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Community Spotlight: Thoughts on Crafting in MMOs

Posted by MikeB Thursday July 1 2010 at 3:23PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “Crafting: What do you like?” by Fishbaitz.  In the thread, Fishbaitz polls the community on their thoughts and preferences for crafting in MMOs:

“I was responding to a post on another forum on crafting, telling him my thoughts on the matter. He was for having a myriad of crafting profession and gathering professions, like mining, gathering, smithing, fletching, cooking, ect; with many levels or tiers in each category. He supported this with it meant a good economy and lots of content. I was inclined to disagree.

My thoughts on the matter is that crafting should be limited to the actual crafting professions with less or smaller levels in them. And gathering would be largely simplified as well by giving more from each resource node. I supported this with the claim that his style of crafting isn't fun and is overly grindy, and that you don't need gathering professions to support crafting professions in order to have a good economy. I also stated that crafting like that is not a lot of content.

We both claimed that the majority of the MMO community was behind us, but I got curiose and wanted to find out what other people thought about it all.

So, do you like blueprint or exploratory crafting? Gathering and Crafting or Crafting alone? Multi-combination materials or straight materials? Many tiered materials or few generic ones? I want to know your thoughts and any examples of crafting systems found in games that you like or dislike. I want to know what the MMO community wants.”

Loke666 is quick to offer Fishbaitz his thoughts:

“Well, I am all for a few professions (like smith, alchemists, tailor and such). 6-8 is good, maybe one that trains animals and a herbalist that can collect rare herbs and make salves) .

But I also would like one class that basically is a crafter/merchant who can take all of those and are leveled up in a different way, like getting xp for crafting and earning money instead of killing things. that class should also get a store instead of a house.

As for the crafting in itself I want the player to be able to design their own item with effects and looks, the better crafter the more choices. 

And no system that forces you to make a 100 tin daggers or something else useless that no one wants to buy.

And i don't want an auction house, it is better to shop at player stores and market stands. Someone that can point you in the direction of a crafter that has the item in stock is fine however.”

Neosapience takes a pretty extreme view on crafting:

“Crafting directly contradicts one of the main reasons for playing your character, which is gear acquisition. I've never played an MMO where crafting was anything more than a boring time sink. If the economy needs more (or less) gear, then the simplest solution is to make mobs drop more (or less) gear.

I know some people are hardcore role players and enjoy being seen as an 'important crafter', but filling a role that takes no skill is tedious at best. In other words: crafting should be a game in itself, otherwise it serves no real purpose.”

How could we talk about crafting without talking about SWG? Deepfry obliges us in this regard:

“I too enjoy "complex" crafting and for me the absolute reference for crafting in an mmorpg was Star Wars Galaxies (the original, before Sony ruined it).

First of all SWG was a totally player-run economy.  With the exception of starting gear, everything was player-made and everything decayed, thus ensuring that crafters would always be needed.  When i say "everything" was made by players, i mean everything - armour, weapons, medicines, clothes, food, drink, land transport, space vessels, houses, furniture, musical instruments, entertainment props, mining equipment, crafting equipment, factories, surveying equipment ... the list is endless. 

I cannot even remember all the crafting professions, but those i can remember are:  Armoursmith, Weaponsmith, Doctor, Chef, Architect, Shipwright, Artisan, Tailor ...

There were maybe 15 resource categories (metals, ores, hard plastics, liquid plastics, woods, plants, gases, liquids, etc).  Each category contained literally dozens of sub-categories ... so under metals for example you would find all the metal types that you can think of (iron, steel, copper, zinc, tin, silver, gold,  ... etc etc).

There would then be spawns of these sub-categories, each with a different spawn name ... so, for example, there would be up to 100 different types of copper.  Every resource had 6-8 aspects (hardness, flexibility, durability, conductivity, etc) and each aspect was graded from 0-100.   (So for example, one copper spawn might be graded as follows:  Hyanarium Copper: Hardness 30, Durabilty 40, Conductivity 96, Flexibility 68, etc).

Spawns would last from between 1 day and 2 weeks.  The chances were that the exact same resource would never spawn again.  You had to use your scouting and surveying skills to locate the spawns (which could be on any of 9 different planets), then find the best concentrations and then set up mining machinery to mine/harvest them.

Once you had collected the best possible resources, you could then work on trying to improve certain aspects, depending on your skills (increasing a wood's hardness for example, or a plastic's flexibility).  You would then create your first sub-components, on which you could again conduct experiments to improve certain aspects.  These sub-components would then be put together to form main components (more experimentation) which in turn would form the finished product (more experimentation). 

