up being shown.

5:17 PM EST - Witch Doctor Spider Totem changed to zombie corpse. Wizard's stone skin shown next, did not meet the Light Show expecttation. New look has a bright crystal feel over the character. New name for Stone Skin. Barbarian Whirlwind shown next. The Dune Dervish stole the Barbarian's Thunder in Whirlwind. New Whirlwind shown.

5:21 PM EST - Jay Wilson showing the Fury Hero System for the Barbarian. The Resource System being shown. Created a specific one for Diablo. Diablo pace very fast.

5:23 PM EST - Runes are items you find which you can socket into skills. Runes are not going away. The key goal is customizing characters and Runes will support customization.

5:26 PM EST - Runes will be changed based on skills. Runes disabled in playable demo for now.

5:26 PM EST - Monsters!

5:27 PM EST - Identifying monsters will be key for players. 5 different monsters on screen at the same time. New monsters all the time. Shape, profile and color in monster design.

5:29 PM EST - Monster Archtypes: Swarmer - weak typical melee. Ranged- Projectile, Arc, speed. Lieutenants - Tough, buff, spawners. Elites - tough, stronger, attacks. AOE - point blank, line, radial, cone. Weakener - debuff, slow, drainer. One offs: Sleeper, Alarm, Bee Hive, Linked.

5:35 PM EST - Sand Wasp shown. Nature, support role, rapid fire attack.

5:38 PM EST - Fallem - Fallen Fanily, shaman and the imp.

OK Guys, Q&A time. Im out for a while. Hope you enjoyed the coverage.

garrett writes:

Worgen are compared to Wolverine for the Alliance.

Fri Aug 21 2009 2:53PM Report
MrBum21 writes:

Heroic Dead Mines!  thats all i needed to hear

Fri Aug 21 2009 3:37PM Report
FadeToBlack3 writes:

Oh damn, oh hell yes im excited =)

Fri Aug 21 2009 3:38PM Report
wjrasmussen writes:

About time the barrens gets regrown!

Fri Aug 21 2009 3:40PM Report
Kalafax writes:

Bout time blizzard tried to refresh the game

Fri Aug 21 2009 3:59PM Report
Dekron writes:

Did I read that right? New art? Are we talking about an engine upgrade for better graphics?

Fri Aug 21 2009 4:26PM Report
roma650 writes:

wo hoo monk...why are they spoon feeding us the classes...they are just renaming thier old classes why bother monk=slightly wimpy paladin. barbarian=barbarian, mage=sorc, whitchdoctor=druid/necromanser type(ok this one is ratehr original)., next up.....assasin/amazon type using small weapons/rainged......give us some scales cities qest info new art.

Fri Aug 21 2009 4:47PM Report
GreenChaos writes:

You got it right roma650, same classes and no shapeshifter - Disappointing.  And many graphics look like they are coming from WoW not D3

Fri Aug 21 2009 5:48PM Report
JennysMind writes:

The Monk is going to be a cross between a Diablo II Assasin and a Wow rogue. That sounds like a really fun class to play. I love playing quickly. That's why the Assasin is my favorite character in DII. It requires a lot of skill to play correctly.  You can kill quickly but die quickly too. If the Monk is similar to the Assasin then I can't wait to play DIII.

Fri Aug 21 2009 7:31PM Report
talabo writes:

 "HAHA Lets raid Deadmines, "  How funny it was in Pre tbc. And now your able to do Heroic -.-

Fri Aug 21 2009 8:39PM Report
Krulos writes:

Im waiting for info on the next gen mmo.  Cancel ur WOW accounts plz, so they can speed things up.

Sat Aug 22 2009 3:18AM Report
Shreddi writes:

Yea is there such a thing as next gen mmo?   Or is it just a big rumor?

Sat Aug 22 2009 3:40AM Report
Orthelian writes:

Yes, Shreddi, Blizzard has repeatedly confirmed that it is in the works, they just won't say a thing more about it, other than that it's not based in any of their pre-existing IPs.

