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Overwolf: The Next Beta Build!

Posted by BillMurphy Wednesday July 20 2011 at 8:07PM
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Hey folks!  I recently got to chat with Uri Marchand from Overwolf about just what the team's been up to since we launched the MMORPG client what seems ages ago (it was actually just two weeks hence!).  We discussed at great length some features we'd like to see edited as a company, and I think in the somewhat near future the MMORPG client will have the ability to upload images and video directly to and Gamertube, so that's pretty sweet! 

But on top of that Uri asked me to share with you some of the main things going into the next beta build, and this is just the major bullet points:

  • Full size compressed recording, for full-screen viewing.
  • Uncompressed recording - maximum quality, crazy size files.  They listened, and this is going in ASAP.
  • Option to remove "using Overwolf".  Not everyone cares that you're using Overwolf so the team is making it an option to leave this on the many different widget feeds.
  • Adding more games to the supported list, and this is an ongoing process all over.
  • Improving the FB interface to make it more usable all around.
On top of that, and down the line a bit Overwolf will be getting its own in-game music player.  They're adding in the option to take compressed smaller JPG images.  And even a "Burst" feature that will take 10-20 screens in rapid succession like a nice DLR camera. 
On one last note, the team asked me to assure you all that none of the info gathered by Overwolf will be used for selling to companies.  All of the info about what games you play and how long is completely 100% anonymous and encrypted.  Uri said that even if they wanted to sell the info, they couldn't do anything with personal information as it's all encrypted.  It's purely used to track metrics in the form of game use and time played, etc. 
In the future we're probably going to be running some screen and video contests with Overwolf, and the team over there has generously opted to supply the prizes in the form of Steam Gift Cards, so be on the look out! 
As always, you can offer suggestions to the OW team at their site, here, and even sign up to test the beta versions every two weeks by e-mailing betaman at overwolf dot com.  Hope you're enjoying this joint venture, and we can't wait to use the HD video feature ourselves to really flesh out our reviews and previews.
Eladi writes:

2 weeks for a update writeup is a bit soonish ;)  but nice to see mmorpg is dedicated to making this fusion work. any timeframe on the actual update ? :)

would not be wrong for mmorpg to slowly start thinking about membership pages to (ala social gaming site) there aint any out there and one whit ingame tools like overwolf and a strong following both good and bad could do well in the gamers industrie.

Wed Jul 20 2011 9:12PM Report
Kilrain writes:

These all sound like great additions, but I think it would be more beneficial to get it working with more games. Does not work with Darkfall Online, APB or Age of Conan.. for me at least.

Wed Jul 20 2011 11:07PM Report
lunatis writes:

they could as well track anything you do like keylogg or record and upload your sessions no?

Thu Jul 21 2011 3:02AM Report
saxifr writes:

Can they make it easier to uninstall it? I've been having problems with my computer since I installed it. It doesn't support many of the games I play. When I try to uninstall, it just says there are services running and I have to restart my computer to turn them off.

Mon Aug 01 2011 10:30PM Report writes:
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