All of this experimenting allowed crafters to concentrate ondifferent aspects of an object.  You might choose to make armour which offered less protection, but which lasted longer before needing to be replaced, or which was lighter and therefore allowed faster movement.  Or a house which was more energy efficient and thus had lower running costs.  Or a medicine which was very powerful but whose effect lasted only 10 minutes ... as opposed to a 30-minute but less effective one.

The quality of the final product thus depended on the character's skill in finding and mining the best resources, the quality of the tools he used (player-made, varying qualities), his experimentation skills, the quality of his mining and construction equipment (player-made, varying qualities), etc.  It is no exaggeration to say that every item created in SWG was unique.”

Me? I’ve never been much of a crafter, however, I think it can be fun when it’s a bit more simplistic, but that is just my personal preference. I had my most fun crafting experience in Champions Online, oddly enough, and it was an extremely simple venture there. I just found the gathering to be a bit addicting. Keeping an eye out for resources as I leapt, sped, or flew through the city. Creating bags and upgrades was also a fun distraction.

While I’m not personally into deeply complex crafting, I have to touch on Deepfry’s post about Star Wars Galaxies. I hung out with a lot of crafters in that game, in fact, early on I used to protect one of my closer crafting friends (for a small price!) when he had to make his way to dangerous areas in order to mine for the game’s better resources. I can recall one time where I was escorting the guy through the scary forests of Dathomir so he could place his mineral extractor. I think an interdependence between combat and crafting characters is neat, and I’m not a huge fan of the trend towards crafting being relatively self sufficient and typically selfish. Players in WoW, for example, typically choose a crafting profession that benefits their class.

In any case, SWG’s crafting was deeply complex and I’d argue was probably the best implementation of crafting ever seen in an MMO. Most crafters I knew were thoroughly satisfied with their options. Even some combat professions had crafting options. Rangers crafting traps and camps being one example.

What are your thoughts and preferences on crafting in MMOs? Let us know in the comments below!

barezz writes:

My first MMO experience certainly colored my outlook on crafting, which was SWG.  A lot of what I would say has been touched upon.  I like having a detailed crafting system that requires different materials and subcomponents as long as the materials you make have an impact on the quality final product.  I have made culture gear in Age of Conan and it takes a silly amount of resources and subcomponents to make what is ultumatly the same thing that someone else can make.

I think that a good crafting system should reward players who are willing to push the envelope and experiment with different aspects of the process.  That is what I liked about SWG, two crafters could make a weapon but it could be very different, either specializing in high damage or accuracy or maybe energy cost.  The other thing that I liked about SWG was that their were crafting professions that did not have to worry about resource stats to make things, professions like Tailor or Architect (for furniture).  A smart crafter could even focus on producing sub componenets for sale to others who did not want to work on them.

The biggest flaw to SWG's system was that it later became possible to horde really good resources, to the point that a new crafter could potentially have a hard time making it into the weapons or armor department.  The difference between 50 points of protection (which in my mind if negligable at best) could mean quite a difference in $$. 

As far as harvesting goes, I'll admit that sometimes it is fun to gather that node you notice when you are out and bout, however I LOVED harvesters in SWG.  Sure you had to work a bit to find a good area to place them, but then you just plopped a harvester (or 5) down and let them do the work for you.  Harvesting isn't exactly a feature that anyone usually considers to be exciting, and I liked that SWG let you have something to do the work.  Same with factories.

Thu Jul 01 2010 4:30PM Report
thark writes:

Crafting NEEDS to be combined with some sort of mini game, it doesn't have to be a realistic mini game at all, just something that will exersise your brain somewhat..


Just look at Free Realms for an example, crafting can never be interessting if all you should do is run around or stand around pressing a button..

Thu Jul 01 2010 4:36PM Report
eye_m writes:

I like the aspect of crafting as long as there is a sufficient need for it placed in the game. Consumables are a great example, as I am constantly using them up there is a constant need for someone to be creating more.

If the armor and weapons would end up breaking then I could see a value in crafting them as well, however in some MMO's crafting weapons and armor tends to feel fruitless as the next armor is always better. Crafting something to your current ability is only to progress you to the next level of crafting.

What I would like to see in an MMO in regards to crafting would be a multiple tiered crafting system where raw materials are converted to basic components which are then fashioned with other basic components to make items, then items upgraded with other components into greater items > rare items > elite items > legendary items. I would want these items to suffer damage and have to be repaired or risk losing quality. Each item can be repaired to full as long as the smith has sufficient expertise, and changes can be made to any item by a capable smith.