Sat Aug 22 2009 5:30AM Report
roma650 writes:

Krulos- they mentioned it way back  dont worry WoW is already loosing players due to Aion and Campions, from what i heard its gana be a total new thing...not Warcraft/starcraft or diablo.

Sat Aug 22 2009 11:04AM Report
Jairoe03 writes:

If Worgen is Wolverine to the Alliance, what does that make Goblin for the Horde? Squee from Magic the Gathering? /cry

Sat Aug 22 2009 11:44AM Report
Shreddi writes:

Thanks people,  I heard all that too.  Well they do know how to keep a secret i guess.  Are they going to announce it at Blizzcon do ya know?  I have to say, I really wish all threads in all forums had this nice of population.  thanks again.

Sat Aug 22 2009 12:38PM Report
legacyhax writes:

It is still very dissapointing that it is basically the same thing.  Its great they have new races again, but, yet again thats all it is.  Until they announce two new classes my wallet is closed.  They are not going to trick me again with a expansion that only brings more grind and hours of end game content over and over again.  I want something new and not just recycled.

Sat Aug 22 2009 12:43PM Report
takayi writes:

Sounds delicious... WoW is history for me tho'... this sounds nice anyways!

What comes to Diablo... give me a supportive class! :)

Sat Aug 22 2009 12:43PM Report
Kalafax writes:

Worgen are trolls with minor graphics changes, but Diablo 3 looks amazing

Sat Aug 22 2009 4:02PM Report
plescure writes:

being able to fly everywhere sounds pretty exciting

Sat Aug 22 2009 6:25PM Report
Mike_L writes:

That's it... when this expansion is released I'm gonna call it a day. Worgen on Ally side. Geez...

Sat Aug 22 2009 6:35PM Report
logangregor writes:

How many days is Blizzcon? Just one?

Thought we might of heard something about the game they are workign on.

Sun Aug 23 2009 10:32AM Report
Xyfire1 writes:

Shit... I don't want to play WoW again. Especially since Ally suck and I don't want to leave my huntard. Damnit Blizzard. I think this may be a turning point where WoW gets its old feel back.

Sun Aug 23 2009 6:31PM Report
Xyfire1 writes:

Shit... I don't want to play WoW again. Especially since Ally suck and I don't want to leave my huntard. Damnit Blizzard. I think this may be a turning point where WoW gets its old feel back.

Sun Aug 23 2009 6:32PM Report
bboy_joe writes:

quiero este juego algien sabe como consegir??

gracias  (porfabor traduzcanlo?

Sun Aug 23 2009 7:57PM Report
Quale writes:

Wow expansion sounds partially like a sucker deal. Diablo 3 looks sweet but might be a year away. SC2 meh.. not part of the cyber athlete thing, can be fun to watch though if the production is good.

Kinda feels like Blizzard is in transit.

Mon Aug 24 2009 5:10AM Report
velimirius writes:

wow sux.

Mon Aug 24 2009 1:35PM Report
Dracondis writes:

I WANT MY SOUL BACK, DAMMIT!  *cries*  Just when I thought I had kicked the habit.  Now I want back in so bad it aches.  Blizzard really is the antichrist.

Mon Aug 24 2009 4:06PM Report
NinjaCat writes:

This expansion sounds too good to be true, with the exception of the weird new race/class  combinations. Nightelf mage... Dwarf shaman...

I keep on telling myself im going to quit wow for good...I guess it still going to be a while until it comes out tho.

Mon Aug 24 2009 8:27PM Report
luciusETRUR writes:

I like how people say Blizzard is "losing players", yet no one provides it with any actual sources or backup. Sure, of course some people will leave WoW for Aion, but they did for Warhammer, as well. Also, new people come to WoW all the time.

With the changes coming in Cataclysm, I don't think I will be leaving WoW. It is looking like a refreshing experience and not too many games bring the content and wide array of things to do as WoW. 

Tue Aug 25 2009 9:45AM Report
StinkyPits writes:

 I was hoping they'd talk a little bit about the new MMO that Blizzard has been developing.  Why no word on that?

Wed Aug 26 2009 6:30PM Report writes:
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