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Community Spotlight: If You Could Revive Any MMO...

Posted by MikeB Thursday July 22 2010 at 2:02PM
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This week’s community spotlight focuses on the thread “If you can revive any game.. what would it be and why?” by Beartoe. As the thread title implies, Beartoe wants to know which MMO other readers feel are worthy of coming back from the dead, and why. Beartoe’s pick? Asheron’s Call 2:

“if you can revive any game .. what would it be and why? 

for myself  it would be Asheron's Call 2.   my first mmo.  before wow or FF11, almost same time when SWG just came out, and EVE was still in its infancy.

I remember creating a big hulking Lugian Male.. and using the portal like "stargate effect" to the starting area. the world was beutifull.. grass sways as the wind blows, your armor and your flesh shows damage as you get into tough fights, but slowly repairs itself as you rest.  sounds of the world and the music is like no other.  Lotros music instrument, the way you can hit keyboard keys for the notes was first introduced on this game.

the basic layout of wow ui interface. is straight carbon copy of ac2.   it was one of the first mmo that uses addons, ui layout and what not. .. again this was pre-wow.

anyway.. I would like to read more about you guys.  post away.”

Gardavil wouldn’t want to see any MMO revived, and offers his reasons why:

“Which MMO would revive if we could?

None of them.

Because most of the Players that made the old school MMOs so enjoyable have left MMO Gaming. A new generation of MMO Gamer is here and is now more of a majority than we ever were years ago.

Because most of the Developers, Artists, Forum Staff, Community Leads that made those MMOs great are gone as well. Developers don't run their own MMOs now, Suits do, and well Suits can't hold a candle to running an enjoyable MMO as far as I am concerned... they can make a MMO financially successful, but that's different. Financial success does not always equal an exhilarating and memorable MMO experience. In my own experience Financial success for a MMO usually kills the fun of an MMO. MMOs are best imho when they are designed for a niche audience. Niche audience's don't make huge profits "usually". There are exceptions...

Call me a pessimist but I thoroughly believe any attempt to revive any of the old school MMOs that so many of us on these forums say we miss would only end up reviving old software (even updated software) but with too many new faces that do not do things as Players did years ago. Too many Faces that want something different from MMOs then we enjoyed.

I would rather remember those old MMOs as they were, remember the Players for who they were and how they played their game, remember the Devs and the Staff of the old MMOs for how they did things, good and bad, then to try to "reenact" the old days.”

Swanea’s picks are sure to surprise:

“Fury or Hellgate london!

Fury was all about PvP. You got loot from PvP.  It was a fairly fun system, but the system requirements were INSANE at the time.  And there were huge memory leaks and just overall bad problems with the program.

I remember them saying when I first heard of it, the Week preview would have 1 million people.  Then 500,000 they said...Then 100,000...and yeah....

Hellgate London by the people who made Diablo I/II.  Had the right idea, but it seemed like it was trying to everything and nothing.”

Aeroangel points to the obscure MMO Seed:

“My boyfriend told me about an MMO that was released in 2006 called Seed. Roleplaying was enforced, and it had a large dynamic storyline where you were a clone of someone from earth, and in the first part of the story you had to group together with other players to fix the space ship you were on. There were various jobs you could have like being a repairman, or being a gardener, etc. There was a lot of GM activity, and the story and quests changed based on what the players did. It sounded like a really good game to me, but it's dead now.”

A number of other users echoed familiar requests, The Matrix Online, Tabula Rasa, Auto Assault, and of those I would also have to agree with The Matrix Online and Tabula Rasa. I only played Tabula Rasa in beta/late beta, but I found it to be a really interesting game and I was more than a bit shocked to see it go the way of the do-do as soon as it did, especially with its storied development history. The game was innovative in many ways, but it did feel lacking in some key areas.

The Matrix Online and I have a lengthy history. I was more involved with that game and its development process (long term beta tester/focus group tester) than any other MMO, except for maybe Star Wars Galaxies. However, it did have many serious issues and SOE wasn’t committed to taking up the challenge of fixing them, so I feel it was appropriate that it was put down in the end rather than be dragged out for years on life support. The last time I visited the game, even Mara (the game’s most populous area), was fairly empty, which was never the case in its heyday. If it were revived with a proper live team and a vision I’d love to see what they could do with it, but I always got the idea that the game was DOA no matter what as many gamers had preconceived notions about MXO due to the failure of the sequels, which was unfortunate. The Matrix as an MMO makes more sense than just about any other IP to me. After all, the characters were basically jacking in to what was essentially an MMO!

So, what MMO would you like to see revived, and why? Let us know in the comments below!