Though I think I would be asking to much, I would also really enjoy having the items appearance be modified by the smith without being forced to conform with a particular preset item appearance. I would like to see dyes applicable to individual components within items, and a whole crafting profession based around dyes even.

I know that having such a diverse crafting system would seem frustrating for some, there are lots of us that would love to divulge hours of playtime into simply creating new things, and the greater the options that could be made available, the greater the amount of time we would invest.

Thu Jul 01 2010 4:37PM Report
SabbathSMC writes:

I think crafting is one of the most important aspects of any game i play,well MMO. It needs to be very detailed and the harder it is the better. One of the things i feel games fail on is making dropped items better than crafted items,why have crafting if your not going to give the crafter the advantage of producing a better item so he can easily sell his wares.

I would prefer a system that had no recipes and you had to figure out what you can craft by mixing and matching resources. Mortal online has a good start on that system but it needs to go even deeper.

Wurm online has a decent crafting system but lacks in that there is no quality level. I think they had that system then scrapped it.

I think dawntide is doing something close to this sytem.

SWG has a good crafting system and harvesting system combined.

EQII started out great with its mini game that could actualy kill you if you goofed up while crafting,but the cry babies ruined that.

One thing i enjoy and dislike is harvesting sometimes its great to just go out from node to node but over all the way SWG had it where it was automated really was nice and left you with time to actualy play the game as well as craft.

But i think over all complicated is better.

Thu Jul 01 2010 5:01PM Report
hogscraper writes:

Crafting is a must for me. Actually crafting and pvp are the only things I care about at all. The best games IMO that I've played allowed me to spend 99% of my time away from pvp/rvr collecting ingredients and making stuff. I spent 6 months of my game time in DAOC doing nothing more than seeing how many top tier mats I could collect. Not that I played a ton during that time, but when I got bored, that extra something to do kept me subbing longer than I would have otherwise.

Alot of people will cry about some crafting systems being overly tedious but why bother even implementing one if anyone can spend a couple hours to be a top level crafter? Being a merchant type character in a game is fun to me when the pvp is slow. 

Thu Jul 01 2010 6:24PM Report
RayCobra writes:

Crafting make a game more fun for me i realy like it.

My first real crafting experience was also with SWG and i realy liked it but i also liked what they (soe) did in EQ2 making it a second skill set it was like i was lvling 2 char in one so...

I would like the crafting to mean something in a game like it was in swg get a item template and then dependend on the type of material you use it get different stats for example. like if you make a sword it needs metal and leather so 1 metal slot 1 leather slot then 2 more, 1 for decorations (gems or color) and 1 for stat( like coal to make it harder or some magic powder to add stats and or a glow).

But i do think that gathering has to be open for all so anybody can gather anything however if your more skilled (using lvl or skill points) get more or better stuff.

Mining or things like that would be done by finding the ore and digging it up but as you get better at it you can use a find metal or gems or things like that skill(something like the find metal thing in wow)   that by reading the landscape makes you find better spots or lets you find a place to tell some npc that then builds a mine and gives you some of the ore every day and the right to mine there whenever you want (like a coownership or even work for you in that mine).

Same for things like leather make a deal with a butcher or a rancher or poacher ;) .

Thu Jul 01 2010 7:28PM Report
RedRaptor22 writes:

My first crafting experience was also SWG, I started just after the CU but harvesting/crafting was still plenty challenging and just as rewarding.

The main focus was on the resources and the tools, not countless sub assemblies....there were a few parts you would have to make but it was'nt rediculous like some games.

There was a nice interdependency between players and crafters that really created a lot of freindships and made some people very very well known across the server.

The market system was also tops, there really was'nt anything quite like having to bike it 1800 meters outside of a city to a player city and running into a very unassuming house to see a bunch of people standing around admiring the decoration work while their sitting in the corner crafting away to restock their vendors.

Thu Jul 01 2010 7:51PM Report
obeloviper95 writes:

Crafting should be broke up into many profs as possible i think... maybe make an artisan or merchant prof that can dable a bit in all crafting... they always make classes diffrent for peoples dif play styles, and beilive it or not some peoples style is crafting or exploring/gatherer/harvester... not everyone rushes to the best armour and weapons for end game stuffs...

people call crafting tedious and repititious... well i find running the same mission or end game dungeon and whathave u, over and over again tedious and boring...

i prefer the entire ride, from the drive there to the wait in line to the anticipation once ur on the ride... not just the end when everyhthing slows down to a halt.....

