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Community Spotlight: Returning to MMOs

Posted by MikeB Friday July 8 2011 at 9:30PM
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This week's Community Spotlight foucses on the thread "You can't go home again" by pierth. Pierth isn't happy with the newer crop of MMOs on the market but also can't seem to bring himself to return to some of his favorite older MMOs and isn't sure why:

It's come to the point that I'll likely go back to one of the MMORPGs I've subbed to in the past (not WoW ) as the newer games out today just aren't doing it for me anymore. For some reason I've been uneasy about going back to older games and I can't quite put my finger on it.

Has anyone taken a break from a particular MMORPG for several months or years and come back to it and had a good experience? I'm wondering if I should leave my older games as rose-colored memories.

Let's find out what pierth's fellow community members had to say!

Tdogskal's roomate had a pretty good experience returning to the original EverQuest:

This might or might not help you.

My Roommate and I both stopped playing EQ1 over 2 years ago, both decided to give it another go a few months ago.

He is still playing and loving it.  I stopped again after a few weeks because I felt like I just did not know what was going on in game anymore and was not having fun playing "catch" up.

AlBQuirky has considered returning to EverQuest but doesn't want to taint his memory of the game:

I think I see your conundrum, Pierth. You view the old game in a certain nostalgic way, like your first love. If you go back and the change is dramatically for the worst, your memory of it will be tainted.

EQ1 was my first MMO. I have thought about going back every now and then (it's been 8 or 9 years since I last played) but have resisted the urge. I don't want to spoil the memory I have of it :)

DarLorkar feels the quality of the return experience will likely depend on how social you were when you originally played:

Umm the main question you need to answer, is were you social in the game? IE: were you in an active guild and had lots of friends? Or a soloer?

If you had lots of people to play with and talk to and go back to an empty game, then most likely you wont be there long alone.

Lot of the good times people had in games back a few years ago were tied up with the peple they played with. So, kinda the rose colored glasses you mentioned when they try to go back alone or try to make new friends in games that are low numbers and mostly maxxed characters running around.

I've had mixed expereinces on this front. I played City of Heroes off and on for over 4.5 years, often taking long breaks before returning and that was basically always the way I played it so it wasn't much of an issue. Most of the friends I had on that game were also still playing it when I returned and I'm sure that helped.

However, trying to return to Star Wars Galaxies has almost always been depressing for me, and I've tried multiple times. Opening up my datapad and finding waypoints to the houses to some of my old friends only to see a pillar of light with nothing there when I headed over to check it out again always sucked. Every time I came back there were also less and less people on my friends list who were still playing and that was definitely a game that was reliant on its community. So, ultimately, it varies, but I would definitely recommend trying it out for yourself. You'll never know until you do!

Have you returned to your old favorites? How was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Xondar123 writes:

I like reading news about my favourite MMOs both because I love those games and like seeing them improve, and so that if I ever go back, I won't feel completely lost and out of the loop.

That's why I browse this site, it's easy to keep track of multiple MMOs at once. ;)

Sat Jul 09 2011 7:21AM Report
Xondar123 writes:

I forgot to mention that one of my very favourite MMOs was City of Heroes, I can't wait to try it out free to play. I might even resub again.

Sat Jul 09 2011 7:23AM Report
Terranah writes:

I've gone back to old mmos many times.  It can be a pain, especially if the games controls and UI departs too far from established norms.


Usually I discover in short order why I left in the first place.


Currently playing an mmo I am not allowed to mention by name here though.  I was surprised how many people also were playing, and how much fun it was.  Kind of rediscovering what I loved so much about it too.  So far I am really enjoying the freedom and open world feel. 

Sat Jul 09 2011 1:12PM Report
BattleM99 writes:

You can't mention an MMO here?  That's odd....

Sat Jul 09 2011 6:37PM Report
Kyleran writes:

Not odd, he's likely playing on a emulated private server which you can't talk about here.


Sun Jul 10 2011 6:01AM Report
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Mon Jul 11 2011 10:09AM Report
jinxxed0 writes:

I've gone back to many empty MMOs. It does suck which is why a lot of MMOs suck today. They want to be casual and solo friendly. All the old ones just get too old and no one plays them anymore. 


If people want to play casual games by themselves, theres plenty of single player games with easy mode. Its just too bad that when devs decide to make a hardcore MMO they make it open pvp even though most players dont care for any kind of pvp except for pvp/death match junkies (darkfall) Or they give it terrible controls (FF11)

Tue Jul 12 2011 9:21AM Report writes:
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