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Community Spotlight: The Best Necromancers

Posted by MikeB Sunday June 9 2013 at 10:21PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "MMORPG with the best Necromancer class?" by Larloch.

Larloch says:

Which MMO has the best Necromancer class? If you want you can list and rank the ones you have played. Explaining why would be great. Thanks guys.

khamul787 picks Guild Wars:

As with a lot of people here, I'm saying GW. My necro was one of my mains for about 1000+ hours and I absolutely loved the feeling of being a true minion master. Micro managing nearly a dozen minions with buffs and debuffs, keeping them alive, using them to keep me alive, body blocking... I just love the class ^ ^

Dragim (and many others) vouch for the EverQuest Necromancer:

I would say Everquest, because it was a heck of a lot of fun and they had usefulness (well, at least in the beginning) besides just being damage output.

My corpse is lost, can someone help me find it?!

Can someone summon my corpse for me?

Necro was so so so valuable.

Vahrane feels the Vanguard Necromancer doesn't get enough credit:

  While I loved EQ and its necros were fearsome I'd have to say that Vanguard necros have always seemed more fun. Unlike EQ necros they have access to multiple pets at once and take the body parts of mobs, like skin grafts (mentioned by 1!! Only 1! poster earlier) as well as other limbs, of differing qualities with different bonuses and REALLY make your pet. WTH is with all the necro players that haven't touched Vanguard? Seriously?

For me, it's the City of Heroes Necromancy Mastermind.  You had a total of six pets out at once and they ranged from a couple of zombies to an awesome CC-loaded Lich.  Like any other Mastermind, you could pair up this skillset with any of the other powersets available to the archetype and this allowed you some interesting levels of flexibility.

What is your favorite implementation of the Necromancer class? Share it with us in the comments below!

Kalafax writes:

Necromancer has always been my favorite class or specialization in games from table top to PCs, I'd say Vanguard was my top favorite, followed closely by EQ's and while I know its not a MMO Diablo 2's Necromancer.

For a true good Necromancer you need one of the three factors each of these games provides, EQ game massive utility and ability's, Vanguard provided customization with pet combat, and Diablo 2 provided the true Necromancer swarm with the ability to have 20 or more pets out at a time( In this case I feel you need at least 10-15 minions summoned at once for the true swarm feel ).

Sun Jun 09 2013 11:41PM Report
Karelia writes: i loved WoW necro until TBC. after that my favorite necro is RIFT's one. tbh if i wasnt a bit nostalgic about my old wow necro, i would say that RIFT's is even better. Mon Jun 10 2013 1:15AM Report
MrSchnuffi writes:

Age of Conan's Necromancer is my favorite.

A DoT-heavy class which can summon a gang of undead minions (there are 10 different minions, melee and caster). For example 8 freshly skinned Mutilators plus temporarely 8+ Parasitic Souls. This in compination with the spellweaving mechanic makes the Necromancer in AoC the essence of destruction.

Or you can trade your soul to gain extra magical powers, transform to a Lich and play without (permanent) minions.

Just love this class!

Mon Jun 10 2013 3:13AM Report
Wicoa writes: GW2 Necro is used in tournament pvp take a look at the tournament. Mon Jun 10 2013 4:11AM Report
Vapors writes: Conans and Warhammers necromancers, both heavy aoe dot machines Mon Jun 10 2013 5:45AM Report
strangiato2112 writes: I think its EQ by a mile.  The amount of utility the class had was pretty amazing.  it may not be as visceral as some of the newer games, but in terms of depth it has no equal. Mon Jun 10 2013 6:01PM Report
Mardukk writes: EQ necro was an incredibly powerful soloer against all mobs other than the ones that summoned.  From feign death pulling to pet pulling and excellent aggro and occasional fear kiting the necro could do it all.  The pet's were a weak dot but the necro wasn't really a pet class back then. Mon Jun 10 2013 7:43PM Report
Aconsar writes:

It's not an MMO but D2 had my favorite Necromancer.  The summoner style play with, if you wanted, 60+ pets out at once.  That was so much fun and what a true master of the undead is about.


For actualy MMO, CoH Mastermind with Necromancy is an honorable mention, but my favorite would be DAoC.  They were the PvE machines, farming and soloing, long before solo was considered viable or worth while.  They were crap in RvR, but oh well.  I loved that pet.

Tue Jun 11 2013 9:40AM Report
Gorwe writes:

Warhammer Necromancer? Lol I wasn't aware that they had Nehekhara as a playable Faction in WAR. They are called, hm..., Tomb Kings I believe in TT. In short: Nagash's undead folk.

Kidding. You meant Magi(Magus class).

Meh. Can't comment(don't play evil classes and ABHOR Necromancy). Tho what I have seen, I'd have to say AoC and D2. Both allow you to be both a roaming army or a walking vortex of unholy magic. Tbh, don't understand why you all think that Necro should have a pet. All of following things are Necros: Warlocks(DoT heavy-Black Magic), Dominators(CC/reactive heavy-Mind Magic), Reanimators(undead minion Heavy-Death Magic), Pale masters(melee/magic hybrid-Death Magic), shadow mages(shadow minion heavy-Black Magic), Defilers(DoT/Defense/Debuff Heavy-Death Magic), Cabalists(Curses/Delayed damage Heavy-Black Magic), ... A Necro is simply a Black mage-that can but doesn't have to involve a pet(the same applies to Druids and shapeshifting and to Rangers and pets imo). 

Tue Jun 11 2013 3:29PM Report
Metanol writes:

Necromancy in MMOs?

I must give praise to Guild Wars 1 first. You could make completely minion focused builds and so on. Wether you were buffing and feeding them your own blood or using them for minion bombing, it was all fair and good.

After that comes DDO. You have two choises for necromancy which are both -very- different from each other. Divine and arcane, as it always has been in D&D lore. Wizards can become Pale Masters and summon fun skeletons from knights to mages and take on aspects of undead, such as half-vampirism, which makes your wizard a beast when fighting unarmed (But you can't be healed by positive energy, so, say goodbye to friendly clerics.) Even more fun on wizards are touch spells, such as chill-, ghoul- and vampiric touch!


It's sad to see how great a disappointment Guild Wars 2 has been. From Mesmers to Necromancers. Even Warriors were more fun in GW1. Only class what I feel like they actually improved is Ranger.

Tue Jun 11 2013 5:23PM Report
Metanol writes: Of course I forgot to mention that DDO has the hardcore D&D charm spells. From Dominate Person to Control Undead. It's pretty fun to go into some undead filled dungeon and take control of all the powerful undead, then just watch them clear the place for you. Tue Jun 11 2013 5:25PM Report
kjempff writes: Skelliemancer in Diablo2 became my favorite build. Enigma and multi auras, skellies and curses equals an awesome fun playstyle and powerful in all situations. Tue Jun 11 2013 5:27PM Report
BartDaCat writes: I'm glad someone else mentioned DAoC.  I loved my DAoC Necromancer as well.  Long before people started whining about buff bots, and pre-ToA, I was using one to boost my necro pet and farm like mad. Tue Jun 11 2013 7:54PM Report writes:
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