Thu Jul 01 2010 7:54PM Report
obeloviper95 writes:

p.s.  i loved swg crafting where u didnt have to go leveling combat to become a master and well known crafter... my favorite crafting system ever without a doubt...pre cu of course.... i have no idea what its like now....

Thu Jul 01 2010 7:57PM Report
Rodentofdoom writes:


Ive only really crafted in 2 games.

Anarchy Online & EQII

and briefly looked at Wows system.


It was fairly simple crafting in AO, you either had the needed skills to build it or you didnt, and with playing both an Engineer & MP people would often assume you were only there to build stuff for them and not because you wanted to have fun :p

Most stuff wasn't worth building, but OT'ing Tanks and building nano's was always a blast. It could have done with a little more complexity and variety but it wasn't too bad overall.


EQII had a really semi complex system, which i really liked (sadly they decided to make it easier for stupid people to understand, a bad move imho).

Build items A, B & C, combine them to make finished item D, coupled with the progress/durability 'minigame' they added, it made it really fun and kept you on your toes throughout the whole process.


Wows crafting fun came from getting the Patterns/Blueprints, via mob drops, rare wandering mobs, common/rare mob shops etc. Annoyingly the actual crafting system was as boring and repetitive as it's pve/pvp gameplay



Was simple in AO, as things that people wanted building would involve them supplying everything needed too :D


In EQII it was also nice and simple, a few different harvesting nodes for different resource types, accessable to everyone with the ability to sell the surplus items you didnt need yourself.


Didn't really like Wow's you can only learn 2 harvesting sills, and the difference in gold making, from harvesting for profit, between them was shocking.

Thu Jul 01 2010 8:18PM Report
Morv writes:

Crafting, Gather, first before anything else need to be important in a game, they need to matter. Second, it should not take so long that players have to grind or it is boring it should be an entertaining concept and it should be ever-changing.

Conceptually, Crafting might be too much for my tastes, I am beginning to think, after 3 years of game design school, that crafting in any respect might be too much for the majority of players mostly because of the time involved. I believe shadowbane had it right to some extent, gather the resources and let NPCs build the items... The better the resources the better the NPC the better the item. Etc...

Therefore, crafting should not be something that is dull, and too me grinding, gathering and crafting is annoying and tiresome and I have no interest in it.

However, if collecting magical crystals would require that you first find it, and then best some bandits, steal it from another kingdom, or take it right ouf the mine in a hurry and in a place that is always shifting and changing never in the same place twice... Then! We might have something worth doing. Those magic crystals by the way feed the magic ballistas that keep your kingdom safe.

Bring it to an NPC and they put it together, perhaps with some time to craft. Therefore, your player can go off and do something else while an NPC builds your item for you. Then you're not standing there waiting for that ore to smelt, or waiting for that item to craft, and ultimately the purpose behind it is essential, quick, and different every time.

Thu Jul 01 2010 8:43PM Report
lectrocuda writes:

Crafting needs to become skill oriented rather than statistic oriented.

Also, I dont think their should be premade gear, IMHO everything should be created by the player base. Maybe incorporate high value target gear...meaning if you kill this NPC, you get said NPC's gear, but..In that case I would like to see only one person on that server be able to kill that target, thus only one person earn that gear which still shouldn't be as powerful as some player made gear.


I dont think crafting should be limited to gear only.

I think their should be some kind of logic and exploration that goes into crafting. Maybe establish a physics based engine for crafting alone where the parameters are actually the properties of the components and one needs to explore and learn how different properties interact with one another.


This would allow someone who takes the time to really dive in and experiment the ability to secretly know how to make some serious gear and sell it.

From here you could split off and have patents and the like and actually build a basic economy where people who actually invested their time and skill could benefit from crafting.

Thu Jul 01 2010 8:47PM Report
zehamberglar writes:

You know what game had a great (if simple) crafting system? You've probably never heard of it: Goonzu (or Luminary, as it's known in the US, now).

It was more than just find materails x, y, and z. Combine to make W. You had to play a little puzzle game while making it to strengthen it up.

Thu Jul 01 2010 10:28PM Report
Mors-Subita writes:

I agree, champs online had the best crafting system... or at least the most fun... Until they nerfed it into the ground. Pardon me, they "fixed" a "broken" feature(that everyone loved) and reduced the usefulness of crafting to the point where no one in the game bothers to craft anything other than bind-on-create consumables, and bags.

Thu Jul 01 2010 10:30PM Report
Ziboo writes:

I like crafting in games, but would like to see the value of crafted items take priority over dropped stuff.  

SWG player driven economy sounds wonderful IMHO.  I'd love to have more variety of craftable goods/types of service in game versus all dropped rewards.  If dropped rewards are the uber sword of death, people will do dungeons/instances to do them not just for gear.

Grinding crappy stuff that has to be vendored to level is a PiA.  I do enjoy EQ2's crafting, and gathering.  WoW's I tend to find a bit boring and you can level it so quickly it pointless.  99% of what you make is worthless anyway.

I'd love to see broker/AH's done away with and have NPC's buy your finished goods or gathered materials and availability depends on what others have sold or not.  Or sell from your house like EQ2.  But that would make it time consuming for some people that would complain.

Warhammer and AoC I never did go to deep into their crafting, but liked the AoC having to gather and contribute to build keeps, etc.

Please don't make it more minigame - ugh!  It should be part of a thriving world/community.

Thu Jul 01 2010 11:17PM Report
Lord.Bachus writes:

I loved Vanguards crafting engine.... 


Never really played SWG so can't judge that.


Crafting should be a sepperate game, not for everyone but for the people that are really intoo it, taking a lot of time but in the end with good rewards.


I hate those games where everyone is a crafter, i love those games where everyone knows the good crafters by name.

Thu Jul 01 2010 11:44PM Report
illerpiller writes:

Complex complex and more complex, even more complex than swg please. :) Crafting shouldnt be something anyone can do and should take time and dedication to be good at. Ie wow's craftingsystem and similar systems suck. But then again so does wow :P

Fri Jul 02 2010 2:47AM Report
viditorum writes:

I would love to find or see an MMO institute a crafting system like SWG had it was one of a kind not something you could just do from time to time, it is what you did. With how the game was pre-CU you could have relativly easily mastered one of the crafting trees and also come close to or possibly mastering a combat profession that was not a hybrid. So you could have been a master weaponsmith and a rifleman,carbineer or pistoleer , thus not being totaly helpless. Alas if you wanted to be a sole crafter say weaponsmith and armorsmith ect . you would have to be ina good guild to help protect you to place the harvesters or spend money for the protection. So I truely hope that some day in the not to distant future to find a gme that embraces the crafting format that pre-CU SWG used.

Fri Jul 02 2010 5:21AM Report
generals3 writes:

Personally i love crafting its a nice way to acquire new/better gear if you are bored of grinding mobs or quest and thus adds variation. And not everyone is into the pure hack and slash. But i have often found myself disapointed in the crafting (mainly WoW) as it seems it just ain't worth the efforts and you're better of just questing .

And something i feel is missing is Experimental crafting which basically means: skills you learn by yourself by experimenting . As an example to illustrate what i mean i would take blacksmithing. There would be "general" skills like smelting iron/steel/etc.. and crafting items with those metals but what about being able to create new metals by experimenting , as in real life there are dozens of different steels depending on what other ores you add (more coal? some other metal ores you add?) . But off course there are a limited amount of metals to be discovered and not all wacky combinations give you something and thus you will need to waste quite some ores before finding a new and better metal than the standard ones and each of this special metals will give items made by those special bonuses compared to the standard one.

So while people who cba experimenting could still be able to craft useful standard items the ones who care enough about crafting to spend more time and testing into it would have an extra benefit.

Fri Jul 02 2010 7:10AM Report
Hersaint writes:

EQ2 Crafting is actually fun for me in segments.  I dislike the ability to gather/craft everything with enough time.  I beleive games can use gathering/crafting in a simple way to bring the community together by limiting your professions to one or two.  Second place was probably AO in my book as a MetaPhy.

Fri Jul 02 2010 7:11AM Report
Smokeysong writes:

I'm for more in-depth, involved crafting; something that gives you a sense, of well, crafting! I liked the old EQII method, as far as I got involved in it, which is still better (last I played) than what WoW has. For crafting that, is, for gathering, I'd also like to see some level reached where it requires a dedicated gatherer - to pick the right plants, for example. Anyone can pick a rose, but it takes an expert to get the right mushrooms out in the wild to eat without getting poisoned. Dedication in one field tends to make it over-shadow others, so it makes some sense to me to limit the gathering skills in terms of how many you can have, as well as professions.

I'd like to see crafting in the games I play be more developed in many ways. The only thing I don't want is to have to get together a party of 5 or more players to go to some dungeon forge, or the like; it's okay to have some plans drop in dungeons or raids, but to have to depend on others every time you want to craft something - not my idea of fun. Make it more involved, but don't involve more people. (Requiring mats from other professions is of course okay.)

All that being said, it's not, imo, what most MMO players want; they want what WoW has, easy-mode leveling, few hard to get materials, that kind of thing. Most MMO players in this day prefer a more casual approach. Sometimes I'm glad for it myself, like when I'm leveling up an old toon in a new profession and want to get a particular thing made right then - it's nice to be able to do it in a few hours (cash and mats allowing).

It's not immersive though. While the "average" MMO player probably prefers a less involved method, the real MMORPG player doesn't. I think that's where the argument breaks down - each of you are thinking about a different kind of player when you say "most want it my way". (I'm not trying to put down the other players by calling some of them "real", I'm just pointing out that some of us want the RPG to be more fully developed in these games called "MMORPGs". Role Playing Game is the concept that started them. If they aren't "RPG" they should say so up front, imo. If they are, they should be developed with that idea first and foremost in mind.)

Fri Jul 02 2010 11:26AM Report
ihaveurnose writes:

well from what i read about the crafting system for SWG in the main article it sounds like a GREAT system.

as for the first 2 or 3 posts listed in the article i would have to say those ppl should check out runescape's ENTIRE game system. i think a lot of game devs would learn from their model, quit giving classes in every single game they make...the classless system is sooo much better. honestly they could even do their same boring linear quests but instead of giving a base exp to the characters level, give the player a choice to choose to put it into melee, magic, rogue, or ranged exp on a classless character. that way players don't have to repeat the same boring quest line 3 or 5 times just because they got bored of close quarter hand-to-hand combat and want to switch to blazing multiple enemies at once. and of course, allow the player to max out each combat style

and another thing that bugs me is the skilling systems that most games have...u can chose which non-combat skills you want to train, but you can't train and max all of them???? rly?? what's the point of doing that..honestly, i don't want to have 10 alts just so i can make use of every non-combat skill/profession. im a type of person that prefers pvp over pve, so most of the time i spend on MMO's im killing monsters and trying to get to the higher levels as fast as possible, but i do enjoy taking a break from combat every once in awhile, and just because i enjoyed weaponsmithing last week doesn't mean i want to continue training it again next week, i want to move on to armorsmithing...i like to be self-sufficient on a SINGLE character. and some games it's difficult to be self-sufficient with alts because you have to find somebody trustworthy to trade things over to your main character because there isn't a mail system


srry..i got a bit off topic there but it's what was on my mind...

Sat Jul 03 2010 1:04AM Report
kevnon writes:

well in the spartan movie, where all the other greeks meet up and wana join them in fighting the persians, the spatans asked them what was there jobs, and they answered blacksmith and such, i think if you wana be a crafter thats great but it should take skill points or something away from fighting skills so not every warrior is a blacksmith or armorer and if you wanted to ignore crafting you would be rewarded by better skills or abilities in fighting, and if you wanted to be a better crafter you could put you skill points in crafting instead of super magic spell or sneak skill or what have you.

Sat Jul 03 2010 7:30AM Report
revslave writes:

would really like to see more games intergrate harvesting, with RvR control.  Similar to EvE, but with more of a diversity depending on where you where. The most basic items you could farm all of the materials with in your 'home' land but as you created better and more powerfull items you would have to gather materials , either from the other factions home worlds or form a large open PvP area.   I really dislike the idea of killing players just for points, i would rather have some insentive, and if taking over a minning base in enemy controled area would mean i could get better gear, well i may be that much more inclined to give a shit.

As for the crafting, i like the idea of decay, it is not as harsh as full loot or total destruction.  I think you could implement this into a wolrd even if the majority of progression is gear based.  Instead of the players making the generic item, there craft would be the custimization of it. So over time , or a number of deaths you would still have the item that droped, just the enchantments, would begin to lose there power.  If you allowed multiple variables to be combined with the creation of the item, one could even be durabilty.  I just do not see my all powerfull warlock, sitting down to weave a shirt , but i can see him using his arcane knowledge to embue hit armor.

At the end of the day crafting has to be implemented as part of the game , not as an add on.  It is disapointing that combat has changed  form the first days of mmo's, yet crafting has seem to have gone backwards.  Maybe amkign it a bit more strategic would be a good step.


Welcome Home



Sun Jul 04 2010 2:59AM Report writes:
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